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take away the war let us live in peace
make the world a happy place let the killing cease
let us love again and we can live as one
together hand in hand we can make our lives go on
cast the war aside and put it in the past
let us live in harmony and live in peace at last
i saw a little angel in my sleep one night
sat there in my dream in a dress so very white
with a little halo reflecting in the light
shining all around her so very very bright
she had flowing hair as lovely as can be
it made me feel so safe knowing she was watching me
there was a little mole a lovely chap was he
he lived in a hole beneath a great big tree
he like digging tunnels he would dig all day
kicking up the soil while going on his way
he left little hills scattered all around
where he had been digging while going underground
then when he got tired digging holes so deep
back to his little hole an then fall fast asleep
i wake up in the morning and open up my eyes
i can see the daylight as the sun begins to rise
i can here the birds singing in the trees
singing there sweet song in the gentle breeze
i can here the cockerel crowing very loud
sitting on the fence looking very proud
then i rise from bed to welcome in the day
and say a geat big thankyou to mother natures way
sugar in my coffee sugar in my brew
it makes it very sweet but not as sweet as you
cream between my cake filled with chocalte spice
but when i look at you are twice as nice
butter on my bread butter on my toast
out of all these thing its you i love the most.
i saw a little weasel a lovely chap was he
playing in my garden by the willow tree
he was very cute as happy as can be
running round the garden so very wild and free
i watched in him for a while having lots of fun
running round my garden underneath the sun
then he dissapeared into his hole so deep
then he closed his eyes then fell fast asleep
say it from the heart thats all you have to do
then everything you say people know its true
say it full of meaning say it like its meant
say full of truth that from the heart was sent
say it full feelings and let your feelings show
say it like you mean it then everyone will know
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