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Store me in a foreign wooden house,
but please
let me out.
Daylight seething through skin
and bones I don't have.
Rain wiping hand-painted
stage pearl-white smiles.

Make me walk
and then run on my own
without strings holding up
my wrists and calves.
I hope by then a mile
knocks the wind out of my lungs
and while I pause for breath,
lay rest, look up
may it remind
me of the crown I wear,
the color of the sky.

Tear up scripts
made for me to recite,
and let me write
all the stories
I'd rather hear,
not just act out
with my time.

I'm not cut out for a role
I never auditioned for
or this life.
Rama Krsna Jul 28
for whom
total abstinence or extreme indulgence
six of one, half a dozen of the other.....
sempiternally steeped in perfect equanimity,
effulgent as the primal flare
within that inner cave,
eradicator of the veil of ignorance
cast by the lilting tunes of the cosmic flutist,
my crescent bearing jewel
complexioned like camphor
who’s pure as jasmine

© 2019
arunachala:  the sacred mountain where liberation from the cycle of birth and death is easily attained
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
Save your self
from your suffering
by seeking liberation and relief
through philosophy.
Rama Krsna Jul 18
in a fitting finale
i summon
the vanquisher of death
to end
this interminable cycle of transmigration

the ask....

a taste of ambrosia
stealthily hidden
in the tranquil crevice
a potpourri of thoughts

crescent bearing jewel
pure as jasmine
grant me
the nectar of immortality

The mind is where the self is realized. But the mind plays games as well. To quieten the mind and realize the self indeed is immortality
the innkeeper Jun 28
My existence isn’t something
you test out your empathy on

My humanity is not something
that asks for your sympathy

My life and loves and lived experiences
are liberated from your thin,
watery approval

Your opinion holds no bearing in my body.
The blood in my ****** runs on the pure waters of the river
The blood in my ****** smells rotten like the person who ***** her
The blood of my life runs on the white of the cloud ...
The blood in my ****** smells like the baby I abhorred
The blood in my ****** smells like the curse of being a woman in the world without equality
The blood in my ****** smells like the mouths of women stifling rights
The blood in my ****** smells like ***** girls
The one of my life smells bad like the men who force their daughters to marry
The blood in my ****** smells like *** of ****** exploitation
The blood in my ****** smells bad like pedophiles.
The blood in my ****** smells the future. The blood in my ****** is female liberation.
jayebird Jun 4
A safe place for me is
Behind the scribbles of my surroundings
Below the noise and talk
To wrap it up and put it away
Is a gift I can own, no guilt
No games, only immersing my body in the whitest sheets imaginable
With a touch of hair and
A lemon juice smile
A push of my hips and
Seeing my eyes out
What more could I ask for this while
Except more secrets
A whisper, a flame
A pillow with color
A mirror with no reins
Reflecting the plant alive in the corner and
Knowing I am not insane
I'm sitting on carpet and
feeling the ceiling through
My skin, precious like skin
Yet so filmy and thin
And if you should ask
I don't grave it I cool it and
Taste like fresh cucumber rain
I don't feed pain anymore, I just
Let it go again and again
With the blades turning
Watching the blame returning
I send it off with a love spree
Then it's silent in me and
I am free with only
one foot off the ground
It is unknown that gets me of this
A veil, a world beyond exists
Life and reel both
Shows the stills of the worst
But no more
Could mean way more
In ways no one will understand
About what this i

A relief to all unending pain
A permanent erase to all thoughts in brain
harsh reality to those still living
The real problem is in breathing
Liberation and freedom
Aren't for the living
Part of brave around
The chances are faint

A forever is a promise
Not to believe in
Wonder to eyes
All good lies
Simple truth
Is too good for us
Not edible enough
God don't need us

Not here not there
Only best get vacancy
Heaven is housefull
Seven hells down
The burns and fiery thirst
don't stop
Ignition on
You were bad
When you had the chance
Faeryn Apr 14
running is a funny thing
you don't really know why
but sometimes you just feel the need
to let it all out

you feel the need to release
your anger
your fear
your sadness
everything that holds you back

are you running
for something
from something
after something

with each breath a weight is lifted
from your shoulders
as you imagine the sweet scent of
filling your lungs as you

as if everything that had ever
been done to you
had disappeared
granting you the freedom that
you so desired

it never really lasts
you always end up

gasping for air

feeling as if the world could
come crashing down around you
if you make even the slightest

ensuring that you no longer had
a place to run to
Empire Apr 4
I am full of dichotomies
The perfect child
Who hates herself
The brilliant girl
Who wants to destroy her mind
The protected, cared for
Craving reckless liberation
The benevolent and peaceful
Wanting to hurt herself
The counseled and medicated
Rich with conflict
Full of unexplained pain
Mourning the loss of her simple, pure soul
Wanting to drown in anything
Pain, grief, alcohol, water
But never able to
Because the good is fighting
But I don't want to let it win
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