Haleigh Apr 24
Another "randyhornbag" poem for all avid fans of fisting.*

rip off my dripping panties
and part my waiting butt-cheeks
sniff my fresh-scrubbed anus
then rim me fucking senseless

taste the sweet-sour tang
of my recent defecation
force your horny mouth-prick
past my eager sphincter

seeking to engulf me
in my rectal cum-lust
and now for our delectation
shove your huge cock up me

and fill me with your hot spunk
or fist me till I scream
my fucking brains out and
then piss myself in terror
A lady name Peggy did claim
cum with me, not the same
finger she greased
for greater release
her men, they never complained
I'm kinda anal today ;D
(please see last poem)
turbulent anal glistening

our eyes were blistering
it was running from her mouth
she let it bleed into her own
what is this hell
she has

she is stripped naked
thrown into my mind
it is there she is greeted
with her favorite fear

like this

they tie me up
throw me

we hear her screaming
we can't save her
they will

fighting with the rope
they have left the light on
what's this

save my life
loaded gun
how do we get out
turbulent anal glistening she seeped

not gonna tell ya where or what words
came from whom
my fingers
down there
danny Aug 2017
It went in so easy,
meant to be.
Swollen and throbbing,
deep in me.

I slide up and smile,
slam down and gasp.
Filling me up
and stretching my ass.

I scrap my nails on your chest
and leave a mark.
You got this now
from light til dark.

Your motion makes me explode,
hard and fast as it gets.
We are not done,
I want to be ridden hard and put away wet.
My first venture into erotic poetry, seeing how it goes and what response I get
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016
If aliens were real
and came down from outer-space
picking me up at sunset
from my car, or place

I'd try to be so polite
and chauffeur them the globe
while stressing emphatically
ain't gonna be an anal probe

We could go to diner
go dancing, under strobes
let me stress right now there Yoda
ain't gonna be an anal probe

They may argue all they want
but they're still just xenophobes
and unless they all look, just like Taylor Swift
ain't gonna be an anal probe
Sorry, just went anal there for a moment :D
At times,
One can be so full of crap
That one doesn't even realize
That one has become
A Toxic Personality
I know.
The Theories of Sigmund Freud
Are outmoded.
There are anti-depressive drugs, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety drugs, and anti-psychotic drugs.
If you're abnormal,
The psychiatrists can make you normal again,
If you're uncomfortable with psychiatrists,
Marijuana has been decriminalized.
So, there are various
"Designer Strains" of Marijuana out there
To "help people with their problems",
What I'd like to know is,
If Freud's Theories are outmoded,
Why do so many people
Have toilet problems?
Why are so many of them
Full of shit?
Why are so many of them
Ass Holes,
According the the "Failed Messiah" Website,
There is a lot of sexual abuse of boys in the Hasidic Jewish Community.
However, I don't think that this sexual abuse of boys
Is UNIQUE to Chasidic Jews.
There must be a lot of boys
Who are "gettin' it up their butts".
I know,
What I'm sayin' might be ruffling a few feathers.
Maybe, you (the reader) is one of those people
Who have trouble
Letting Go of Shit.
I take lots of herbs to help my Liver Functioning,
In order to let go of as much shit as possible.
I might be able to avert the suggested "colonoscopy"
When I reach a certain age.
I haven't experienced any anal penetration yet,
And I don't think I would enjoy this procedure,
Even if it is performed by Medical Personnel.
I will TRY not to be an ass hole,
But please leave my butt alone.
labyrinths Apr 2016
i never said a word about you because
would it be rude to call you an embarrassment?
you're everything i'm not and you're
everything i fear in a person but

tonight i thought about you and for the first time
since i blocked your number that night i was
supposed to come over i kind of maybe sort of
missed your touch but i didn't miss you

i loved you when you were inside of me but
could barely stand to be in the same room with you otherwise
you made my heart pound like a bad anxiety attack after
seeing your 47 in math and thinking woah i might not graduate
and realizing even worse: with a grade that low i'll never make it
to outer space (which means we'll be stuck on the same planet
forever no matter how hard i try to rid myself of you you will
always linger between the cracks in the sidewalks and broken
picket fences you are suburbia's biggest fear)

you taught me that lust never leads to love
and you stole my favourite book. i wonder
if you ever read it but you stopped talking to me
out of the blue, apparently i had done something wrong?

i mean,
that's a first

i dream about you more often than i'd like to admit
sometimes you drop in just to say hi but most of the time
you call me a whore and tell me you wish i were dead but
no matter what you heard about me i swear to God i'm pure

or maybe God was right when he burned my skin alive and
watched me become ashes in the middle of nowhere with no  one
around to hear me scream for help, have i sinned too much to be
let in to Heaven?

beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful

history repeats and i've been stuck in this loop
since i can remember i fall in love with the same
person over and over again i fall in love with you
and you fall in love with him and i stop believing
in love all together but i fall in love with someone
else because they remind me of you and i hope you
think of me from time to time and miss me as much
as i miss you as i try to fall out of love but it never
works the way it worked so easily for you, first love
doesn't mean forever love because the first is never
the last and everyone said so but i was hoping that
maybe one day we'd get married in the garden down
the hill by your house that overlooked Lake Ontario
or the ocean as you liked to call it because you could
never distinguish the difference between blues
vanessa fonseca Mar 2016
i sit inside ur
church and circle my tongue around ur ass rim
giddy up horsye
u say
wow ur kinkyyyyy
this is a made up sex scene
i directed in my head
i just wanna do what u want
i wanna do what u would enjoy
but im still a dom
im still a dom
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