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Mar 2015
With chords, thoughts and moves
There laid two flying creatures, they
had abandoned their shields at the front door
when the wine started playing down the walls
soaking pole to pole, they drank it
with arranged wings, the two seagulls.
Little did they know
how falsely wary were their bodies already soaked

The blue one fluttered to the north air
She looked to the sun and knew
Too late, the shield was no more in her care
When the rain started falling from conflicted clouds
in the absence of her rig
the seagull languidly tried to cease the drops.
No logic to coat the sense
All the way deceived by her ghost defense

With blurred movements in the sea carpet
there came to her sight
a savory brown trout murmuring wine memories
to the seagull and the only drive in her mind:
dip into the water;
gently slip her claws through the fish;
fiercely devour it;
until it's no longer a wish

For long she was flying up and down,
viciously all around,
the blue seagull would see images of the trout
in every fish when she was drowned.
Little did she know
the true brown to go down her throat
was by then a far away memory
of the one seagull soaked in wine
And the moves, thoughts and chords.
Marília Galvão
Written by
Marília Galvão  27/Verona
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