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Devon Mar 2016
I find it,


   in moments between planning and remembering
Bursting forth

   Like breaks of brilliant sunshine.
In the rise of my lover’s chest,

   thick and warm beneath my cheek.

In the wild and beautiful flowers,

   that don't know the word “****”.

In the unexpected, brilliant red and green of a hummingbird hovering,

   so close… so close
In the increasingly rare moments when my daughter and I SEE each other,

   fully as we are, bound and flawed.
In the now,

   There it is.


   and then. goes. only to come again.

   forever, it comes again.
Devon Nov 2015
Ignorance and divinity are both vomiting over my mind, while i stand below them wondering if I should even bother to duck.
I don’t know.
I don’t know.
There are so many things to do, directions to take, propositions to be made – each one waiting on these silly little green permission slips. Even the simplest of happily ever afters comes with quite a hefty price.

I just want to get ***** making stuff, making art, making food, making love. Sleep and repeat.
Devon Oct 2015
These ****** hands of mine -
when there's only space between -
are good for nothing.
but they will stay open, for you, nonetheless.
Devon Oct 2015
at long last comes rain
washing clean air, earth and soul
green, she comes again
Devon Oct 2015
she flayed herself open
at the alter of his brown eyes.
begging him
to burn off the cold.
Devon Oct 2015
child. naive. aware. enlightened.

warrior. stubborn. suspended. restraint

chameleon. encompassing. everything. lacking.

striving. needing. forward. moving.

insufficient. fearful.

urgent. hopeful.




and how about the rest of you?
Devon Sep 2015
This love
Big love
     sweet, salty
          kissing, sweaty skin love
          licking the lengths,
              and slow,
                   to savor love
     heat builds, slick
          fingers, lips thick
               wanting, wanting,
                     wanting this love.

This love
Big love
      hot, deep
          electric, passing love
                 fingers to chests
                      tongue to tongue
                            hips to hips
     building in a moment, love
           this bliss.
                   this love...
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