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Brett Jul 17
Swimming through my blood again
The same soulless feeling
A boy found at ten

Empty silhouettes haunt my bed
Strands of blonde
Like a noose tied around my neck

Choking me slow
But what is pain to a portrait
Caught in the fire of a burning home
Rest in peace to all the fallen musicians who left far too soon. I could never count the inspirations. Thank You.
Neti Neti, I am not the Body
Neti Neti, I am not the Mind
If I am not the Body and Mind
Who am I? This must be defined
Tat Twam Asi, I am the Divine Soul, I find

If the Truth you want to know
Then on a Journey, you must go
You must Realize 'You are That, not this'
Until you realize the truth, there will be no bliss
Then only will Heaven open its door

Ghor Avidya is Gross Ignorance
I lived with the Myth, in a trance
Because I didn't know this was just my name
I got caught in my wealth and my fame
And the Truth just missed my glance

This world is a Leela, a drama I see
We are just Actors, just transitory
The earth is a Stage, we come and we go
Nothing is real, it is all just a show
We must transcend the Mind and Ego, ME

Tattva Bodha is the Knowledge of the Body
We are made of elements five
From dust we come and to dust we will go
This Body is not real, this Truth we must know
To Realize this Truth, we must strive

Atma Bodha is the Wisdom of the Soul
It is the Power that makes us roll
When we realize we are the Atman, the Soul, the Spirit
Not the skin that is outside, but the Power that is in it
Then we achieve our Life's ultimate goal

We must start a Talaash, a Quest
And put all our beliefs to test
We must Ask, Investigate and Realize
Only then will we open our 'real' eyes
And our Ignorance will come to rest

Sravana, Manana, Nididhyasana
The steps to the Truth are three
We must first read and then listen
And contemplate to realize what is within
Then from Rebirth we will be free

Sat Darshana is the Vision of the Truth
It helps us catch the evil brute
It makes us realize we are not the Body and Mind
We are the Soul, we Realize and we find
As we get to the bottom of the root

Maya is a Cosmic Illusion
It makes us live in delusion
It has the power to project the Myth
As it does, it conceals the Truth
And thus, it corrupts our vision

Aparoksh Anubhuti is Intuitive Realization
We experience the Truth and get Liberation
It is not knowledge that we can get from a book
It is beyond what the ordinary eyes can look
But the reward is Divine Unification

Why are we talking of all this?
We don't realize that this is Bliss
When we go on a quest, our beliefs to test
We search and search with all our zest
We must not stop or the reward we will miss

There are many who are caught in this world of pleasure
They think that money and wealth is the real treasure
They are prisoners of their Body and Mind
They are the Soul, this Truth they don’t find
True Peace and Bliss of life they fail to measure

There are some who use their Intellect
What is the Truth, they detect
Viveka Chudamani is a treasure, they find
It kills the rascal, the Monkey Mind
And then in Ananda they rest

Tat Twam Asi, Thou Art That
Not this, not this, we are That
We are not the Body that we seem to be
Not the Mind and Ego that says, ‘It’s ME’
We are the Divine Soul, in fact

We are the Waker, the Dreamer, the Sleeper - states three
From this Ignorance we must be free
We are Chaturyam, or Turiyam, the state that’s fourth
To this Truth we must all march forth
Then the Witness, the Observer we will be

Satyam Shivam Sundaram, do you know…
It is a mantra, the Truth it will show
Translated, it means, ‘The Truth is God is Beautiful’
Without God, there will be nothing wonderful
With Realization, into this we grow

What stops us is Ahamkara, the Ego
Which hides the Truth for the Myth to show
All along we say ‘I', 'me' and 'mine'
And so, in agony we live, and we whine
It's time to let go of the Ego

And then we must know about the Law of Action
Karma is the Law of Reaction
It states, 'As you sow, so shall you reap’
If you sin, you will take Rebirth and weep
From this cycle, we need Liberation

What is the reward if all this we do?
We will be Free from suffering, that is true
Jivanmukti is a state of Bliss
It overcomes all misery, this we must not miss
Otherwise, we will live as if in a zoo

A Steady Intellect can transcend the Mind
When the Intellect is Steady, we are Sthitpragya we find
It is about living with Realization
And not letting go of Liberation
Until we unite with the Divine

To Realize the Truth, we must live in Yoga
Not sink in this world and suffer in Bhoga
Yoga is about transcending the Mind
What the world believes is a myth of a kind
Then we are Enlightened, not blind

To Realize the Truth, all this we must know
If we have to cross this worldly show
Neti Neti, Not this, Not this
Tat Twam Asi will give us Bliss
But to this Truth we must row

What is our Life's Ultimate Goal
To Realize we are the Divine Soul
Moksha, Nirvana, Enlightenment, it is called
Because of Ignorance, this Truth is stalled
Until our Death, we just roll

To Realize this Truth, we need a Master
Then to the Goal, we will go faster
It is the Guru that takes us from Darkness to Light
A Spiritual Master tells us what is right
Reward is Joy, Bliss, and Laughter

And then, our Journey to God we will start
We Realize God lives in the Temple of our Heart
God is the Power that lives Within
It is a myth that he is made of bone and skin
And from all old beliefs, we will depart

I too lived in Ignorance for years
Until I Realized the Truth with tears
I finally realized that this was just my name
And I was glad and ended all my shame
And I got rid of all my Fears

If we want God-Realization
Then we must start with Self-Realization
Are we the body and mind? We are not this
Then, we realize we are That and live in Bliss
And then, we experience Unification

But there cannot be Unification
Unless first, there is Liberation
We must be Liberated from the Ego and the Mind
We are the Soul, this Truth we must find
And all this starts from Realization

Not this Not this, start your Quest
Thou Art That, only then you rest
Till you discover who you are not
You will never Realize, in myth, you will be caught
Don't lose your Spiritual zest
Ellie Phant Jan 24
I want to continually reward myself
with new experiences,

wake up each morning to sounds
of birds chirping at dawn,

and rise to liberate my own inner warrior.
Another glass of wine, to silence the silence speaking within my mind.

Another laugh... Another whine, these ten thousand thoughts, and their sweet sorrows; I claim as mine.

Another glass of wine, for these wounds shall be slow to close with time. Numb me, by the virtue of the Vine; liberate my heart of the bitterness of Lime; baptise me, as yet another glass of wine; I claim as mine.
Another glass of wine, drank simply to pass the time.
isn’t it liberating to know
despite the storm blowing
around in your brain

there is a whole wide world
that will keep the pace
without ever stopping
to consider your storm

time keeps running
the earth still spins
and the rest of the world moves on.

there is hope in that for you, too.
Shibu Varkey Dec 2020
May broken hearts be mended,
Broken dreams come true.

May the fractured human rapport,
be restored like t'was of yore.

May the poor and the needy,
Find means to prosper and grow

May the cheated and defrauded,
Get justice recompense their due.

May the lonely ones in prisons,
Chained for causes untrue,
Be freed of unjust detention,
Their honor restored too.

The oppressed tribal Indians,
whose home this nation's too,
Uplifted and empowered
Their right to live ensured.

The battered Indian woman,
Bearing violation cruel
Of a patriarchal nation,
Liberated at last be soon.

Humane, magnanimous people
Valuing lives above faiths and notions.
Indians together as one brethren,
Trekking onwards, one destination.
Josie Stewart Dec 2020
closed, contained
shut out from the

alone, ashamed
the self-inflicted

longing for the

gripping to the

of cardboard

that is what it is like to be
in a cardboard box

she wants
to get out of closure
and all in all to have closure

but she holds her self in
she holds her self in, still
holding self in still, broken
still holding in herself and

...she cannot remember why
closed, in a box

wet cardboard smells, doesn't it?
wet, warped, salt-soaked
wet with tears

if someone else held you in
it would be fine to complain
cry out

you force yourself in
you cannot complain
yell help

others will hear your cry
they will try to help
you are not alone

but if you keep holding
the box will keep
it is a keep

the keep of your despair holds you in
you cannot get out


not to forget
not to hate
not to lose love

instead to remember them
to love them again

those left out in the rain
those whose box is not held on by their own strength

you hold the keys to their liberation
but to free you must first be free

so if your tears and carnality weigh you down
then seek within to free you
and you will
if you

and so, perhaps hearing
perhaps letting her fingers loosing
perhaps throwing away the box and stretching
perhaps stretching in the sun, and seeing the light again

i can hope
i can pray
and it may help

let there be no more souls
trapped in
in the box
boxed in
the inbox
hitting refresh
f o r
Originally written in 2010, rewritten 2020
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