Do you ever feel like you’re in a dream
Forever riding on a roller coaster
Slowly, very slowly, going up and up
Until you’ve gone so very high
Fingers touching clouds in a blue sky
Then down you come so very fast
The future has now become the past
If so, just know you’re not crazy
You’re at life’s carnival having a blast!
sunprincess Dec 5
Before the birth of our late president
George Herbert Walker Bush,
Ladies and gentlemen of the Victorian era
Strolled through gardens with their crush,
Inhaling pleasing fragrances of roses
And lilacs of summer
For our late president GHW Bush
Rest In Peace
sunprincess Nov 16
Some things were beautiful I've seen today
And some things not so much

There was a small and cute little Yorkie
Of course he was just a little stuffed toy in a grocery store
Yet he was pleading for me to carry him home to play
He would be perfect to love on Christmas day

And Mr. Hawk standing in the roadway large and majestic
His stately stature said, "I'm in charge"
From my distance I couldn't see
He was there attending to a hurt friend so bravely

I imagine something tragic must've recently happened
And little squirrel was accidentally ran over
Like perhaps by a herd of wild boar or migrating wilder beast
Probably by those very fast ones from the east

As I came closer Mr. Hawk carefully carried him away
Air lifting him to a prestigious hospital for intensive care
Hopefully he will be okay
And running around a tree by Saturday
sunprincess Oct 31
We were close once
Until we came to a crossroads
You chose to go backwards
And I chose forward
We kept going our own way
Until time brought us back
To the same place
sunprincess Oct 31
When every angel in Heaven cries
I imagine someone
Is no longer alive,
Someone amazing
Who could’ve done so much
To help so many
sunprincess Oct 30
After a time, Zen master of poetry finished pondering all things
Like all possible meanings of life
and love and dreams
His many varied thoughts were gathered into a woven basket
And upon spring breeze were blown as dandelion seeds
sunprincess Oct 30
Behold, a fallen prince from the old country
Lost one of his most prized possessions
He requested everyone in the grand castle
From the king’s cook, to the court jester
To the queens hand maiden
To search every nook and cranny
high and low
From the bell tower to the dungeons below
Yet his sight was nowhere to be found
So heartbreaking, a friend lost his sight
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