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Andy Cave Jan 2018
The perfect Haiku
Can it be written or not
The question at hand
Andy Cave Dec 2017
I don't know where I'm headed
no clue what road to take
endless paths and infinite choices
decisions I have to make.
Andy Cave Mar 2017
Do you or don't you
The question always on mind
It's stressing me out.
Andy Cave Apr 2016
Dear Kobe,
For years I've watched and hated
as you tore through the N.B.A
but even though I despised you
I couldn't look away
You became one of the greatest
made me respect the way you play
from a three point shot to start your career
to sixty on your final day.
It's been a pleasure to hate you
but I'm sad to see you go
because beating L.A just won't be the same
without a Black Mamba show.
Andy Cave Jan 2016
Laying in my bed
endless thoughts swirling around
inside of this mind.
Andy Cave Jan 2016
I only want to smile
to feel all warm inside
someone to say they love me
every day and night.

I want to be romantic
write you my cheesy poems
so I search and I wait for love to appear
and my heart to not feel so alone.
Andy Cave Aug 2015
I stand in this valley
a flood of colors surround me
green, blue, purple, yellow
a bounty of flowers all around.
Jagged cliffs stand in the distance
towering, mysterious, desolate
beckoning me to come near.
I run towards them
through the valley of flowers
through the calm sea of colors
off to the unknown that awaits
at the top of the cliffs.
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