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Md HUDA Oct 2014
You are the brainteaser for what all the intellectuals have become somnambulist
Still you are inconclusive;
All the linguists have become asinine
Since the language of your eyes are indecipherable
Every single iota of your heart is a nuclear
And all men are in love with nuclear
When they burst, burst in silent
You are the only cloud
that brings rain in the heart
For you all sins seem Romantic
And all catastrophes are Dramatic
All lovers watch, and remain as a sparrow alone upon the house top.
I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.
Taken from king James bible
Md HUDA Jul 2014
I was crowded by the beggars

One of them said," Lovers are the melancholic beggars".
Md HUDA Jun 2014
Take your seat
Your love gifted me thousand buckets of memories all are smeared with tears
Drink the caffeine-tears I shed for you
I want to know the feelings of lacerating me that you nourish in your heart,
I am trapped in your love
Like a fly trapped in a spider’s web
If you are not a picaroon, if you are not a sorceress,
If you are not a heart breaker, if you are not the heart snatcher
If you are not the birth giver of my poetry, if you are not my chimera
Reason of my all phantasm, if you are not an oath breaker
Then you are not my woman.
For you my poems are the best caffeine that you might ever have….
Md HUDA Dec 2013
I seized a colorful pigeon on my palm
And I started to engrave the story of our love in its feathers
It flew away to orate our love
And in the night I met him in my dream
He was dead, and said “This is how the society deals with love
Md HUDA Nov 2013
I become motionless when I look at your Azure –grave mystical eyes
My love I don’t know how to swim.
I am an Illiterate, love makes me so
You the mystic lady,
Taught me how to deceive this deceitful world without deceiving…
Don’t trust lady, separation is the only solution
When everything fails Death receives the admiration…….
Md HUDA Nov 2013
If you read my poetry my love
For they are conquering bereavement
To bring you back, my words are arranging a court of river
To sail you on the court my pens are breaking down and turning into a boat….
For you my love, I have learned dangers have no shadow
If a tragedy closes a door, it also opens a new door
For a memory is lost by another memory
Though you will live in my poetry century after century……
Md HUDA Oct 2013
Imaging you when you were a school girl
Mini- sarong, small white shirt
A bag jam-packed with books hanging on your shoulder
Tiara in head, and two queues like two small dark snake
And those long eye petals highlighted with collyrium
Your two sapphires fluctuating in deep Blue Ocean
Impish humming birds were humming with their assiduous tongue,
to get your attention.
Let the Almighty curse their tongue was your supplication
Walking in two fickleness legs, licking an Ice- cream
Bewilderingly, you became my “A Midsummer night’s dream”.
Each second I encounter you in my Ruya
For years you are my Ruya.
Ruya(dream)- A turkish word
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