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Capriccio Jan 1
Clearly I see
That my diligent Ego
Ran Me into Me
Mad cop versus Good Cop

Clearly I seek
A real life
Where Me is a fan of Me again
Where I am not my undoing
Instead, I am my best asset
My best friend.
An asset she is for this you see
In those big brown eyes
Her dreams reveal
Her destiny unique
This I know you feel so
To you I plead
Be her voice until she is
Shout it out that which she is
So she knows she can be
As colorful as she dreams.

With all our fibre and being
Shout it out
An Asset she is!!!
So she is strong to
That which she dreams and thinks

©Belema .S. Ekine
Tony Luxton Nov 2017
I watch a small lump of fat
fall to the lawn, surrounded
by birds. A plucky starling
takes it to a quiet spot.

Grandad grew frustated with ploitics
at work. He turned his back,
took his pension,
started working for himself.

Greedy persistent pigeons press
stealing starlings' earnings, pecking,
flapping, asset stripping.

The old man worked night and day to build
business. But the predators swooped,
their beaks and claws tearing at his skin.
They broke his heart. Today we bury him.
looking at the lawn on funeral day
Your sweet eyes have taken everything from me
Now I don't know what else should I present
Your eyes are so lovely and so deep like the sea
Look,  how I am lover passionate and ardent

Then lips so crisp so tasty and so beautifully red
Cheeks with a black mole are asking for deep kiss
And what about the whispering beauty well said
Tell me how can I please you cease from time,miss

Being romantic lover of the east I carry blazon sun
I will take you and embrace you and then just forget
What a master piece of Master my love well done
Let me tell you in my entire life you are my only asset

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Decide about the present in the present moment of time
Decide all that is present in the present moment of time.

Experience proves to be an asset when expectations are raised
Now is the moment in time when something substantial needs to be achieved within a stipulated period of time.
Substantial efforts need to be made when expectations from prior need to be surpassed
Hence priority comes first, better to do one thing at a time.

Decide doing one thing at a time
Be firm in your mind about the same, then proceed towards doing the same.

All the time there is some sort of a thing that always goes on in the mind
Ascertaining the future in the present
Think of the past in the present
The mind does everything, everything related to past, present and also with regards to the future.

It’s important to decide upon something definite before taking the first step towards doing the same.
Better decide first and be sure about the same
No point in deciding later with regards to what you want to do, since time has always remained important.
When you decide upon doing something in advance, it’s planning.
When you decide upon doing something at the spur of moment, then it’s because of an experience that you have on your side.
In any case it’s always better to decide first and then proceed towards doing what has been decided.

Crucial moments are part of everyone’s life,
if not a part of everyday life,
however, in the end these crucial moments enrich the experience of an individual.

So it’s always better to be a part of the game,
always participate,
learn from your own mistakes rather than doing the same routine thing daily,
the same mundane thing over and over again.

Better decide first,
be firm on the same and then proceed towards doing the same.
Definitely a moment in time will come when you will know exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve your aim.
Time waits for noone,
    We work in its ways..
    We can't avoid time,
    Its always there,
    Your life is made up of time,
     Time can't be stopped.
     It can't be bought,
     Its an asset we all have..
     And its left up to us to utilise it.

— The End —