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Our soft moistened lips
Brush gently upon each other
Tantalising tingles, teased
And tormented
In raptures of pleasure
We drink each others
It drips of our lips
As we gorge, upon the gorgeous
Exquisite sweetness
Savouring the sensual honey
On our eager tongues
Delighting in the succulence
As we feast upon each other
We now oil ourselves
As we writhe around like fish
Our lips then cherish
The most delightful dish
We move face to face
And thus embrace
As our tongues
like snakes
Swirl, and twirl
Around, and around
As we taste
The salty nectar
Of ourselves
The whole world now
Feels captivatingly profound

by Jemia
Neither perturbed
Or disturbed
As the fallow, shallow Earth
As it ponders
On the mistakes
Of those that talk
But do not act
They do not hear
They do not listen
They've lost
All sense
Of their senses
The mad moon
On poisoned seas
As the earth
Becomes more diseased
Inadequate promises
Are like sticking plasters
For broken legs
The calm before......?

by Jemia
The skies
Burst asunder
As through the broken clouds
A great thunder
As a roaring
Of a great dragons breath
From the dragons mouth
As its firey breath
First burnt out the north
And then the south
Then the east
The dragon then flew west
Its fire, dead
It then glided
Along the now
Crimson red sky
And like a slave
To its own desires
Returned to its cave
Burnt out
Lost in its opinions
Of a race
That lacked subtlety
He was simply avenging
Mother earth
His fire
For Gaia
Who he had loved
Since his laboured birth
He entered his lair
Stepping on ancient gold
From old
He wept
Steaming dragon tears
Then silently wallowed
He would wipe away
His cindered tears
And his sorrow
And release his rage
But until then
He would dream
His dragon dreams

by Jemia
Giant steps
On the dark side
Luna tics
Worlds collide
Moonlight shadows
Moon cheese
Lunacy, and crackers
I watched
Just eleven years old
As it happened
The very first man
To leave a footprint
On the surface of the Moon
Mankind since
A step to far
I regularly explore space
When i'm asleep
Space odyssey's
So soon
After the Moon
Feeling like
I was no longer cocooned
On planet Earth
But for now
The quiet seduction
Of an alien abduction
Lies only in my dreams
Where within a wilder space
Screams, remain unheard
Moon walking
Second step
For a Buzz

by Jemia
My mind floats
Along the flash tides
Of my memories
That jingle
On the shingle
The ebb
And flow
Silent echoes
Of the ghosts
Of another lifetime
That now feels
Like a newly forgotten dream
But then
The sudden realisation
That within these dreams
I am no longer
The person i once was
I am now this new entity
That i awaken to
Every day
And to be
Truly me
All i need
Are my fairy wings
So i can drift off
Into the twilight night
Of an as yet invisible
Alternative existence
In search
Of new memories

by Jemia
Like a swan
With a pen
Or a Caterpillar
With wings
I write
Hoping to find
An insight
Into my mind
No questions
Or answers
Like a headless dancer
I lose my feet
Unable to hear the music
Or its beat
Forgotten how
To describe the scribe
And the scribblings
Like fading graffiti
Graphite scrawls
On aimless walls
No thrill
With the quill
Etched memories
Of a soluble bitter pill
That now lies dormant
The sun greets the new day
As the Earth spins itself
Into disarray
It's own

by Jemia
A hale, and hearty Wassail
A toasting of toast, a tasty morsel
Soaked in cider of apple
To be hung on trees to grapple
For friendly spirits to please

Anglo-Saxon lords arranged feasts
Like drunken priests
A giant bowl of ale, cider, and mead
With bountiful spices, and crab apple seed
Had a hunch, at a wayward punch

Was hale, and hearty
For revellers to party
Good tidings, for the new year ahead
Oft quaffed, for happy homesteads
Old English reasons, for ***** seasons

And thence to legends, now long gone
Rowena, presented to Prince Vortigen
With a bowl of Saxon wine
Oft derived, of the vine
Saying 'waes hael' toasted him well

Much revelry, a right old shindig
Merrymaking, on an apple twig
Fun, and frolics, and celebrations too
Greeting the new year, and nature anew
Wassailing, waes hael, salutations to you!

by Jemia
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