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Listening to Yuna's Crush
To you, my thoughts rush
It is easier than I thought
To keep you in my thoughts

I know it might not be right
But I can't help it nor fight
The love that I feel
Every day is becoming more real

As a sweet song traveling in my mind
You make my day and I don't mind
For you are a genuine and true soul
Reminding me about love and all
Inspired by Yuna's song "Crush" ft Usher on a rainy Tuesday
It always catches me, darling,
I thought I left behind but it always caught me
And it still does darling,

I thought I ran away from those sleepless nights
But I am still wondering as my eyes refuse to close
I thought I had no tears left to cry
But I feel a river flowing through my eyes

I watch the sky get darker
Falling in harmony with my soul
Oh, how I wish my soul was lighter
How I wish I was smiling back
But I can't darling,
Because it's always catching me

I let you see my demons
And you stayed, with no sermon
You loved me for who I was
And I can assure you that I was lost
But you took me back,
Chased my demons away and showed me the light

And sometimes I feel it is coming back
I feel that I am giving in to my old demons
I feel that I am getting trapped again
And darling, it is stronger, I can't fight it

Let's just close our eyes, shall we?
Let's listen to the birds singing
And then maybe, you'll hold my hand
You will stop me from running away
Because darling, after all this time, I know
That it is still going to catch me
Writing is a mirror of the soul. Sometimes, the only way to get free is to let it all out but don't shout, nobody would listen. Just write some lines and breathe deeply.
As I watch the rain, falling peacefully
Of you, I think instantly
As the cold wraps itself around me
In your arms, I want to be

Like a sweet thought in the night
Does your love feel so right
As you hold me tight
With grace, no fight

I've learned to love you
Sweetly and gently
Calmly, as the rain falls through
Warming our hearts so easily

With you, I didn't fall in love
I knew that falling hurts
Instead, I became love
As you took care of my heart

Watch the rain, darling
Let it remind you of my love
Each droplet falling
Declaring to you, all my love
The rain reminds me of you. As I watch it fall, I realize how much I love you, unconditionally and peacefully
Care enough to read the pain in people's eyes
Care enough to understand that every silence hides a scream that most people don't hear
Care enough to know that tomorrow is an unpredictable present that you wrap today
Care enough to love when you have been hurt and you think there is no tomorrow
Care enough to allow yourself  to understand the meaning of the unspoken words
Care enough to read poetry and watch artists shape their thoughts
Care enough to go through hell and still believe in heaven
Care enough to look for happiness in broken souls
Care enough to live and wake up with a new smile every day
Care enough to understand that poetry and art are the core of life
Care enough to just care because, in the end, no one cares enough to care
Don't wait for someone who will care for you. Learn to care about yourself for yourself
She looked up to Him, unable to hide the pain
Her red eyes were giving her away
She tried to hold it together and act sane
But she couldn't when she saw Him on her way

She has been holding it for so long
That she forgot how painful it could be
And weak she felt, before Him, so strong
That she just decided to let Him see
See the mess that she carried all along

No words were shared in the murmur of the night
Just shattered dreams that were seeing Hope again
As He walked slowly on the path to reach her side
Side that has been empty but full of pain
Pain that was no longer blocking her sight

The cold of the night didn't reach her skin
With a courage, in a while, she hasn't seen
She ran, carrying how she has been
Her mess, her fears, her mistakes, and sins

She reached for His arms that were waiting
Waiting for her beautiful imperfect being
Being that was feeling whole and breathing
Breathing fresh air that He was giving
Giving as He offered her a new way of living
Living, with Him, that just felt amazing
It is amazing to smile at somebody and have them smile back with the same intensity
I watch as your eyes are filled with tears
But I can't hold you for I am the culprit
I am the one who made them fall
I am the one responsible for all

I watch as your heart screams my name
Away I hide, indifferent to your pain
You want my comfort but in vain
I am no longer acting sane

Oh, dear friend, you are hurt
As you tried to come within these walls
Walls I build with the pain in my heart
A heart that can't let anything fall

You just wanted to see my pieces
But now, you too, are in pieces
Like a wrecked ship by the seas
Shattered, empty and in crisis

Lastly, I say that I am sorry Friend
Because this is not only the end
But the beginning of your walls
As I let you slowly fall
Without holding you back
On a cold morning, I seek for your eyes but as the sun hides behind the clouds, you hide from my eyes.
Broken was my heart
When thoughts of you filled my mind
Fool, was I, more than hurt  
When I used to see you as kind

You used to be my love
In you, I saw peace like a dove
Into craziness, I drove
Sadness could I not rise above
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