Chloe Sayre Sep 2012

Oh, Laridae,
all feathers and beak,
how we do adore your screech.
Granted, puffy, squawking bird, anything you may beseech.
Our sweet
Kleptoparasite of beach. House it anytime we meet,
with brute force and shellfish plea,
you'll be the king
of seas.

"i am the lone seagull you see at the marina, a warning of wha"
Sam McCullough 

to be the girl you want
or to just be me
nothing can make you happy, but everything can make me sad
it just takes a glare from you and i burst open
my heart fluttering through walls and corrupting time, running away from the demons inside
it only takes your face, a place of disgrace, to trigger old memories
i want to be forgotten, never rising up to a challenge again, i just want
peace of mind and ease of body
i want to have a calm soul, not misplaced by your presence or your cold words
don't look at me with pity in your mind
look at me and think the truth, that i am a whirl-pool of emotions
i am the seasons changing-- a flash and i'm gone
i am the lone seagull you see at the marina, a warning of what's to come
i am the rainbow after a storm, but always that first strike of lightning
the sun shines on me, but the moon also shines
i am the moon's light, always there, but everyone only notices the moon
the stars are always there, but only the people who enjoy simple things, notice them
the busy-bodies of society just glance on by
i am the wind, a force to be reckoned with
i am the rain, beautiful after a harsh drought
i am the wave of water, that crashes over your head, as you try to remain dry
i am the lone ranger and your just a rebel
i am Wonder Woman and your just a sexist, never seeing the person inside the gender
i am never going to crawl back, so stop waiting
let's just move on
because i am a salmon, swimming back up stream
away from all fishermen--including you

"seagull smiled watchful scheming"
CA Guilfoyle 

I couldn't see, but water
reflecting, it danced from the sun
black cormorant dove under stars and pearls of sea
for silvery fish to fill his beak

a small boat I rowed
long through water weeds, cat tail reeds
paddles cut the diamond day sparkling

sandy shores mollusk strewn
rippled shells shimmering blue
oysters bubbled, shallows breathing
seagull smiled watchful scheming

a beach fire to warm the night
the dusky sun, no longer to keep
soon the moon between the trees
radiant, it wakes the stars from sleep

"The seagull flying over the Appalachians"
Sarah Meow 

The seagull flying over the Appalachians
could not possibly be amused by the
puzzles of an illegitimate composer
and the skyscrapers climbed.

The skyscrapers were played by tall
rocks a girl climbed when she couldn't
remember if the cape she wore was
made from steel or newspaper.

The newspaper they all read together
that morning (girl, boy, king, etc)
promised nothing but a fifty percent
chance of dandelions terrorizing the bus stop.

The bus stop had since become a
dealer corner and the sunset behind
the mountains was blocked by the
flipping hair of a lost boy.

The boy bought a toy for cheap -- it had
a built-in laser, so she stole it to blast a
whole hole in that guilt-ridden quilt hung
over the four dollar love seat.

The love seat, she bought the day he went
to maple -- the soap dispenser was broken,
but she couldn't find anything new (that she
knew) to wash her hands with.

The hands that handed her a hammer were covered
in promotions, so she stole the motorcycle when
they were watching the scarecrow going
through electric-shock, disco therapy.

The therapy that she received from the
parrot-king and his troupe of square roots
was enough to make her not forget not regret
the boy with feathers in his ears.

The ears she woke up with one morning
were different in shape than before
and the black fur she knew
was growing before her eyes.

The eyes of the boy were wider than
the nightly news station promised, and
there wasn't really a difference
between caves and boxes in a town that small.

The town she arrived in didn't have
a carpool lane or derby, so
she had to take her pet goldfish
to the river for his depressive state.

The river wasn't as flooded after a couple
weeks of changing the tune on the jukebox
she found way before the departure
of her white gold pearls.

The pearls she wore for her
coming-of-age were buried beneath
a dirt mound when she promised herself
to always insist on herself.

"Overhead a seagull cries"
Mandy Berry 

Sweet Honeysuckle blooms again
Its fragrance perfuming the breeze
Overhead a seagull cries
Foretelling stormy seas
Dandelion clocks drift away
Lost minutes ticking by
The sun is shining brightly
With not a cloud to mar blue sky
Roses in abundance
Shout their beauty from each stem
Forget me nots surrounding
Give a cascading floral hem
A butterfly hovers gracefully
Then takes rest upon a flower
Nature's beauty newly grown
Enclosed within springs power

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