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Flower Scent Nov 2010
Portraits of Our Life

Yesterday had come and gone

Chest Of Memories
Senryu 5-7-5
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Rain provokes dry roots

Soft clear pear drops bursh brown sheets

waking dormant seeds
Flower Scent Nov 2010
His touch's scent, still there

in the fragrance of burnt leaves

Red Hot Bonfire dreams
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Brushing cheek to cheek

On the edge of white puffed clouds

amongst waltzing stars
Flower Scent Nov 2010
My Beloved,

Let's meet in meadows of yellow shiny buttercups,

dandelions,daises,lilacs and coloured butterflies,

Let's run till dusk  in  threaded fields  of hundred golden wheats,

lay down under the little lantern  light of million  fire flies.

Let's hold hands and  walk in  parks,sit on a  wooden bench,

and make a  rainbow wish upon the destined  shooting stars,

Let's  dance cheek to cheek,bathe naked beneath water falls,

and  watch enchanting  faries use their magic glittered wands,

As feathered silk white swans pirhouette in sparkling streams,

as we get lost in secret casting spells of everlasting  melodies.

Let's wake up to the music of a  golden harped string fire ball,

warming our  blue skies ,with every early  rooster's  dawn.

Lets run to open  fields,to the shade of  old mulberry trees,

Make a picnic on a carpet made of crispy bronzing leaves,

share a velvet peach,and eat pulped ripe  strawberries,

taste red satin cherries, as woodpeckers drum their beats.

Let's write the sweetest verse and many loving words,

listen to  the sound of waltzing crickets and chirping little  birds.

and when the  sun go sleeping,the crescent moon starts peeping,

in the ebony black sky,Its then we realise there are  billion miles

of distance between the 'You and 'i',It is there I find your heart,

as your heart searches  for mine,in the place of  never ending time.

It is our special place,where  whispered thoughts join in one space,

where my blood pumps your ardent name, deeply in my veins.

It is the cherished  place, where we  travel, in many many ways,

It is the place we live and love  as one,yet not seeing face to face.
Flower Scent Nov 2010
My Beloved,

I want you to know

how i feel right now

in the darkness of my room,

On this serene Still night,

I think of you!

My empty heart

is filled with dreams of you,

bleeding with your passion,

wrapped within your soul.

Tomorrow is another day,

We might not be here,

OR,We might be gone,

But tonight,I'm here,

behind this misty window sill,

looking at the secret moon,

watching it's shadow on the wall,

Its reflection in cobbled alleys.

Tonight ,I'm here,alone,

looking  at the  yearning stars,

breathing in a Cobalt Universe,

of a hopeful faded destiny.

And, i watch a dew drop

falling gently,softly

on a dried silent auburn leaf,

as white winter snowflakes

cover autumn distant trees.

Tonight,in my solitude,

I watch the red breast bird,

the one I call My Robin,

cloaked in his brown fury coat,

returning to his cosy nest,

flying back to the place,

He once called home.

And ,i watch the world, moving slowly

with each tick-tock of the clock,

and,i mold your handsome face,

your absence,im my imagination,

Your eyes!your smile!your cry!

engraved, in every thought.

And ,hot tears flow brushing my cheeks,

as i die,i die and die in dusk again!!!

Yet,a faint pulse rate,still goes on,

not knowing exactly where we are,

not knowing where we'll be,

yet,knowing i must hold on,

Knowing that I'm still in love with you,

as the first day,as the next yesterday,

to the infinite depths of eternity.

And,i feel you,Your warmth,

The throbbing of a heartbeat,Still there,

deep inside the inner core of me.

And,i watch the desperate waves,

putting up their sails,

carryin me to you,to your arms,

and ,I see you face to face!

You search for my brown eyes,

Knowing,my eyes would never lie.

You search deep,finding the truth.

And you smile,as i bloom

in a sacred bed of fragrant petals,

as you lay and rest on me.

As,i feel me in your touch,

as you kiss my scarlet lips,

and my lashes,get wet,

as you whisper in my ear,

in your unique accent,

in that amorous voice!

You're still in love with me.

Then,i sleep, then,you sleep,

then,all dreams would be over,

all doubts would be free.

(To the O wner of my Heart)
Flower Scent Nov 2010
The pied piper plays

The soft wind dance in the breeze

Leaves brush cheek to cheek
5-7-5 Senryu
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