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dont call me,
i aint pickin up,
i dont care,
i dont wanna get up,
i dont wanna get up ,
and deal with ur ****,
im done ,
its ****** over,
u were just a cover,
i dont,
give a flying ****,
if your,
sad that we broke up,
it was,
over when it it had just begun,
when u said,
i was the only one,
i felt like,
that u were holding a gun,
to my head,
now ur gone,
when u had what u wanted,
u left me broke,
u lent me hatetred,
u left me so ****** up,
that i dont know,
who i was anymore,
so ******* go get a life,
im done,
come back,
and youll get the blade of my knife.
Zack Ripley Apr 2019
Look, I understand.
You don't want to open your eyes
to a world full of despair and lies.
Believe me. I was the same way.
Numb to the core acting like I don't care anymore.
Then I realized that's not true.
I care just as much as you.
I just had to realize we aren't defined
by the actions of a man named trump sitting on his golden ****. Now I know the world's not that scary.
It's extraordinary
because I see the fight in the people who keep the light alive.
Who want to do more than just survive.
Don't say ignore the haters and the doubters
because they are the ones who fuel our powers.
I hope when you read this, you don't cheer or hate.
Just resonate with what I'm trying to say.
The problems of the world won't go away tonight or tomorrow.
But if we band together, our strength will grow forever and ever. And maybe one day, we can rise up and say
let's not make America great again;
let's make the whole world great again.
This is the clean version of my first attempt at a rap lol.
Hannah Dec 2019
Your own apathy was taught to you by the system that raised you.
Defy the system.
Thorns Jan 2019
I WaZ KinDa gAY
sO, I WeNt ThE OtHeR WaY
"HoW aBouT ThE SeXUalItY Of I DoN'T CaRe."
-BrEnDoN UrIe
Thorns Nov 2018
He walks around breaking hearts
   They say he's bad news

But they don't know the real him

   They all denied it

Said I was a liar

   But I don't care

He's the only one who knows me

   The tables turned and I broke both our hearts

Both our hearts

   We're both broken, breaking hearts
Breaking Hearts...
Theshygirl Sep 2018
I don't even care,
not anymore.
Nothing seems to matter,
not in my head
at least.
I've gone numb,
completely and totally
taken over
by a sense of nothingness.
I feel it everywhere,
from the very tips of my toes
to the longest hair on my head.
I feel it,
but at the same time
I don't feel anything at all.
Payton Apr 2018
I sit in my room crying at night
because you no longer care what's right
Me having faith in you, made me a fool
You putting me through that was cruel
I used to think that things would be fine
but this time you crossed the line
I no longer have faith in you
You went back to him but what's new
After everything he has put you through
you still go back to something that isn't good for you
I hope you're happy with the choice you picked
You made me see that you'll always be an addict
You have no idea how you make me feel
Half the time I don't even know how to deal
I don't know how to deal with this aching pain
I just wish it would all go down the drain
This is a poem about my mother who chose drugs and a boyfriend that has beat on her over me more than once.
Haylin Mar 2018
I don't really care anymore
I wanna get out of this place

This world failed
And if you haven't noticed
If you can't tell
I don't really give a **** anymore

I've given up on people
Given up on humanity

So I don't really care anymore
Do you wanna settle the score
Tax all the poor
Lie upon the floor
Knock on Heaven's door
Because I really don't give a **** anymore

So I woke up yesterday
With nothing to say
Maybe I'm to blame
The reason things are going this way
Maybe the world's spinning
A little too fast

The race is beginning
So run or be last
The sky is turning red
The grass blue
My world's gone crazy
How are you?

So I don't have a care anymore

I'm done with my chores
And giving money to the stores
And fighting those **** wars
Because frankly
I don't give a **** anymore

So you're reading all those fairy tales
About the dragons with the silver scales
And the horses with silk tails
And the angry white whales
Well it's time to wake up
To reality
I wanna break it to ya
But that's just me
Because you're too scared to see
And too ignorant to believe
That life isn't fantasy
But then again
I don't really care anymore

It burns me to the core
That you're such a filthy *****
Who hurts the weak
And steals from poor
But I guess it's just because
I don't really give a **** anymore

I don't know what to do
I can't think straight
What's false, what's true
Can't forget how to hate

So do you run from all your fears
Are too scared to fight
Can you see through your tears
Into hellish night
So listen to me honey
Life is rough
It won't just rain money
So you gotta get tough
Gotta fight for rights
And for your cause
Because when out goes the lights
Life doesn't have a pause
I don't really care anymore

I guess I was hoping for a little bit more
Because life is one hell of a bore
So tell me, love
What are you fighting for
Things are ending just like before
But this time
I don't care anymore
tulika mishra Mar 2018
i'm a modern girl
and i say like it's not a bad word
it's a tag society has thrown at me
for me to feel guilty and an antagonist

so i own up to this word
with pride and prejudice
oh! now it pinches you and makes you want to call me
shameless and rude.

for all i care,
i'm a modern girl
and i say it like it's not a bad word
i wear short skirts, i dye my hair,
i ride a bike without a hint of despair,
i own tattoos and piercings in the places on my body
that will give you a heart ache
much worse than an angina pectoris.

hello, im a modern girl
and i say it again like it's not a bad word.

it's high time shame game took a turn,
your judgemental eyes shutter down with acceptance
and for gossiping to burn
because i'm just a girl
living the life i like
call it modern, call it indie
atleast i know it's not a LIE.
The Admirer Mar 2018
People keep on talking like i care.
Its funny you think i would
You might think it's mean and rude
But it's not like i am unaware

I feel dead inside
There's nothing for me to hide
Call it trauma if you wish
I call it a being a cold hearted *****

Long time ago I was hurt
I was hurting  really bad
All that pain that I once had
All my emotion I had to desert

Now I feel nothing
Don't care about anyone feelings
Because the more you care about it
The more you have handle the ****
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