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Andy Cave Mar 2022
No matter what time
You can still always call me
I will wake for you
Andy Cave Mar 2022
I put on this face
To mask my pain
This hurt that I'm feeling
Each and every day
I don't want them to see
How depressed I've become
That I'm just a shell
Of who I once was
So many emotions
Always hit me at once
On the surface I'm calm
But inside I am not
I crave to find joy
To silence this pain
But my hopes have been silenced
My eyes are like rain.
Andy Cave Feb 2022
I lay in the grass watching the clouds above me
They darken, it begins to rain
But I don't feel like leaving
Because the downpour covers up the pain.
Andy Cave Feb 2022
The look on your face
As you smile and laugh with me
Has got me floating
Andy Cave Feb 2022
To see someone hurt
and be unable to aid
as their heart is in pieces
from such a fresh break
you see as the pain
escapes from their eyes
as sadness envelopes
and takes over their lives
but pain that is felt
will lessen with time
and your heart will repair
as life's grand design
you'll find love again
and that love will be true
because they will love you for you.
For my new friend. I know you're in pain and you may think that it will last a lifetime but the pain will pass. It's ok to feel how you do and it's ok to let yourself feel this way. Happiness will come your way and this will all pass. Feel better soon.
Andy Cave Feb 2022
You're worthy of love
let your fears fade away
let the emotion run through
it's ok to feel pain
let the hurt run it's course
let the tears fall
for life has it's purpose
fate will soon call.
Andy Cave Feb 2022
All I've ever wanted is to find the one
The one who's laughter is brighter than the sun
The one who makes you smile when the world is sad and gray
The one who always loves you throughout all of your days.
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