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Amelie Aug 2016
Toutes les histoires sont comme un miroir,
Deux faces, deux versions, deux reflets.
Pourtant le notre ne me montre que ce que je veux voir,
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, notre miroir est brisé.

Cette nuit j'ai dessiné ton visage sur mes rêves, à la craie
Ce matin ta peau était encore collée à ma joue
J'ai essayé de t'arracher, mais tu étais enfoncée comme un clou,
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, je n'arrive pas à t'effacer.

Tu restes là sans être présente,
Ta voix me répète encore que "j'ai dû me tromper"
J'avoue avoir eu tort de penser que tu m'avais laissée
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, ton fantôme me hante.

Mon étoile brille encore moins que tes émeraudes
Nos erreurs m'agressent, comme nos insultes en écho
Ce n'était pas prévu que tout se termine dans un tel chaos
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide pour réparer ce désordre.

J'ai lutté de toutes mes forces pour te chasser de mon esprit,
Mais tu reviens à la charge, le soir juste avant de dormir
Toute seule avec ta voix qui me guide pour écrire,
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, tu me fais sombrer dans la folie.

Aujourd'hui j'ai tellement peur que tu ne veuilles plus que je revienne,
Et je ne suis même pas sûre de le vouloir moi-même
Je me fais encore du mal, mais on récolte ce que l'on sème
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, je voulais juste que tu me retiennes.

Ton ombre me suit partout en chantant Clementine,
Mais il n'y a plus d'éveil aux émeraudes depuis longtemps
Le silence me rend muette, je ne respire plus comme avant
J'ai dérivé ; au secours, j'ai besoin d'Aide..line.
Amelie Jan 2015
It's become so hard to write beautiful poems
Because it seems that I only pour my sadness out when I write
And I have absolutely no reason for sadness
Therefore I just leave my pen on my desk,
I don't ever pick it up anymore ;
Because I now know joy and everything that goes with it
Now I only listen to swinging songs
And I just dance to them all night long,
Now I only watch decent films and not depressing ones,
Even my psychologist says I've overcome my depression
But now I can't write anymore..
I've forgotten what beauty sounds like
When I try to put my happiness down on paper
I can't even do it properly

I'm used to writing about death
And tears, lost love and broken hearts
Now all my sadness' gone
And I wish I could write about her smile
But my poem would be too joyful, and that is just not me.
Amelie Oct 2014
I used to date the female version of Satan a while ago,
So attractive I couldn't resist chasing her around
But so evil I kept saying to myself "Let her go, let her go"
Although I couldn't, because I know I was ******.

She stared at me with that gorgeous smile,
And her face, oh, her face, looked so innocent,
At first I only wanted to stick around for a while
But she caught me prisoner without my acknowledgement.

Oh Satan, my heart loved you and I hadn't been told,
But how much pain did I have to go trough
Before you finally released the hold
That you had over me ?
I never even expected you to..
work still in progress
  Oct 2014 Amelie
Raj Arumugam
so I brought my writer wife
(prominently pregnant)
to the hospital
and on her bed, she screamed:
"weren't" "hasn't" "couldn't" "shan't"
"aint" "hadn't" "you're" "isn't"
"aren't" "didn't" "wasn't"
"who's?" "what's?" "he's" "she's"

The doctors were confounded
and they turned to me and they said:
"What the hell is she doing?"

And I replied with double speed
and a violent sense of urgency:
*"Don't you know?
She's having contractions -
she's a writer"
Amelie Mar 2014
We've been through Hell together darling
That's why it's time to get back on our feet
We haven't lost everything,
You can still make my heart skip a beat

So we can work this out together,
You and I are meant to last forever
We just need to work a little harder
Baby, give me a chance to make it better.

We were fine then ******* it up,
But deep down I feel in my bones
That now, sweetie, I can make it all up
To you, to me, to what I have done.

But need your help, I can't do this alone
Just help me out and we will be just fine,
We can go back to what we have known,
Your warm hugs are still on my mind...

But before giving us another chance,
I need to be sure this is what you really want.
Are you sure you want to have the same romance ?
Please say yes, you're the only one I want..
Amelie Feb 2014
I can't remember how to breathe
I've forgotten how to live
I don't know where to go now
I just keep walking around town
Barefooted and lonely
Because all I got is myself
And you don't even want me
Maybe I should just cut myself

OH WAIT life is amazing.
Amelie Feb 2014
I'm the type of person who can either sit by herself under a weeping willow
Reading quietly or writing poetry about life being an inside inferno,
Or who can go clubbing with her friends, get drunk and show up at 5 in the morning.
That's me, I either spend my day being in an immense joy, or spend it mourning.

I'm the type of person who is everything and its contrary,
I can fall in love with the same person whom I hated yesterday,
I can forgive in two seconds someone at whom I've been angry
I can be strongly willing to leave, and then I suddenly decide to stay.

Once I realised I wasn't in love with the person I had been waiting for, two years after
And realised at the same second that I wanted the person I had just lost.
My brain and heart didn't quite agree with each other,
But now it's to late to get back the girl I love the most.

One minute someone's my best friend, then she gets on my nerves
One minute I really want something, then I just change my mind,
One minute I find myself pretty, then I suddenly hate my curves
One minute I wanna open my eyes to the reality of the world, then I wish I was blind.

I suddenly realise why some people can't see me,
I'm so hard to live with, too difficult to stand,
I'm actually working on myself to be the person I want to be,
Because if I don't react, she's not coming back, ya'll understand ?

To all the Lost souls wandering around the Earth,
If you have problems, believe me they all come from you.
You'll have to give your life another chance, a rebirth,
Otherwise you'll be the person you never wanted to.
Wrote this at 4am, when I realised the reason people I love always leave me.
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