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Astral Aug 10
You used to joke
About us only being acquaintances.
You used to claim you didn't know me,
With a smile on your face,
And it was some dumb, fun game.

But now,
I'm starting to feel like,
You weren't joking in the first place.
Maybe only I thought it was a game.
Astral Apr 2020
I'm tired of writing about love,
So this poem is different,
Instead I'll write something new.

I won't write about it.

About how I miss you,
The feeling bubbling up inside me,
And spilling out in the form of nostalgia.

About how I felt when you said those three words,
My emotions clawed at each other,
Trying to jump in and play,
Yet trying to hold themselves back.

About your promise to see me again,
And how suddenly my mind was in the clouds,
Wishing we were there together.

No, I won't write about it,

I'll write about something new,
After wanting to write about you.
started on feb 22 2019 at 1:04 am
Astral Apr 2020
I wake up,
Birdsong filling the air,
My unfinished homework
Who had watched me sleep unaware.
My phone unplugged,
Dying faster than I am.
And me,
Curled up,
Wrapped in content loneliness.
A common quarantine sight for me
Astral Apr 2020
What you said to me,
I promise I'll see you again,
Is a promise I hope you'll keep.
Astral Apr 2020
You told me
"You could do better."
But all I could think of was
"Why would I?"
Astral Mar 2020
You are a poets dream,
The whole ocean,
All wrapped up,
Right in your bloodstream.

Wavy hair that covers your head,
Crashing like the waves,
Hitting the soft sand.
Literal beachhead.

Your eyes are an easy connection,
Blue like the ocean,
Meeting the sky at the horizon,
Bright like the sun’s reflection.

Deep as the sea,
Full of things we haven't reached,
We don't know too much about it,
But truth is, we enjoy it all the same.
And as deep as the sea you may be,
You're still a treasured friend to me.
I've been self distancing because of corona and theres been a lot of downsides, but a positive thing is I can write more now.
Astral Mar 2020
The night is here.
But in some way we are not.
It's almost as if sometimes,
Just sometimes,
We begin to feel as though maybe we aren't viewing the same stars,
That they are too infinite.

And though thy are in thought,
You still avoid the thoughts,
Of how small you are in this vast
That maybe you and I are not seeing
the same stars.
That perspective is all and everything.
That no that beautiful blue star you
So brightly among the millions of others,
Only seems to catch my eye for a moment.
A fleeting glimpse of what would be,
Could be,
Can be,
Won't be.
Yet still dreamers dream,
Thinkers think,
And sleepers sleep.

Because all in all,
Not everything will have some deeper meaning,
Some great devotion,
Some unknown message that is screaming itself from the rooftops 
and mountains.

That maybe a poem is just that,
A string of words with seemingly poetic rhythm.

So as time continues moving,
And 3D creatures in a 4D world continue breathing.
May we all continue counting stars that are in the past.
And continue breathing the air that's been with us for centuries.
And continue writing meaningful poetry.
Wrote this really late at night. The corona virus has been letting me sleep in so I lay awake most nights and figured I should post this.
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