sunprincess Jan 11

Wow! My incomplete poem
was just an ordinary flower
A little bit faded

But now it has been upgraded
to a fully recognizable
piece of poetry
written by me

sunprincess Jan 7

From millions of species of flowers
Too so many types of trees,
Along with different nationalities
Of people,
Animals, birds and fish
Sometimes the magnificence of it all
Leaves me simply astonished

sunprincess Jan 7

Words can be slippery don't you know
Like, alone in the dead of night
skating across black ice
Words sliding from one's mouth
before they realize
Words are powerful, words are strong
before you know it
You've said something wrong

Matthew 12:36
sunprincess Jan 7

Poets are poets, famous or not
they love, they kiss, they cry

And in any kind of weather
they spill their ink

Then let their words flow
whether rain or snow

Married or not, young or old
Sleeping in the cold

In sickness or in health
or in bed near death

Poets write about their love
poets write about life

Poets write and write and write
Some write until they die

sunprincess Jan 7

Alas my love, by light of a silver moon
or by light of a golden sun
All my dreams have become of you
And fall in realms of beautiful

An enchanting place that feels so right
Our paradise where we could stay
Where stars of love outshine our night
and kisses of the sun deliver our day

sunprincess Jan 7

Moments of time fly away
like an angelic white dove
let loose from a cage
flying over mountains
flying over seas
searching for olive trees

sunprincess Jan 6

Time for change
set a Goal
And rearrange
save a soul
and pray, pray, pray

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