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September Roses Jul 2018
A little box
Without a key
You hold an air
Of mystery
To sit and glare
Right up there
Flashing red in front of me

I am the one who fills it
And I fill it with myself
No one would guess what's in you
Sitting up atop my shelf

I have thought of your discovery
The pros
And all the cons
But looking at my history
All candidates are wrong

So I suppose you'll stay a secret
I'll keep you to myself
Painted red,
Flashing dread
Little box on my shelf
Please forget you saw this
Yall feel free to tell me why you guys all like this poem so much. Curious
D Awanis Apr 2017
She has lost count on how many nights she spent alone,
spoiling her thoughts while sipping her whiskey at the balcony
looking at the stars and the moon with intimate longing,
and wishing to be one of them as if she was one, once

They say that to live is the rarest thing in the world,
as for her, life is always a puzzle with one missing piece,
an endless labyrinth with no way out, let alone the dead end
an unsolved riddles with no absolute clues, let alone the answer

Sometimes at times like tonight, she'd let her mind wander
to streets she has never walked before and people she has never met,
with language she barely understands nor familiar with,
thinking maybe solitude is not a bliss after all—it's an agony
Jamie Jan 2015
If it became true
I would be in bliss
Because I would then
Be with you
Robert G Page Jan 2014

man has a desire for eternal life; a life in length compared to that
of the stars in the sky, forever lasting. not a lonely vigil as the stars
with their solemn silent watch in the dark void of space, but a life filled
with earthly human pleasures. the pleasures of the soft silk like touch of
a woman's flesh, and a faint whisper of ecstasy in an unguarded moment of the heart. if eternal bliss cannot be granted then let death overtake at the moment of ******…
Lash Feb 2015
jaaneman, do you think of me like i think of you?
do you believe in me as i believe in you?
i dont know if its me,
or my pessimistic outlook that is keeping us apart.
but, i need you like the stars need the moon.

sitting here on this day of inamorata,
wishing we could be together..
but dear, i know you've got somewhere else to be.
i know your heart is already full,
with no room left for me.

though, i'm never giving up on us.
i will fight for you.
i will fight until your heart is empty,
empty and shallow.
i will fight for you until the day that you realize,
i am the only one that will ever fight for you..

when your lover betrays you & leaves you out in the cold..
allow my being to be a form of warmth.
all i want is the taste that your lips allow,
i want to be your reasons why
& your reasons how.

this is my promise to you..
to never hurt you, never betray you dear i will never let you go.
here's to the day that i can finally call you mine, the day of *euphoria.
amme Oct 2016
He de-seeded himself into three pieces and proceeded to grow a tree of decieving, you see.
One seed of the tree was greed, so all it would breed was to feed our needs.
Once we used up all its weeds we decided to dig deep to see what this tree was hiding.
There it was, all along infront of our eyelids.
The roots of this tree grew in all directions endlessly.
How could this be?
One seed for greed, one seed for achieving infinity..?
And for the third, I (eye) tried to see through the mystery of the last seed I collected all the ingredients to cook up the last grand meal.
Stirring it I caught a quick wiff of its essence and for a mere second I felt free, I acknowledged the knowledge of being me.
My brain was introduced to DMT and I also knew the signifigance of the truth, now I knew what I had to do.
Convinced of the truth but I still follow all your rules, im not insane I wouldnt go blow up a school but I swear, latley my brain been telling me, only options I have is to accept my destiny or change it by a killing spree.
I know you are testing me but how am I supposed to enjoy this beautiful scenery if I cant even get this stress of my chest so I can rest again peacefully.
I knew I owe my soul to this tree for the knowledge its giving me.
I try to hold on to my memories but as its leaves they fall eventually...
It kills me everyday, living, knowing its not for me.. not for me...
neha Jun 21
remember when we were carefree
and nothing used to worry me
the neighbourhood was my kingdom
and the front yard was my palace

we used to play pretend
worlds of magic and fantasy
we made up spells and slayed dragons
but now i’m fighting my mind’s demons

ignorance was b l i s s
when did we become like this?
ˏˋDalPalˊˎ May 2015
It wasn't my first time drinking
But it was the first time the earth moved beneath my feet
The first time my head spun like a top and the ground made it harder To keep straight
Kings cup and mike's harder lemonade helped me achieve this Unwanted goal
Along with the memory of you

My feet slamming with every step and I try to think of you
I don't know why I do this to myself
Other than wanting to feel sorry for my being on a daily basis

But for the first time when your memory hit my head
It's like my mind put up a brick wall
Not letting you climb over it
No matter how hard you tried to jump over
No matter how hard I tried to pull you up
The wall got higher
And higher
Until I couldn't see you

And that's when I fell back
Through the fluffy clouds in my head
Into the bliss of my brain
And started thinking about those chicken nuggets in the freezer
As I mix some of that mango moscato with cheap illuminium cans

The sun's lining hits the grass

I lay on the couch
Remember how I couldn't even try to remember the pain
And liking it

It makes me start to wonder
If this unwanted goal is my savior from you
Or the devil for me
I'm just letting everyone know that this was like the third time I had ever drank and I don't plan on making this a thing ever. I've seen how alcohol has affected family members and I'd rather not put myself through that.
that mango moscato was like candy though.
Life goes on with the good and worst...
We're here for the sake of thirst.

The sunshine of morning can't b e changed,
Just as the destiny of ours' can't be replaced.

A new born child has a different spark,
Cause he doesn't know the awaited one.

Happiness touches like it pours after dry,
Acting every time is our foremost try.

Virtual world is a clear illusion,
Where we now distinguish among relations.

Duties keep on running in mind,
Still everyone can't be of true mankind.

Imaginations seek the greatest pleasure,
But reality is the only whining figure.
I feel the humid emotion in our room

This room where feelings are felt and magic happens between you and I

You, sitting on the edge of our bed..motionless as the air itself..

Your pale colored eyes looking hungrily all over me..craving desire..

I know you want me..

Your layered jet black hair falling over your face in a roughed up lust..

I , sitting across from you on the ground

These old cherry glazed wooden floors that are so familiar to us

Sitting half undressed,  motionless

My hair in a mess, like one of those models posing in a vogue magazine

Desperately waiting for something to spark between this still nature

My eyes

looking you up..

and down …

I want you…

I crave your touch

That euphoric rush you give me when your skin meets mine..

I want to feel your warmth up against my body

A feeling I longed to feel for so long

Sometimes I wondered if love really exists?

Sitting alone, envisioning, and always thinking of you

Is love just a movie?

It starts, and sadly ends

When I see you here in front of me, I deeply reflect.

I think no, never.

You are the definition of love

You are my beautiful distraction

The way your eyes lock on mine, they paralyze me, our gaze is cemented

I wonder if you feel the same about me

The emotions rush through my body as I passionately look at your perfection

I the butterfly, and you the lion, such strong complexities to obtain.

I leisurely rise and walk towards you following your desirable gaze

I get close to your body and touch your gentle face, you let me get into your lap.

You make me fear, you

I touch you to reassure this is real

The love I have wanted for so long.

I kiss your soft skin, and bite your lips gently.

Your warm body up against mine makes me melt in your arms.

We share deep and passionate kisses that I wish would last forever.

But forever is too long and I would be a corpse decaying in your arms.

This memory will always linger
I only want more from you.

Take me somewhere we both know we want to go

I whisper words into your ear softly

Words that haven’t been spoken as long as I could remember.

I shudder with life every time your touch embraces my soft skin.

I close my eyes and the world spins into a maelstrom of pure bliss

a beautiful desire.
katie Oct 2018
i find myself drowning in
the softness of your deep brown eyes
falling further and further down,
as your gaze holds mine

when you touch my skin briefly,
making me aware of your presence
the warmth of your intent,
that's the purest of your essence

how can a single person offer that?
so much comfort and serenity
simply by just existing as you are,
i feel as if you were meant for me

perhaps this is fate as they call it,
or chance as the realists say
but there's peace when i'm with you,
as you are the brightest part of my day
to the karmic boy
******* feelings,
I wish I didn't have them.
I wish I wouldn't be jealous
over any little thing.
I could go on with life
without any type of remorse.
I could go on with this
But without you of course.
Because love
is mother nature's
most powerful force.
But without it,
I wouldn't have any passion to chase you.
And i wouldn't want to be in love,
because I wouldn't have to.
But that isn't real,
it's really not possible.
All of these feelings
I hold are unstoppable.
Under all this emotion,
i see clearer than ever.
Ready to conquer
any ******* endeavor.
I need you like water,
without you,
I'd die.
Like a bird needs it's feathers,
minus you,
I can't fly.
You're this constant itch,
i feel on my lips.
And when I scratch it,
I take in huge hits of bliss.
So All of this time,
I could have felt this?
And now that I've tasted you,
I know what I've missed.
You are the best cuddles,
tip top of the list.
The most amazing sensation,
everytime we kiss.
Lizzie Feb 2018
You make me feel like I'm floating in the darkness...
When your lips touch mine it's like I can finally breathe...
And when you hold me close, pressed against your firm body, you make me feel safe, and protected...
I hope to be the star in your darkest nights, and the warmth you feel on your lightest days...
Skaidrum Jun 2015
                ­            in the

Yin finds                                      
                  Yang,                                       ­                    
'neath the                   silver web.


"I thought you hated spiders?"

"I do."
Lycan & Ahkira
on a summer's eve.

© Copywrite
Alysia Marie Nov 2014
Stay beautiful;
Be blissful,
And if your soul does not agree;
Then darling run.
Run far, far away.

                                        Alysia Marie 2014 ©
Stay true to the tunes that have been wound deep into your soul.
For your body knows more than your mind wants to believe.
Umi Feb 2018
Mixing tea, let's say lavender with something as simple as milk
Must sound silly and weird at first glance, as both come with their
own tastes and flavors which seem to not match at all.
Even the most unmatching couple can find bliss, harmony and
perfection in their very relationship, however.
Such as for the tea;

The milk manages to soften, embrace, advertise the taste of lavender
while leaving a pleasant aftertaste which is alike a ghost poorly
detectable, but present nonetheless after all.
With some sugar to sweeten this experience, it becomes divine,
something I would never have thought of, of such an odd couple.
The image of the lavender becomes overdrawn by the milk,
Engaging in a pure, creamy, brief white which reflects light just
in a majestic sense.
This is a taste to become lost in whilst reading a book in the best
of lightings, together with someone who causes your heart to race
and just turn ablaze

~ Umi
Amanda Mar 2018
Fill the hollow crevice of my existence
With light, show me a warmer way
Stop numbness from taking over
I am slipping further0 into dismay.

Down the senseless pit of despair
My direction is out of control
Darkness paralyzes my mind
Strangling thoughts that crawl and roll

Constricting my body until I give up
I kick the air but cannot land a blow
The empty space will never stop resisting
The sound of my own scream has become my foe.

The endless void swallows my voice
Here the tears I cry fall forever
The lies I have told mean nothing now
I knew my will was always meant to sever.

Faced with nothingness all around
This is my life; a ******* hole
It's slowly shoving me outwards
Little by little, pain taking over my soul.

Chaos has reality gripped
In a tight but unsure grasp
Confusing the mass of color
And motion contained in its clasp

Bullied by the tidal wave of isolation
Head above water though it is strong
Giving up the ability to move
Surviving by the current floating me along.

My consciousness is traveling lethargically
I no longer feel my torso or limbs
Attempt to wiggle a finger but it won't budge
It takes all my strength to speak and part dry lips.

This is where existence ceases
Where time's beginning meets its end
An unending loop of monotonous emotions displayed
A breif instant in which Eternity life does suspend
This started as how I felt when I was crippled by heartache and doubt but switched lanes kinda. It's random I suppose. But it sounds pretty.
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
My sweet, sweet Sunday, you made me write
Unending ***** of November breeze
Your afternoon is filled with delight
Incandescence of an orange bliss

Saturday's past and will be forgotten
Sunday's solitary is very bright
Monday's mediocre; five out of ten
Today's sunset is forever in sight

A weekend that should last eternally
But why do the nights just fall so quickly?
TGISunday :>
Umi Dec 2017
The name of my love
The one who makes me feel as high as the clouds above
I love you so much it hurts when you are not here
Please dont replace me..that would be my biggest fear
You can have *** with others I dont mind
Though I might be...because of this blind
Since I let you get touched by those who dont deserve it
No they dont deserve it one single bit
I want to stuff their lungs with a crow
Dont cry pains me to see you having a woe
I want to see you smile
This would make my day worthwhile...
I want to marry ya maybe I am insane
Or perhaps I am naive, but you make me gain...(determination)
I love you, you should be mine
Thinking this way is not a crime ?
I love you...please dont break my heart
Even if this is something like a restart
But I do love you so I am writing this
You fill my days with endless bliss

~ Umi
Cassia Feb 2
I lay in my bed with the soft white light
Seeping in through the curtained windows
I open my eyes to the world
Seeing the sun where the stars once were
All is calm and quiet
And for that one moment
That one, sweet moment
I breathe in blissfully
And lay in peace before all my memories
Come rushing back into my mind
Vierra Dec 2015
'When you look at me, what do you see?' She asked.
'I see truth beyond your years. I see youth that has no end.'  He replied calmly.
May I begin with a genuine smile and kiss? He thought.
He lent forward and began the breath of life, slowly aiming towards her half closed mouth. Her eyes closed, awaiting bliss.
'Please look at me and kiss me and only me.' He requested. 'I need you to be real because of your youth.' 'We cannot begin with a lie. You are of age but still so young.' He explained.
He was speaking of age requirements in respect to relationships with the opposite ***.
'Yes, my love.' 'This is my first in my ageless youth.' She said with a hint of melancholy.
'I am frightened.' She further explained.
Let's start again. He lent forward and began teasing her lips with his. He pressed his hot mouth over the top of her upper lip, then slowly and gently, released and continued with the lower. Attack and defense, attack and defense, until a slow, settled agreement with a warm breath and flick of her tongue. This small battle happened for fifteen minutes.
'I am moist and waiting.' She said in ******.
Let it begin, the dance, from ages before. A dance from lifetimes before us and one that will continue until there is nothing.
'Let it begin.' He stated.
Days later, she agreed to it again. Then he agreed to it again, days later.
A small hop to her step was noticed by neighbors and she smiled to herself often
Him, on the other hand, was already prepared for this.
Years later, they would reminisce of these small events gratefully  and with a fondness of their youthful experiences, at the alter.
They both smiled and agreed to private dances that they hope will produce sweat and blood.
i am shy but i manage
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