Astral 21h
I hate this feeling,
Deep inside my gut,
That makes me feel like bleeding.
I wish my mouth would shut.

That when I want to look,
My eyes would turn away.
And then when I feel shook,
I realize its my fault, I should pay.
Astral 4d
Sometimes feelings can be hard to interpret.
Its you, but you still can't tell what it means.
Maybe thats part of being human,
That we must be unknowing,
In almost all aspects of life,
Even our own.

I just wish,
That I could figure it out.
Figure out why I pushed you away,

But seem to miss you more everyday.
Unrelated to the poem, but I'm hecka stressed because of my history class.
Astral 6d
I get that I need to move on,
But I wonder if you still think of me,
Like I still think of you.
Astral Jan 8
Take a step back,
I bet at one point
You never thought you'd get to where you are
Right now,
Whether its good,
Or bad,
That means you've already moved in life,
So just keep moving.
Astral Jan 7
The night is here.
But in some way,
We are not.
It's almost as if sometimes,
Just sometimes,
We begin to feel as though maybe,
We aren't viewing the same stars,
That there are an infinite number to choose from.

And though thy are in thought,
You still avoid the thoughts,
Of how small you are in this vast universe,
And that maybe you and I,
Are not seeing the same stars.
That perspective is all and everything.
That no,
That beautiful blue star you see so brightly,
Among the millions of others,
Only seems to catch my eye for a moment.
A fleeting glimpse of what would be,
Could be,
Can be,
Won't be.

Yet still dreamers dream,
Thinkers think,
And sleepers sleep.
Because all in all,
Not everything will have some deeper meaning,
Some great devotion,
Some unknown message
That is screaming itself from the rooftops and the mountains.
That maybe a poem is just that,
A string of words with seemingly poetic rhythm.

So as time continues moving,
And 4D creatures in a 3D world continue breathing,
May we all continue counting stars that are in the past,
And continue breathing the air that's been with us for centuries,
And continue writing seemingly meaningful poetry,
With strange endings.
So just keep on writing
Astral Jan 6
The room seems cloudy now,
Its harder to concentrate.
Its as if you've left.
As if you've left the ship,
It was warm, inviting,
Golden light dripped from the ceilings.
Now its just cold,
Stupidly enough,
You're having a hard time breathing.
Its like the air is denser,
The dark world around you
Showing a blue tinted haze to your eyes.
But it almost seems elegant,
The shine of your clothes
Glimmering in the rich haze.

Its gotten so painful to breathe.
"What's- Wha-"
The dark blue haze hits you suddenly...

You're drowning.
Astral Jan 4
My wings are gone.
Gone from my body,
Gone from me,
My wings are gone.
Like Icarus hath learned,
My wings are gone.

And I can't fall very much longer.
A quick thought I had during school that I decided to write down.
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