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  Feb 8 Anemone
Sleepless rivers of euphoria flow downhill;
The malaise of this vacant land: washed away,
By the ardent sun that smiles upon us.

Pilfering the airy fabric of the viridian prairies,
We defy yesterday's gales of endless despair;
I breathe new life into my soulless affair.

Dousing the inherent flames of resentment;
I glance at the moon, as midnight veils the sky and ask,
Life's one day: won't we forgive and forgo sadness?
Tryst with the wind,
And dance with the sea,
Redeem your dusk, oh epiphany.
I was thinking about Truffula trees when I wrote this lol. I really need to grow up.
Anemone Feb 8
The alarm shakes my bed
The memories pound in my head
Reaching blindly for my phone
Struck by the realization I am alone

Take a shower
Get ready, quick
Temperatures fluctuate
And I always feel sick

Frantically turning the monitor on
Just practice for my greatest long con
Lights are bright inside my mind
Leaving my dreams behind

Clock is ticking
Take my medicine with a drink
Sure it scares me to pretend
But it's important for those around me to think

Do I have time to eat today
What a silly question, I say
When you live in your daydreams
The real world is a nightmare
Anemone Feb 1
Shatter and fall
On the ground

Shatter and fall
Like a pane of glass
Dropped down on the floor
Ask me a question and I’ll have to think of it, once more

Who am I, watching the days go by?
Who am I, to say yes or no?
Who am I, to give in to all the pain and sorrow that befalls our doom?

I’m building the walls of my own tomb
Who am I, watching the days go by?
Like a pane of glass, I’m fragile
Agility has never been my strength
At least not when conversation arrives

I’ll just crawl up and hide
Take all my feelings inside
   and fall

Anemone Feb 1
Embers cold and firey eyes
Upon the wood and sand
Devours anything that seems fit to be weaker
At a glance

Because I am the fire
Burning bright
The fire
burning higher than ever before
I am the fire

Embers burn to a crisp
And leave a mark when they are done
Don’t think I am not strong
Anemone Feb 1
Safe and sound
On an Island
Water surrounds

Yet people come
Never alone
Yet you feel like you’re the only one

Sometimes you need silence
To make the world around you disappear
Sometimes you need to grab a boat and flee to the Island
Run away and now there’s nothing to fear

The waves crash all around you
And on the Island, there is nothing you can’t do
So when you wake up in the morning
Away from your Island
Away from your peaceful home
When you wake up from your Island
And feel like you’re not alone
Cause you’re not alone

You can’t run
You can’t hide
You’ll have to come outside

Away from the Island and the sea
So wave goodbye
As the waves crash and leave you behind
Sail away
Even if only for today
Sail away

Come with the people
They're out there waiting for you at the dock and the pier
And suddenly
You leave the Island
And people are here

Who love you
And you have no need to disappear

You’ve left the Island and you are scared
But we are here for you
You’ve left the Island and you’re unprepared
But we’ll help you see it through
We’ll help you leave your Island behind

We’ll help you see it through
Anemone Feb 1
I am not a figment of your imagination
I am just a dream to you
One you can cast aside
One you can leave behind
One you can ignore
One you can ignore

I am just a casualty
In this hollow game
That you’ve created for me
There are no holes for trying hard to fit through
In this child’s matching game of patterns, shapes and colors too
I know everything
I see all
But you still don’t believe in me
As long as you have me at your beck and call
Who am I to be
Where are the people like me
Trying, trying to be
The savior
Not the demon
You all thought and planned for me to be

That’s what I’m trying to be
Anemone Feb 1
In the wake of destruction
How do you feel?
In the wake of destruction
It suddenly is real

One slip of a wheel
Started this whole ordeal
I would give anything to have my friend back

But I know that it’s done
What has been done
Cannot be undone

And in the wake of destruction
How do you feel?
And in the wake of destruction
It suddenly is so very real

Please turn back the clocks
Please let the time go back
Please bring my friend back

He was so kind
And smart, though he didn’t show it
He was good at sports
But he didn’t seem to know it

And I knew him so well
So many things I wish I could just tell him

And in the wake of destruction
How do you feel?
In the wake of destruction
It suddenly feels so very, real
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