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  Nov 2020 honey
Jonny Angel
I watched her disrobe from afar,
mesmerized was I
hidden amongst the papyrus
as she stood bathing
in the cool Nile crystal waters.
As beautiful as all the Heavens,
her skin glowed milk
below her burnt
cocoa ringlets.
Goddess cheekbones
graced a delicate smile
of teeth like fine jewels.
The curves of her hips
were finely shaped,
sculpted from
the prettiest Roman marble.
Beautiful acorn-*******
her delicious
apple-shaped *******.
A trace of dark wool
enveloped her flower
between fine firm legs,
made from
the stoutest of cedar.
I stood silent,
watching in awe,
as her delicate
fingers circulated
her moist fineness.
And when she sighed
in bliss,
I released
my own satisfaction,
kissing the air &
swallowing her fragrance,
from her sweet Jasmine scent.
honey Apr 2020
I don't give a ****
About financial statements
How about we just...
honey Apr 2020
matteus is sickly sweet.
residue on my thighs
and an ache in my teeth.
he is incessant on my mind
and absent from my bed.
part of me wishes him gone
part of me wishes to see him again.
honey Mar 2020
trepidation peaks.
this might be the truman show.
a full crowd watches.
honey Mar 2020
each inhale becomes
more and more painful to pass
my lungs seize in shame
03 oct 2017
honey Mar 2020
I want to tell you shut up
Go away
Not now
Not ever
Not again
Not at my place
Not in my space
Not yours.

You teach me how to say
shut up
In your language-
The pronunciation
The implications
The connotation.

Even on my tongue
This fruit seems bitter
But I would like to say:
honey Mar 2020
your curious gaze,
teasing smile, laughter. languid
like straight tequila.

ever flowing and
missing the rim of my cup
an intentful flow.

alikened to shame and
reddened on my dark cheeks like
ripened tomatoes.

you are a pleasant
sharp tasting fruit. bitter yet
ready to be plucked.

vineless. ever free.
forbidden. incandescent
and reflective shine.
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