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A C May 2016
It has been almost 6 years,
Since the day that I lost you.
I lost a little piece of me when you died.
I could really use you right about now.
I have had so many moments in life
I wish you were here for those moments.
I miss you daddy.
Even though you were in my life for a short while,
I knew you would still try to be in my life,
But why didn't you try harder to be there.
I am the baby of the family.
Your last child.
Your last baby girl.
It has been 6 years now.
Are you watching over me?
Are you proud of your baby girl?
I am graduating this year.
I'll be 18 on the 17th next month,
Did you know this daddy?
I have gone 6 years without you here
I wish you were here for my sweet 16,
My graduation,
Me turning 18,
I am finally going to be a legal adult girl now.
Your baby,
The youngest one
Doesn't that make you feel old dad.
I miss you.
I love you.
I'll see you soon daddy!!
A C May 2016
My eyes see the beauty that no one else sees in the world.
Everyone only sees what people make is beauty,
For me beauty is all around us.
The most of the beauty I see is in nature.
I see the little creatures,
I see the flowers flow through the wind,
I see the water flow slowly.
The best thing about what I see,
I capture the moment as it happens.
My eyes are my best feature
They see what no else can see.
No one can tell me otherwise.
A C Dec 2015
Every good side has a bad
Every bad side has a good
Everything was once pure
Its what we do with it
Is what counts
Whether it is bad or good
We all have good intentions
Even though others think it's bad
The only thing that matters
Is what we think of it
Whether it is good
Or if it is bad
Wrote this a few years ago and i have just found my other poems from my younger years of life.
A C Nov 2015
With this ring,
I promise to you
That I will never cheat or leave.
I will by your side.
Until the ends of time.
My love for you
Will never fade.
With this ring,
I promise you
My all
And my soul.
This ring
Symbolizes our love.
It makes more then just wife and husband
It makes us one just like our hearts do.
I'll love you until death do us part.
I love you and I always will.
I am making this my future vow to my future husband<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
A C May 2015
I'm just a dreamer
Not a doer
Nothing I dream of comes real
Its all fake
Nothing will come true for me
I'm just a dreamer
Nothing more
This life I live is just a dream
I can never have anything real
My life is only a dream
Nothing more
I'm just a dreamer
Nothing more
Or less
This dreamer will never stop dreaming
My dreams are mine
If they want to come true
So be it
I will always dream
So let me fly in my dreams
There not yours
Leave me alone
They are mine not yours
Let me dream on
I'm only a simple dreamer
I'm Just A Dreamer
With A BIG Dream
A C May 2015
A piece of me has been broken
That piece can never be healed
No matter what you do
It is a piece that will never return to normal
That piece is a part of my soul
My soul is broken
Thanks to you
So thank you very much for that
Have a good life
A C Apr 2015
Why do we fall in love?
What is it about love that we fall for it?
Love is an emotion
Why do we feel love?
Is it because we need it,
Crave it,
Want it at all times?
My love has been stolen from me
He stole it
I only want him to have it
No one else.
He can have it
I only want his love
In return.
Happy 4 month baby
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