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Before me lay a gilted silver box
With an engraving of a tiny red fox
And within this box, lay five others
Memories of childhood, and my mother
There was a small baby tooth
And a wish for the honest truth
A tiny little cuddly ted
And curiously lay a broken dolls head
Lastly lay a secret dream
Of a world, of strawberries, and cream
by Jemia
The Yellow, and Black Club-Tailed Dragonfly
Hovers above the Trespasser, nee Ptolemys' Trisantonis
Flirting briefly with the fast flowing river
Then quick as a streak of lightning
Flutters off, to linger above the reed-beds
As it pirouettes daintily upon the breeze
Its' reflective vibrancy, silhouetted on the Wetlands
With the appearance, from a short distance
An ethereal fancy, of a fluttering fairy
Or an obscure looking Wasp, or Hornet
Natures way, a sense of curious attraction
Supplying a Dragon, over the River Arun
Equipped with a club, now at arms
Defending the castle, with all its charms
by Jemia
Along the River Rother
Torch-lights search the muddy banks
Seeking out, the lost, and lonely
After a small boat had been sank

Sadly shattering, those living
As young childhood was taken
A parents one moment of carelessness
Thinking it safe, but were sadly mistaken

The cruel undercurrents, by Rye Harbour
Had stolen some more victims to enslave
The lifeboat on this occasion, unsuccessful
As three young children, were swept away to their grave
circa early 1970's
by Jemia
The blousy clouds
The tears then tumble down
Accompanied by a myriad others
As they fall
Creating puddles, and ponds
Soaking the soil
Drip dropping
Silver globules
Jump for joy
As they bounce
Then fall into each others arms
Like long lost lovers
Such intimate embraces
As together, they trickle down hills
Off leaves of trees
An array of journeys
As they all meld together
Like a long lost friends
Soon they are freely flowing
Bleeding along arteries of rivers
Feeding nature
The watery lifeblood
Of this planet
by Jemia
A Strange Tale, And An Even Stranger Tail
(although curiously, there are no tales of tails?)
in a land
far far far away
lived a little tiny, incey wincey
that spent all day
to scared of heights
to climb trees
and burrowing down holes
gave him the heebeejeebees
and when out walking in rough grass
worried about tripping over clods and such like
he couldn't swim, or paddle
so was scared of the sea
even though he lived inland
he refused to fly
even though he had wings
as was terrified of heights for this as well
but despite this
he was proclaimed leader
no votes were cast, or necessary
he became prime minister, and king
he passed no laws
he held no council
and no-one ever opposed him
largely because
he was the only inhabitant of this distant isle
he eventually died
as he ran out of grass to graze
and on that sad day
the hoojamawatchamacallitthingamybob species
expired, became extinct, and was no more
i know about him, as i was told by his ageing parrot
betwixt utterings of "pieces of eight!"
and "who's a pretty polly then?"
and "*******!"
i left the old bird to it
and sailed the seven seas
so i could now recount this tale
i am thankfully receiving counselling for this episode in my life
as i kept awakening in the night screaming
"who's a pretty polly then!"
and jumping off my perch!
by Jemia (who has undoubtedly fallen off her perch!) 😏🦄🦋🙃
Flowing by the wetlands of Arundel
Overlooked by a castle up on high
Ptolemy first called it the Trisantonis
Is the River Arun running by

Also known as the Trespasser
A Southern Celtic Brythonic interpretation of the word
An indication of its tendency to flood
For centuries, this has been observed

Part of the Arun, was rumoured to be called the Arnus
Brythonic for run, go, or flow
And that Arundel may mean Arno-Dell
Or where the Dell of the flowing river did go

Remains of Iron-Age forts
To Roman ruins, signs of its' long history
Along with Arundel Castle founded in 1067
Chalk downs rise on either side, but no mystery

At Amberley Church, by Arundels' castle walls
Ghostly sitings of a girl, with golden ringlets in her hair
Hungry Seals sometimes ventured up river
In times long past, mistakenly thinking Mermaids were there!

In the Middle-Ages, the river was known as
River of Arundel, The Arundel River, or The High Stream of Arundel, to confuse
By 1577, the first use of it's modern name was recorded
Although the other names were still often in use

The Rother, The Chilt, and Upper Arun
Tri in Roman, the three tributaries
Although Trisanto, when roughly translated
Could also mean 'one who goes across', perhaps the rivers three

Arundel for many years, served as a port
Ships docking at the Town Quay, formerly Mayors Quay
From the 13th century, coastal and cross channel trading vessels
Also passengers, Catholic priests, and soldiers, were carried across the sea

Yet by the 1840's, use of the river declined
Due to changes in coastal shipping, and the use of railway lines
By the mid 1850's, barges were replaced by coasters
And by 1886, most river traffic, was on the decline

The River Arun has seen much history
all 37 miles of it, from source to the sea
As it rises from a series of Ghylis, or Gills
All part of it'' profound majesty

It's Spring Tides, twice every Lunar month
Allowed larger vessels to venture along her waters
Some built at the Nineveh Shipyard
Such as Hoys, and Sailing Barges, becoming the Aruns' daughters

The River Arun, feeds ancient woodlands
And reedbeds, where dwell Water Voles, Kingfishers, the rare Nene Goose
Along with Bewick Swans, in the cold winter months
Where the yellow, and black, Common Club-Tailed Dragonflies, fly loose

The fast flowing Arun, second fastest in the United Kingdom
The Trespassers waters, has aided humans, and nature throughout
The Arun never crossed borders out of Sussex
And is one of the countries finest rivers, without a doubt
by Jemia
A year of fear
Where it lay in your head
That you could soon be dead
And that in a short space of time
You could become a victim of a virus crime
Like so many others
A dread to suffer
In a year 130 million caught it
In a year, 3 million bought it
The lockdown has ruled supreme
Stir crazy solitude, to make us scream
****** if you do, and ****** if you don't
****** if you will, and ****** if you won't
Some respite is given by the beaming sun
Vaccines eventually, hopefully, will have this virus on the run
The long tunnel, has a glimmer of light at its end
And one day, not so far away, we can hug a friend
Hopefully with a fancy, at a whim, and a kindness of fate
Us singularities, will maybe have a date?
by Jemia
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