Grapes are delicious, love
Open your mouth, have one
Oh, sweetheart, thank you
Darling, tomorrow will shine
Brighter, brighter than ever
You will forget everything
Eat another grape, and enjoy

Goodbye Hello Poetry

I feel depressed in the midst of this darknes
this poetry site isn't for me
It's too dark.

goodbye poets

Song of seduction,
Summer's night in Paradise
A nightingale sings


Kiss of
transports us love
Where we lie upon sands
soaking in warmth of Sunlight
With a cool exotic pineapple drink


My summer garden
enchants everyone
who looks upon,
O' beautiful blooms
of fragile beauties
in striking colors,
A vine of trumpets
alluring pink flowers
with a hidden interior
of bright sunshine,
And some hibiscus
in exotic tangerine
with tongues adorned
in tiny yellow beads,
And some geraniums
in passionate hot pink,
So this summers day
I'm sitting amongst
those lovely flowers
untangling my hair
When a little creature
of mythology flew past
And very fast actually
seconds later returning
Tiny wings fluttering,
fluttering and fluttering
a hundred miles an hour
Yet, suspended there
admiring a geranium
A passionate hot pink
And so close, so, so close
looking at me, and says,
"Your flowers, I do admire"
And then quickly flew away
"Oh, little hummingbird,
Sweet little hummingbird
Will you return someday?"


You darling one, who writes of love's beauty
and ideas and ideals,
you placed your heart on display
and left me stunned,
Your heart is way more beautiful
than all the Stars in the night,
Of all, the Moon and Sun

sunprincess Jul 17

Wisdom is a beautiful thing
And given to a famous King
And Queen
Wisdom is knowing difference
From Right and Wrong
and acting accordingly

sunprincess Jul 16

Through a portal in the flowing sands of time
We travel back into history,  1849
Where we find an intriguing man
who can pen a nice line!

He was no craven, he flew with a raven
And you're wondering who is this man
Everyone know the master of poetry
Edgar Allan Poe ☆

Alas, we find Poe upon the streets
        Of Baltimore, all alone
in severe distress
Gasp in strange clothes dressed
        And none were his own!

Astonished were we and deathly ill was he
And not misbehavin'
   Only unshaven!

Swiftly he's whisked away to a hospital
             Washington College!

Whereupon four days later
the grim reaper greets him,
"Hello, Mr. Poe!"

Oh Poet!

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