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Empire 16h
I need you to know
You have to let me go
I’m not helpless
I am relentless

My body cries out
It screams in frustration
And I have no doubt
That what I crave is liberation

You have no right to control
It’s taking a toll
I’m not your toy
That you can destroy
Don’t tell me I’m strong, treat me like I’m weak, then wonder why I don’t trust you.

You’ve made me your prisoner. Just because you left my gate open doesn’t mean I’m free to go. I know better.
nadine 7d
there was a girl who cried wolf;
it echoes from the hollows of crevices
until it inevitably comes back to her --
it only welcomes her with silence.

and i stand there and watch
as she continues to cry wolf.

the river -
gushing, flowing, full of life -
it stops to listen to her wishes.

the wind -
withdraws from crafting a tempest
and stills.

planted in my own roots,
i sit and hear her howls of desperation.

now, sans woe bellows
from her sunken cheeks,
frail body clad in loneliness.
a ghost of a smile
marrs her rose-colored face.

"liberated," she said, "i wish to be liberated."
silences comes back to greet her.
Sumaira Asghar Dec 2018
When you thought
it was roaring
to scare and to swallow you,
the ocean was
addressing you with love.
With its arms wide open
It drew you closer,
to liberate your filthy sorrows,
to set your soul free
from the weights of regret
and drown to death
your old mad misery.
Ricky Nov 2018
I am the tree that stands in the center of the field.
All of the other trees watch as I risk being stuck by lightning.

They want to see if I would still stand.
Solitude Man Nov 2018
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Yuppy Cups Nov 2018
I can't wait to get away, she thought

Not answering to anything except the wind.

Ice-cream for breakfast, jumping on the bed.

No "have-tos" all day without end.

Step aside obstruction

Drown me in discovery

Recreate who I'm to be

A ballad of anonymity
On moving to a new place where you will be unknown for as long as possible.
Ricky Oct 2018
I see this guy at work sometimes.
He looks drained.

Eye lids halfway down.
Neck dropped.
Walking so slow, as if he wants slow down time.

To his left there are kids playing with cups, he looks at them and smiles. I guess that brought back memories of feelings of freedom.

To me freedom is having no fear.
I don’t want to fear paying bills on time, I don’t want to fear trying to create an image people would accept. I don’t want to fear the reality that maybe my life isn’t going the way I’d hoped.

I want freedom from all that.

But “realists” love to say that’s just how life goes.

In African American History class, my teacher told me that Harriet Tubman only saved about 60 slaves, and most of them were family, but there’s a quote from her that says ‘I could have saved thousands - if only I’d been able to convince them they were slaves.’ And that got me thinking. Back then some of those slaves probably thought that that’s just how life goes too. “That’s how things are supposed to be”

Well **** that not me.
I’ma challenge “reality.”
Maybe that’s not my reality because maybe reality can just be your own perception of it.
Mixed in with a little hard work.

So I’ll change what I listen to, I’ll change what and who I’m around because “sweet love and sunshine, if it’s all in the air, then it’s all on your mind.”
Live Ya Life.
Only one chance to get it right.
Hartaz Kaur Oct 2018
The constant vacillation around decisions that bind
The eternal struggle between heart and mind
Choose your virtues, and let them serve you
They may not confine you, but they will define you

Rise above in courage and faith
Stand your ground, bite no bait
A circle smaller, but what does it matter
True friends you acquire, unhand the admirer

You'd do away with all things shallow
If you are to rest easy on your pillow
The sun will shine bright in the morrow
And you'd rise again to be your hero
Speak African child, speak. for you poses a  mouth that heals nations. It is in thine voice in the vibrations of thy mouth that remedies are provided to our ailments.

speak African child, speak. speak against the calamities that befall your land. speak against that hand that he dare raises against your bare skin. speak against the blood of your brothers spilled to please others.

Speak for  Africa that is one and united, Africa that does not know of any racial divides. Africa that knows no skin colour. speak African child speak. for you are the voice of liberation. speak  for your voice are the echoes of our ancestors.

child labour, human trafficking, child *******, school violence, femicides, suicides. and you say you see this not.  African child where is your voice in all of this. doesn't that skin, that accent and ***** hair mark you as of African descent.

Speak African child speak for you bare the answers to our questions, you bare the sole of our history.
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