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R K Feb 2018
I've learnt to know dread like I've learnt to break bread,
For fear, it's unsaid, cause kids go unfed,
cops are mislead about the bloodshed, lay dead, not a sound skinhead.

I've learnt to be on my own, like I've learnt to hate your throne,
I'd think I was made of stone for not the broken bones. No numbers in my phone, I walk into the unknown, no fear for I am alone.

I've learnt to know pain like I've learnt to love rain,
Cause it hurts to wash stains of the blood from split veins, but the burn from thin canes won't keep me in chains. Still sane,
this is the end of your reign.
Keep your chin up.
Akira Chinen Jul 2016
Some days you have to smile through the misery and pain and ache of it all.  You gotta bare a toothy mad grin and laugh at the horrible agony swallowing the world.  Its easy to be a doom sayer, a lunatic screaming about an unavoidable Armageddon, to look a stranger in the eye and tell them we are so far past the point of redemption that we're all just ******* ****** **** ******.  Its easy to crawl into the gutter with the bums and the winos and get comfortable with not giving a **** ****** about anything and everything.  Crawl into the bottle and swim in the whisky of heartless indifference, to become a ****** foaming at the mouth for the needle of the cruel uncaring blind eye of social disharmony.  It can **** you, all this sad weather news of bullets raining down stealing lives and breeding hatred.  The bad days of sunshine blinding justice with piles of money setting criminals free and killing the hearts of their victims.  Its a storm of vile human filth spreading like cancer over the whole stinking world.  It will make you sick if you look too close... but that's just it, we gotta look close.  We have to stare it dead in the face, smile at it, laugh at it... and tell it to go ******* **** itself.  We gotta stand up to it and fight it.  At the end of the fight we have to have more teeth and more bite than it does, its not a fight we can afford to lose.  Not if we want a better world for our children, a brighter future for love and hope.  Its hard though, its ****, its near unbearable... all these bad weather days one after another with no sign of the storm letting up.  We have to bare the weight, we have to accept that we will probably lose more people than we will save... we have to push through the tears and our fears and our doubts and the constant feeling that we are fighting a losing battle.  You have to shout out your battle song of hope against the odds.  We're all going to die, but how and for what is a decision we all can make on our own.  Will we die in the false safety of our cookie cutter homes, slaves to the lies and the misery of the world at large.  Or will we take a stand and fight back.  Even on the days we feel like we're impaled on the devils teeth and our hearts and lungs feel punctured and we're spitting and choking on ***** and blood, we still have to throw ourself into the fray and smile and laugh at all the human vile trying to destroy us. We have to go mad, to stay alive, to keep hope burning in our hearts, and to fight back against the odds.  Let our fists fly and let those birds scream out **** **** ******* ******* to the suicide bombs and hate bullets spilling the blood and death of innocence and beauty.  I dream of a better world and give myself to the page and the pen and hope that we find unity through love before we find ourselves hanging in the noose that we tied around our own necks.
It is hard not to envy the dead these days...
Have you ever woken up to a really off day?
Where there is nothing you can do.
There is nothing you can say.

This day just follows suite, and like so many before.
It's best to just sleep.
Don't try anymore.

Some days start off so filled with sorrow
It's best to pass the time alone
Just waiting for tomorrow

-Brian Patrick O'Connor SR.-
Depression can do it to you
- rs Jan 2016
I am tired
I am done
I am broke
No matter how many times I say this
Or how many times I plea
I will hear the echo of my own voice
When there's no one soothing my pain
Then why do I choose to live in their way
Aynjul Nov 2015
I don't understand terrorist, their purpose;
It makes me binge, makes my eyes red, my heart shake.
I get this tingle sensation down my spine
when there's a headline that revolves around the word 'Attack'.
like i should be watching my back.
I've read books about that guy,
and its done nothing but boil my blood.
What could you do but mourn...
& I hate to leave you off like this;
but in moments like these,
all I ever feel, only last so long.
then time takes over
and I'm stuck in these loopholes of epiphanies
realizing what I have compared to what the world once had
and then,
Life just continues.
it drifts me
into this dark. deep. abyss of questions,
purpose, & fate.

so please, stop the hate.
J Nc Sep 2015
Silent, eagles hunt.
Chickens cluck, and strut their stuff.
Which are you, my friend?

I love haikus. They await me like an open challenge.
J Nc Sep 2015
"I Don't Care"
Black Flag

I don't care - gonna ******* anyways
don't care - your boyfriends here anyways
don't care - is that a ****** on anyways
don't care - well your gross anyways

I don't care
I don't care
(haha you're ****)

I don't care - well your messed up anyways
don't care - your a doggy anyways
don't care - you got a dull place anyways
don't care - well you look like pregnant anyways

I don't care
I don't care

don't care - well your messed up anyways
don't care - your boyfriends here anyways
don't care - all your parents are here too

I don't care

~Black Flag
82? 83?
This is from Black Flag, before Henry Rollins, during the Keith Morris (now of the Circle Jerks) years, which, to me, is Black Flag's best stuff.
You don't read my poems anymore
So here's one for you
Roses are dead
Violets are blue
This poem is ****
And I guess you are too
I'm done.

— The End —