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Unknown May 29
At that moment she pretended like she doesn't care anymore
deep down inside she knew she cared like no one else did
she cared so much  that
she could leave everything behind
just to be with that wonderful person she loved ...
She pretended to be happy in front of the world but behind the closed doors she couldn't stop her tears from falling down her   cheeks
She pretended to be strong but god knows how broken and vulnerable she was  from inside..
My first ever attempt in writing
I was never interested in writing  but then someone came into my life and this person is an amazing writer this person  inspired me to write  
I know I **** at it but still I just put my feelings in here ( I added few extra lines might not keep them )
Willow Jul 2018
I loved him with what was left of my heart.
I thought he cared about me, but he just used me.
I waited for him. I gave him so many chances because I believed he would change but after a year of waiting my heart knew that he left me and went away. The little left of my heart started to crush like the other pieces. But I just had a piece left and I guarded my heart for so long that my heart forgot what it was like to breathe.
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2017
Let each hate, and ours for his,
Be scraped away. Hopefully
He cared for some— At least the few
That may have cared for him.

Allow unchanged what good remains.
At length, with love or hate or both,
We go. In time, some with pause
And some without, return.
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle and in paperback. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
Armand-DeamoJC Oct 2018
You made me the happiest
With all your beauty
And perfection
You made me feel beautiful
And perfected

Everybody hated us being
Maybe, for we were perfect
Or 'cause you were too good
I was just too happy
Tough there were fights...
Those fights
Showed your
True colours
I'm sorry for bringing those out
Just know that
After 8 months
Of us being apart
I can still say that
I love you, always,
Was that not the promise?
The world is happy again
They see the old me, regain
And you under his strain
Goodbye my lover
You have fought in my mind
Fought with me side
By side
And back to back
Goodbye my lover
You have left my war
Poisoned my mind
And took my heart with
Most of my poems are about my ex, probably the pain of everything from the past and then her with it inspires me to write
No one wants to see your face
She thinks herself such a disgrace,
She has no confidence and doubts her worth
She wants to remove herself from the earth.

She sees herself all alone in life
She’ll never have kids or be a wife
She hates herself, she hates her world
And this is how it ends for the sad little girl.

In the morning at sunrise
She lacks the strength to open her eyes
An empty pill bottle and note on the door
Her lifeless body on the floor.

No one should feel how she did
All alone and love forbid
All she needed was to know someone cared
And maybe then she wouldn’t be lying there.
Amanda Aug 2018
I miss all the small
Things you would do to show me
How much you loved me
kerri Mar 2016
the beginning
You dropped a seed.
I picked it up and gave it a home in myself.

the middle
It grew in my heart.
I cared so much for it,
Watered it,
As hard as it was, I even changed the soil surrounding it.
Blossomed into such a beautiful floret.

the end**
You left.
The sacred efflorescence shed its petals.
My soil wasn't enough for you.
Rafael Melendez Nov 2015
Rigid, ****, painful intervals of burning in the pores of my skin.
A rough sensation in my heart, I missed her more than I cared for my own life.
  At what point in time did my ancestors devolve me, when did my DNA first form this biological gap?

My instincts were supposed to protect me.
s v e n Aug 2018
You have a heart
Even if
It has scars
Feels weak.

Even though it doesn't beat
Or stops for anyone.

Doesn't mean you don't have a heart.
You are still sane

You do love.
You do care.

You just love too much
That it ends up
Killing you from
The inside
And out.

You love until
You feel like you can't anymore.

And in time
Someone will do the same thing to you.
It probably already happened.

Someone's heart has beaten
And stopped for you.
You are loved
Cared for.

Even if you don't know it.

You are loved.

Even when you can't love yourself.
I have grown old,
My hairs are all white,
And my eye-sight is failing rapidly;
I no longer trust my body.
I am now left
With the strength of my mind
And the will-to-live
Which make me think and reflect
In my past experiences.
The intimacy with myself is rent
And I have never cared to inquire
About the kind of world hidden within me;
I have never thought
About my final moorings
And I have never been informed
About the sweet nectar of true happiness
Available everywhere.
I have tried to wander on my own
And refused miracles,
But where ever I go
I swiftly follow me
As if I exist yet do not exist,
To remind me that I am always alone.
Carter Ginter Jul 2018
I started writing a poem about them
And the beginning sounded like ours
The one where I told you that
Words aren't enough to define us
And yes words are limiting
They also have a way of telling you more
If you pay close enough attention
When "I love you endlessly"
Turns to "ILY" and
"I can't imagine my life without you"
Turns to weeks of sitting alone
And all the "I miss you"s
Turn to "how are you"s
As if you even cared
Your actions never matched your language
Were your words too limiting for you?
When I was still always there for you
And all you did was break promises?
Were the words you spoke too constricting?
At least that would explain why you broke them
Though still not why you said them
Maybe you were afraid to let me down
Or afraid to really be seen
Or just so self-absorbed that you didn't care
That you couldn't care
About yourself
Or about me
DW Jan 2015
He watches the world through tear streaked eyes,
At the people just living their lives,
There was no one who cared or was even aware,
That their society was founded on lies,
It was the cruelty of man to man's fellow man,
That caused his young heart to break,
It filled him with sorrow to learn that tomorrow,
There was no difference or change he could make.

First there's the teen with no hopes or dreams,
Who holds the gun to his head,
If only we had heard that four letter word,
"Help" and he might not be dead,
But parents ignore a child's implore,
Move along there is nothing to see,
Then comes the day when he's taken away,
Pushed over the edge by the bully.

The starving young pup who lies all beaten up,
By the teenagers too cool for school,
They've come to learn that next it's their turn,
Drunk fathers are awfully cruel,
Or perhaps the poor homeless just hoping for kindness,
And ends up completely ignored,
We can grumble and shout from our comfy warm house,
That most likely, they're all just big frauds.

Then there comes war the thing all Governments adore,
They can line up their pockets with gold,
The war against terror? Or just the oil endeavour?
It doesn't matter soldiers do as they're told,
"An air strike for peace" is the press release,
As civilians are rained on by bombs,
Can they really believe that what's been achieved,
Is greater than the innocent lives that are gone?

He watches the world through tear streaked eyes,
At the people just living their lives,
There was no one who cared or was even aware,
That their society was founded on lies.
April Feb 2018
Two different worlds
Two seperate skies
And only one that they can see

Inside my mind
When darkness falls
There is no other soul but me

Alone I pace
In deepest night
And no one takes my hand

To lead me from
My shadowed tomb
Where I am doomed to stand

Ah, pray for me,
Though kindness helps,
For only love can save me now

A lonely girl
Lost long ago
Who does not trust, and knows not how

Too often left
Though many cared
And no one saw the pain inside

That lonely girl
The happy mask
Was made so carefully to hide

But now it cracks
The paint wears off
And someone soon is bound to know

And steps will tread
The lonely walks
Where only I’m allowed to go

Perhaps at last
Someone will break
The wall I’ve built around my heart

But no one will
For all have eyes,
And I have been too long apart

And so, alas
For here I stand
A lonely girl in a shadowed land.
Darianshae Jan 2018
Secrets can haunt you forever.
Sometimes when something so traumatic happens to you, you can’t find it in yourself to speak up. As much as you want to scream for help you lay there empty knowing there’s no way of going back to the girl you once used to be. The girl you never cared for but now the girl you longed to be .
It was just a drink with friends, you thought. You were having fun, you thought. But silly you, just because you told him no doesn’t mean he was going to listen.
You never once thought the fun night you had would of ever robbed you of feeling any less in the world than you already did. You were wrong.
You told yourself it was nothing until you started to believe it. You were so good at putting it deep in the back of your mind .
Three Years pass but the past in your head kept playing over and over again. You will never be the same girl again.
Being silent ruined you. No, he ruined you.
You will never truly feel safe again as you feel men’s eyes glare at you piercing throughout your entire entity embodying the pain once again.
Carter Ginter Oct 2012
Recovery is a long and painful process.
Its a lengthy, twisting, one way road.
It is not fair, life never is.
You need to accept that that is just the way it goes.
Broken hearts, they will never shatter even.
We were so close until the day she said she was leaving.
It was so easy for her to let us go.
She left me here alone and why I still don't know.
She thought I would be broken, as soon as she was gone.
Now it's time for me to prove that she had thought wrong.
Yes I cared about her; she had said she cared about me.
Those were empty words, burdened with all the lies that I now see.
It was far too perfect that I should have known it could never be true.
It hurts even after so much time; my recovery is beyond overdue.
I was blindsided; she always knew exactly the right words to say.
She made my heart race and I had never considered the chance that she would just walk away.
I wish I had known what she had planned to do.
Because she only proved why trusting people is not what I should do.
Now there are no more lies and I’m no longer waiting.
No more time of mine is she taking.
I am so done; I wasted so much of my time.
All on a girl who couldn’t even consider mine.
My heart still stands, as if it was never broken.
It is as strong as her lies, so easily spoken.
But the time I had with her I will never regret.
She taught me a few lessons that I will not soon forget.
The first thing I learned is to not trust someone with your heart,
Because in the end, it will likely end up ripped apart.
Then there’s lesson two, and this comes from a different part;
Do not be with someone if you already know you’re going to break their heart.
I’m done lying to myself and not completely accepting me.
It only took a broken heart and then the recovery.
AnActualToaster Aug 2017
I bought myself some flowers
And threw in some sweets
Craving something salty
I knew I shouldn't eat
It's true that I loved you
It's true I was scared
You still won't listen to me
Is it true you never cared?
I guess this is the real you
It hurts to say the least
You seem to think so little of it
But my thoughts, they never cease
Yes it's true I once did love you
It's true I once was scared
I would've followed you anywhere
But I don't think you cared
Jasmin Jul 2015
We don't hate the world we see,
we only loathe the society where no one can flee.
Ask for a cup of hot tea,
they'd judge you for not drinking a coffee.
Simple things, they'd make it as serious issues;
Serious matters, they'd pretend it doesn't exist.
Unknown people will always be ignored,
everyone knows their hardships, but no one cared enough to end it.
The popular ones have had their sufferings too,
I'm asking, why only them get the sympathy?
Aren't we all pretty?
spacewalker Dec 2017
trying to make a rhyme in time
before my feeling lock me out

trying to find the time to write it down
when I really just want to drown it out

I try,
I know men don't cry,
but little boys do
I have a bit of both I guess
but guess what one I use

thighs that remind me
of a drunk man drawing
on a scratchboard
with a knife

strifes break out between parts of my mind
tearing me apart from the inside

what pride?

I'm whats left
if you take away all the right
and leave all the wrong

I'm the awkward hello
and the silent goodbye
did you hear me whisper
oh wait
no one heard
or maybe no one cared
I'm not ready
but I am prepared  
I don't belong here

Saint Audrey Apr 2018
Solvent and solution
Kept assuaged for so long
Treading in the selfishness of my subconscious state
Of barely traceable memories, spurred on by the gravity of time spent
At the briefest hint at past involvement

Each leaf falls, eventually.
Every pristine little well formed tended to.
Each nurtured, cared for, parcel or idea.

I can watch them for hours
Watching them fall, one by one, for hours.
When days start to bleed together, out of the corner of my eye,
I can always see them, marking progression.
Collecting in drifts, then, taken by the wind, then
The rot sets in.

I used to watch this.

I used to find time.

The roof cast me in its shadow, even standing along the banister that runs along the length

Even as the final rays of sun start to vanish one at a time
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