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Kaila George Oct 2016
My muse was gone
lost in my thoughts
not sure how or why
it just wasn't there

Now it's back
making its way
struggling with
thoughts to
display on this page

Hope you all have
a nice day
Kaila George Oct 2016
Vibrant are our colours
We wear upon our sleeves
Loud and proud thats who we are islanders from the south seas... we know who we are and
where we come from
Our parents taught us well

I'm proud to say I'm
PI decent as I wear
Flowers in my hear
Hope all is well
I'm so glad to met you

just being me
Kaila George Oct 2016
The sun shines upon
Shimmering rivers as it
Cascades down the mountain
Side into an ocean of fantasies
Dolphins swim in its depths
Whales sing their songs
Of life amongst the waves
As it ebbs and flows
Can you hear them call
Echos resound in natures
Natural playground of life
Its grand to be apart of their world
Kaila George Oct 2016
I sit alone in my room
And morn the loss
Of both my Parents and sisters

Mum and dad 10 years now
My sisters only recently
One year apart

I can understand my parents
I mean its just a part of life

But siblings is another thing
It tears you're world apart

Their the ones that you look to
For advice and to mend your hearts

So whom do you turn too
When they are no longer in your life

Who's the one you talk too
About that witch just down the road

Who's the one you confide in
When she no longer is in your life

I sit alone in my room
As tears begin to fall
As I try to understand
Why they are no longer
With us no more

Even finding the words
To tell you how I fell
Leaves me totally and
Utterly speechless
As I cry alone in my room
Kaila George Oct 2016
Where are all the flowers gone
those whom petals drifted
in the wind where did they go
I'm referring to the poet's
I knew so well .... where
have you all gone ....
each one of them brought
To this site a florish of life
in there own words
in their own ways
I have yet to read the new
poets I see posting
look forward to doing so
with delight. ... smiles
This site started it all for me
feels good to be home
till the next post ... smiles
A poem about Poetfreak poets it closes in December....a repost
Kaila George Oct 2016
I use to think it a myth

Long before I knew

And how it must feel

Just to be so real

I never understood

The pure essence

Of one's soul

Shared with another

In love two kindred souls

I only ever knew

Of hatred from within

My heart bleed a thousand times

And misery knew no end

But then he taught me how to love

An experience I won't regret

The tenderness he gave to me

Mended my broken heart

He taught me how to breathe again

He taught me how to love

He gave me back my soul

He made me understand

The meaning of that word

Love.......that tender

Love.......that made me catch my breath

As it caresses my wounded pride

And makes me forget

The hatred buried deep inside
Kaila George Sep 2016
I have this key
That I wear around my neck

It means the world to me
Because he gave it to me

Telling me with love
That it was the key to his heart

Attached to the key
Is a small shaped heart

It brings back memories
Memories of love

He passed away so long ago
But still I hold the key to his heart

I smile, I cry, I remember
And lovingly hold the chain

That’s attached to the key
That opens his heart
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