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It never gets old,
Even when the injury is nothing odd,
We never get used to it,
Its even worse when you can't even move to your favourite beat,
All you can do is just lay down on a seat,
Brings about anguish,
One which you can't really distinguish
From the previous one,
Because the feeling never gets old to anyone,
Makes us mad, >:O
And our loved ones  sad :(
Despite all this,physical pain
Is way less than emotional pain.
I'm not in pain now,but hey we've all been there..I guess living requires more than strength.
22.9k · Jun 2015
Time stops for noone,
Only consider yourself above others if time has ever stopped ticking just for you,
Otherwise we're all equal because all of us live with time whether we use it or waste it..
Drawing inspiration from the aspect of time,
19.5k · Jun 2015
Beauty has no definite description because people view things differently,
Wear makeup because you feel like adding a touch of your creative skills to your face,not because its a mask of your true face,
Beauty may not be seen by many because its misunderstood
Beauty is different...
16.1k · Dec 2016
Knowing exactly what you want is motivation enough.
15.1k · May 2016
Man of integrity
His pride doesn't lie in how many women he's lured,
Its in his great achievements,
Faith is his armor,
And hardwork his hope,
Because he knows people look up to him,
His wisdom is pure and fearless,
His intellect;its something to envy.
He tries to be at his best at all times,not that he's perfect,no
But because he's chosen the path of integrity and has standards to live by,
Good morals and principles are his rules.
Rare kind though,lol
13.9k · Jun 2015
Beauty lies skin deep,
But its not automatic,
You must earn it!
Build it,
Nurture it,
That's when it will bloom deep down.
12.5k · Aug 2016
Modern day slavery
Its deeper than the olden day slavery,
Because these days,the chains are unseen so getting help is difficult.
Souls imprisoned in fake bodies that need validation to feel fit enough to live. Modern day slavery.
Its spreading too fast,we might all fall victim. Feeling incomplete when you miss a trend that won't add any inch to your height nor value to your life; that's modern day slavery.
Its so normalised,its hard to realise its actually slavery.
Free yourself and take charge of your life!! Be who you are.
11.8k · Dec 2015
The beauty of inward beauty
They say "beauty lies skin deep",
Well yes it does lie skin deep,
It just shouldn't lie dormant,
Let it shine.
Inward beauty,
Is for eternity,
It glows through the eyes,
Probably casts out doubts and lies,
Its free for all,
We don't have to spend anything at all
For us to attain it,
We have to recognise it
Within ourselves and nurture it.
Nurture it with goodness in thoughts,deeds and living,
With laughter,optimism and loving,

What's inside reflects on the outside,
As within so without.
Internal beauty is eternal.
10.9k · Jun 2015
Music kills my pain,
It speaks to my heart,
It relieves my stress,
Makes me dance,
Makes me laugh,
Makes me smile,
Makes me think,
Music is powerful..
10.1k · Jun 2015
#1 Beauty
Beauty is beyond the mirrors view,
Beauty defeats peoples opinions,because its more than that.
Beauty is learning to be satisfied with self and not comparing yourself to others,
Beauty is loving and respecting yourself,
Beauty is a loving heart,
Beauty is a beautiful soul..
9.4k · Oct 2015
Be who you want to attract,
Before you start "searching" for the right person,
Be the right person,
Find yourself,
Be comfortable with who you are,
Find happiness within you,
If someone is the only basis of your joy,
I'm afraid,your joy might be a mirage.
Sorry but its only in fairytales where frogs get to kiss princesses lol..

23-10-2015 huh,I thank God for this.had no idea this one would turn out to be a daily poem,I'm really touched like for real,didn't see this coming..but I must say,I've been waiting for this moment,guess dreams do come true :D ,..thanks for taking your time to read my poems and for the comments and likes ;they really encourage me,thank u very very very very very much people. :*
In my eyes its got the most unique map,
At the moment,it seems development has taken a nap.
But in the actual sense it has not,
Some day,it shall show up perhaps as fast as a lightning bolt.
Anyway that isn't really noticeable,
Because of the positive minded people,
Ever friendly,
Over here,its ones choice to be lonely,
No ocean but we own a beach,
Yes I wonder how too,we're blessed..Quite rich,
I love my country.
8.5k · Aug 2015
10W Blessed
Blessing* .
8.2k · Oct 2015
Process by which plants make their food and clear our air using light,
They have no feet or hands but they make their food right,
Being self sufficient,I bet they've got no need to fight.
Nature is inspiring,
Birds always happily singing,
Guess their songs are never expiring,
And they're surely thankful for the air they breathe through photosynthesis,
Do we appreciate our trees enough?or maybe the point of their existence we miss?

Don't chop them off unless you       need to.
Kinda modified the definition to stress my point..
7.9k · Jul 2015
Attitude is like the eyes.
My eyes represent my attitude,
How I see things is how I act accordingly,
If my vision isn't clear enough,I need strong lenses,
Same applies to my attitude,I need to see things clearly to get the right view and results,
If my attitude is bad,everything in my life will be blurry;unclear,
And I'll need an optician,in this case God,
To fix it,
But the choice of making it better still remains with me,
In life everything we do results from our attitudes,
Our view of life and what we use to view it,either positivity or negativity.
No matter what you do,your attitude is what brings your results,.be positive,let your eyes see positively and clearly.
7.7k · Jun 2015
I'm happy!
Not because everythings fine but because I'm alive,
And life itself is hope enough!
I'm happy because its a new day,
I'm happy because I'm able to write
I'm happy because I know people who love me
I'm happy because life spent upset is wasted,
I'm happy because no matter what happens to me,time brings all things to pass and life goes on.
So many reasons to be happy,you only need to count your joy and you'll realise that the good things are more than the bad.
7.6k · May 2015
Beautiful things..
Beautiful things are priceless,they can't be bought,
Beautiful things are unseen,they are felt by the soul,
Beautiful things are unique,
Beautiful things have a touch of love,.
6.5k · Jun 2015
In the case of loving someone,
Don't trust them to never hurt you,
Trust them enough to know that they are only human and they are bound to err..
Trust them enough to give them freedom and space,
Trust them enough to know that their human nature can sin in anyway possible,
Trust isn't about perfection,
Its about knowing and accepting the fact that someone can sin against you or even hurt you but you choose to take the risk because you know that they are worth it,
Don't make trust a burden for anyone,
Trust simply and love truly..
Trust really isn't anything close to perfection,its just love being willing to get hurt cause it would be worth it.
6.4k · Jul 2015
Beauty is empathy,
Its love,
Its a heart that cares,
Its the eyes that see beyond the appearance,
Its the lips that speak peace and laughter and love,
Its the body that feels the beat of good music,
Its simply beauty.
6.1k · Jun 2015
Your beauty is not in your eyes,
Your body or your hair,
Your beauty is within you!
Your beauty is in your soul,
Don't let anyone make you feel less than beautiful just because they're not wise enough to read your soul..
Don't be misled by shallow minded people who judge you by your looks,
Whether they think you're beautiful or ugly,fat or skinny,dark or light etc,
It doesn't matter,what matters in what's in your soul,
No matter how much you try to fix yourself,it will all amount to nothing until you fix your inner being and believe that it counts the most..
5.8k · Sep 2015
Gender Based Violence
Makes women feel useless,
And men defenseless
She feels she's to blame,
While he feels talking about it is such a shame,
How will they possibly free their minds from the pain,
If they don't talk about this act of disdain,
They'd love to,
But don't know how to,
Perhaps telling it to a good soul,
Willing to listen and provide good counsel,
And not forgetting to put behind bars the body that jailed your soul.
*Pensive*  | haven't been there but its something my mind can't escape because too many are directly affected.
5.8k · Feb 2016
Choices,chances and channels
When you make
a choice;
take a chance,
When you take a chance,
You choose a channel.
Choices are important,a choice made is like a chance taken,(make wise choices!),
Taking a chance is taking a route(channel),so take chances that are likely to lead to the right path..
Channel - passage
5.8k · Nov 2015
Woman of integrity
She's a woman of integrity,
She recognises her beauty,
And her specialty.
Knowing she's not perfect,
She reflects before she can react,
She may not be every mans desire,
But that doesn't matter because its not something to require,
Love and total attention from one is enough,
Lots of times she laughs,
At times she even bluffs,
When life gets rough,
She gets tough,
She's a survivor,
Her familys reviver.
She's a woman,
A woman of integrity.
4.7k · May 2015
What the morning is for..
Morning signifies;
New day,
New hope,
New strength,
Another chance,
New thoughts,
New ideas,
New happenings,
New lessons,
New wisdom,
New knowledge,
A new day is there for betterment..
4.3k · Jun 2015
Be thankful
When you complain about having no nice shoes,
Think of someone with no feet and be thankful..
While you complain about having a few clothes,someone out there is dying of being cold..
When you start wishing you had a better family,think of someone who is alone on the streets and be thankful,.
When you dare think that your life is horrible,think twice because there are people going through worse pain and be thankful..
What you may take for granted now someone wishes they had and its their prayer request,be thankful..
There's never a point in life when we have nothing to be thankful for..
4.1k · Sep 2015
Some say its an opportunity to be creative,
Others find that statement manipulative,
Well coming to think of it,
Boredom feels like the mind is blank more like a plain sheet,
Ideas fail to run,
Unless you decide you want to get the boredom done,
Boredom can only help get creative
If you decide you want to be creative.
4.1k · Oct 2016
Queen of integrity
Her beauty glows from her character,
Her eyes are good attitude,
And her lips; good words.
Her nostrils are hope,
Her make up is confidence,
Her crown is her integrity.
She isnt flawless and she doesnt try to be
Real as she can be,
She lives in reality.
Emotional independence and stability both are her strengths,
A woman with values and well aware of her worth,
Doesnt abuse her sexuality to take men for granted.
That is the queen of integrity.
If you feel you have no reason to forgive someone,
Consider this one - forgive because you deserve peace of mind.
Holding a grudge is like making your worst enemy the center of your life,
Don't give such authority to anyone,
A grudge only hurts you,so what's the point of holding it?
Its like holding a really sharp edged knife hoping it'll slice your enemys fingers when in the actual sense its slicing your own.
We all wish grudges could hurt the ones we hold them against but sadly they only hurt us.
3.9k · May 2015
That moment
That crazy moment when
Happens a lot..
3.8k · Oct 2017
Love vs Lust
Lust is selfish,love is selfless
Lust wants your body,love needs your soul.
Lust wants physical fulfillment,love needs emotional fulfillment.
Lust is conditional,love is unconditional.
Lust gives to receive,love gives for free.
Lust drains you,love energises you.
Lust is chaos,love is peace.
Lust fails,love never fails.
Lust is addiction,obsession,. But love,it is spacious,it does not envy.
Love is forgiving and kind. It does not hold grudges.
Love is a jewel,treasure it.
Lust happens to us but it should not dominAte. Let love take the lead.
3.8k · May 2015
Time waits for noone,
    We work in its ways..
    We can't avoid time,
    Its always there,
    Your life is made up of time,
     Time can't be stopped.
     It can't be bought,
     Its an asset we all have..
     And its left up to us to utilise it.
3.8k · Jun 2015
Faith is believing before seeing,
Faith is hoping for the best on your last hope,
Faith is holding on even when you run out of rope,
Faith is persisting,
Knocking till something happens either the door opens or it breaks down,
Faith is fear in defeat!
3.7k · Jun 2015
The only things whose perfection and great physical beauty really matter are those with no soul,for instance;
The sky
They're all perfect because they don't  need inner beauty!
Their purpose is to be admired and loved and nurtured
And to make people smile,
To inspire,
Us as humans are meant with much more to offer,
Though we are not perfect,
We can always do our best to make life better.
3.6k · Aug 2015
Be grateful for all you have be it a friend,family,.gadgets,food, water,power,oxygen,beliefs, shelter,aptitude,talent,kindness, body parts,character etc..above all your life,the fact that you're breathing,give thanks for that because so many lack but still remain thankful,so many live but still too many have died.
Be thankful,it pays.
3.6k · Jun 2016
Integrity II
Gather up your values,
Embrace them gracefully,
Being of integrity nowadays is news
But its still duty.
Any opportunity to be wise,
Hold on to it,
Its hard to rise,
But it just has to be.
Worthy things don't come easy.
Only the few brave choose integrity.
Choose it
Its worthwhile.
3.5k · Sep 2015
Inner glow
Walk down the street you get so much attention,
People stare,
That makes you feel great,
But don't let your life and happiness depend on it,
Because as life gets late,
Looks fade,
Before they fade,ignite the beauty within
So that when the outside fades,the inner will glow
3.5k · May 2015
Don't judge me,.
Don't judge me by my weight;
Thin or fat,that's not my name,
Don't judge me by my skin colour,
Black or white,that's not my label,
Don't judge me by my height,
Tall or short,its my nature..       And I sure won't change that!
Don't judge me by my back ground;
Rough or smooth,rich or poor,
Its all behind
Don't judge me by my  dresscode;
Cheap or expensive,fancy or crapy,holy or slutty,
Its my body!..
Don't judge me..
3.4k · Nov 2015
Plastic smiles,
Plastic bodies,
Plastic lives,
Plastic words,
Maybe its the latest trend,
Plastic smile to avoid  being questioned,
Plastic body in hope to be perfected,
Plastic lives to impress and draw attention,
Plastic words to try to fit into some section,
So here's the drill;
A fake smile hurts even more than a teardrop,
A fake body;doesn't change the inner you,and that's what's major
A fake lifestyle,only leaves you stressed out for no good reason,
Fake words,drain you and your conscience.
Be real,be you..there can never be another you,
You're beautiful/handsome;there can never be a more beautiful/handsome you.
Not everyone goes under the knife coz they hate themselves.for some its a need - I understand.
Let's  work on our inner selves to be at peace with our physical selves atleast.
3.4k · Jul 2018
You expect
others to accept
You,you first have
To accept yourself...
Let not the validation of others be your pillar. Seek strength within yourself. Love who you are first before you seek love from others. And when you love yourself,it does not matter who does not love you.
3.3k · May 2015
Lonelyness is the feeling of having a vaccum in my whole body and soul..
3.3k · Aug 2015
An  attitude

Of  gratitude

Will  catapult  you  to  a  high  altitude
3.3k · Aug 2016
A soul like your own,
So much in common,
Its like your own reflection.
A straight connection all the way to the heart from the mind,
Two souls making one;creating one big unbreakable bond
How beautiful it would be to have a twin in soul,
How wonderful.
3.2k · Jun 2015
Oh how sweet you are!
My mind says you're bad for my teeth but my tongue enjoys you,
You make my heart jump
If lips tasted like you I'd kiss people every hour perhaps every minute :D
Your looks enticing,your smell intoxicating,
You're a truly tasty beauty,.
Just appreciating the beauty of chocolate lol.
3.1k · Dec 2015
3.0k · Oct 2015
Impressing people
There's no fulfillment in impressing  everybody,
So what's the point of trying to do so,
Maybe life would be easy,
Because you'd have no opponents,
But really,living your life impressing people and trashing your own views,
Is as good as being dead,
I won't waste my life living that way.
3.0k · Dec 2015
Africonfident woman
She's proud to be African,
She has no bleaching plan,
Her focus is on life,
She doesn't want to live in strife,
She works hard,
Her life isn't centered on finding a man to keep her,
She believes there's more to life;like chasing her dreams and inspiring lives,
2.9k · Jul 2015
It gives us the yearning for something we know isn't right,
The force is so strong that it gives us instant excuses as to why we should give in to it,
Falling into temptation isn't necessarily weakness,
Its tolerance.
2.9k · Jul 2015
My fortress,
My comfort,
My strength,
My shield,
My Savior,
King of my salvation,
I can't live without you,
I can't thrive without you,
Without you my life would be hopeless,
You are Holy,
Yet you love us sinners,
Because you know we need your love,
You deserve all the glory,
And all the praise,
Thank you for loving me.
2.9k · Jul 2016
Squeezed by society,
But not getting crushed.
Morals tested and despised,
Not appreciated,but degraded.
Deeply perplexed by nowadays,
But not in despair.
Therefore do not lose heart.
Nor grow weary of doing good.

Always be hopeful of what's to come.
2 Corinthians 4....
2.9k · May 2015
True beauty is unique,
It lies skin deep,
   It doesn't need compliments to be built,
Its flawless because it comes from the image of God in which it was created,
   Meaning it has no physical mistakes,
Because God is perfection,
And it only builds through acceptance and contentedness..
Beauty lies skin deep..
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