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Anemone Mar 29
it used to be that royalty
treated everyone like peasants
not much has changed
though it has been re-arranged
he who holds the money holds the power
now listen kid, cause I know you've read the books and gone to school,
but you must learn a new set of tools
you have to be street smart
if you want to survive
the fact is
if you practice
we might just make it out of here alive
Anemone Mar 29
let the swords clash
let the shields fall
hold strong, hold the line
and protect them all

let my blade be my guide
with my brothers by my side
though the battle may be ******
we will never back down
we will stand by each other
defending our crown
Anemone Mar 29
let pure water wash away
the remains of the ray
let it clear all but my conscience
as the moon shines brighter
as my shoulders bare, are weighted lighter
the chainmail as ***** as I feel
covered in blankets of blood

I cannot sleep, I cannot rest, I cannot deal
I cannot stop
I will fight until I drop

wash it away
wash it away
still, invisible scars remain
they stain
they stain
they stain
Anemone Mar 26
There are no actions for the anger in my arms
No visions for the venom in my veins
Anemone Mar 8
He promised so little and yet gave even less.
He took all that she had to offer and then left her in her tattered dress.
She used to love her dresses and how they’d swish and twirl
She made a vow to never wear the remains of that precious little girl.

She ran away into the night and vanished into the air
She learned that cooking skills provide the mighty frying pan
She learned to tear the trousers she wore before anyone got the chance
She learned to get away with crimes against the stupid men

Burn the frills away
Anemone Mar 8
She sleeps on a bed of roses and finds a new way to lie each day, forever changing poses.
The thorns may sting but if she continues to sing she would never feel a thing.
The world she knows only grows while she dwells in the shelves and the roses.
She sings to an empty audience and feels so very seen.
The battles fought are all for naught if she can’t be the queen.
The chips aren’t just for poker, and hair ties aren’t simple or plain.
She left it all to answer the call and run until she can feel sane.

Find me a frame
To capture the moments in my brain
Now I write you ballads and sing the refrains
The stories are all that remain

She sleeps on a bed above the abyss, thinking that you couldn’t possibly miss
The cries for a reprise and the screams for a different scene.
The moments when you saw it too.
She jokes and sings and always brings a new punchline at the end of the fight.
The masks she wears are how she bears the pain that’s already set in.
The light has left her long ago and she’s acting as if she can possibly win.
She took a chance to flee from romance and flirt with the dancers in her mind.

Find me a note
To summon from deep in my throat
Now I write you ballads and sing the refrains
The stories are all that remain
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