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Jun 22 · 124
Hope lives!
I wonder, has there existed a time like this one?
When everyday feels like the last, fear looms and moves so freely its everywhere,
Breathing in fear, inhaling it..
While exhaling hope and faith,
Losing ourselves to the calamity that has befallen us.
But hope lives. Be grateful for each day that comes and make it count. Drown yourself in what makes you happy. Shut out what drains you. Hope lives!
Apr 18 · 289
A smile is the most beautiful form of deception.
Mar 24 · 334
No one completes you.
Don't ever esteem someone that highly.
People change,
Be complete on your own,so that even when your heart breaks, your whole being is not torn apart.
Mar 14 · 493
When the world gets too cold,
Crawl into my heart,
        It's warm enough.
Mar 11 · 1.3k
What better way to love someone than intentionally?
Not because you have no choice but because you chose them.
Mar 7 · 128
Friends don't always talk,
But like minds communicate.
Mar 1 · 469
It sweeps
Feb 28 · 96
When you feel underappreciated is when you should toot your own horn, clap for yourself and pat your own back. Because sometimes people don't even know what you know about what you've been through, you know best what you deserve and if no one gives it to you, give it to yourself! Remind yourself of what you deserve without waiting for someone else to give it to you. Love yourself enough to be your number one fan and to applaud yourself!
It carries more weight.
Feb 25 · 209
Births joy,
Breeds peace.
Feb 25 · 118
If it's who i am
Take it,
Leave it.
Do not force people to change or take paths they're not ready to go down on.
Feb 24 · 744
Sweet little lies
Feb 22 · 122
Loyalty.. When you find loyalty in humanity, treasure it.
We are a rotten bunch,
With unmended hearts and bitter souls,
Striking at any available victim.
Not because we want to but because we are damaged.
However, loyalty still remains a choice.
No matter how many times you got hurt, maintain your integrity. Do your part in being good. It really pays off.
If you're good and someone hurts you, they lose a good thing.
Feb 22 · 165
Like a Book
Open my whole being and read me,
Cautiously flip each page having understood.
And where the grammar is wrong, correct me without changing my context.
Highlight your favorites, bookmark your most memorable.
And when you find your chapter,
Let's begin to write together.
Feb 20 · 362
Other half
Their absence pierces your heart into pieces.
Jan 16 · 95
Thoughts.. 1
Sometimes, breathing is all it takes.
You can passively survive,
Activity can be choking.
Rest. Relax.
Dec 2020 · 106
If it's who i am
Dec 2020 · 271
We are
We're shaped by our reaction to our experiences.
Nov 2020 · 290
Love depends,
It is different.
Do not compare.
If it's love, it is right.
Nov 2020 · 282
Create your own,
Just don't push people up to them.
Oct 2020 · 153
Love or folly?
Protecting ones feelings at the expense of your own
Sep 2020 · 368
Without patience,
There is no love.
Aug 2020 · 170
We're so caught up in ourselves that we think that everytime someone is quiet on us, they're trying to compete for who's going to call first or text first. Well sometimes people genuinely don't want to communicate, whilst other times it just feels like they're giving you work to do, they feel like a burden and they choose to be aloof. Sometimes they just want to know who really cares. But we're all so caught up within ourselves. Showing that you love someone doesn't hurt, it heals. The pride that stops us from doing so is the exact guilt that will help us regret not reaching out. While people sincerely love to be alone sometimes, we all appreciate a little care, a little hi, a hello. From the heart. Not to strike a conversation but just to check up on someone.
Aug 2020 · 343
If I do not trust anyone,
It is only because I can not be trusted.
Aug 2020 · 197
Perfection is what you are when you don't compare yourself to anyone.
Aug 2020 · 383
Follow your heart
"Follow your heart, " they say
But don't they know, it's too broken to take the lead?
How does one follow scattered, shattered pieces, they're all over the place, so where exactly should she follow..
Aug 2020 · 382
Hearts don't break instantly,
They break gradually.
We see the signs and brush them off. We only want to see the best and we do. When your heart breaks, dots are connected.
Jul 2020 · 505
Words may run out,
But the hunger to write is insatiable.
Jun 2020 · 206
The same way animals have species,
Is the same way humans have species.
No two beings are the same.
I am my own specie..
Therefore I can't compare myself to the next person,
Can a lion be compared to a fish? No. Why? Because they're two different things. Do not dare do that. Do not pressure yourself looking at the next person, you aren't them. Do life at your own pace. Envy is poison.
Jun 2020 · 184
Because there is peace in solitude.
May 2020 · 160
Uniquely approach life,
Yours is different from everyone else's.
Comparison is a thief of joy for sure because we compare ourselves to people who aren't us.
May 2020 · 214
If you truly loved you never die,
Because you give a part of you that goes out to be part of the universe and lives forever, traversing mortality.
May 2020 · 115
Keep writing
You never know whose day you'll make,
You never know whose lips you'll curve into a smile,
You never know whose heart you're holding together.
Write on writer!
May 2020 · 120
Envy is poison,
Be happy with yourself.
Be proud of yourself
May 2020 · 159
When someone acts out of character, please don't rush to blaming yourself.
May 2020 · 275
Love takes the courage to die a little to self.
May 2020 · 253
Pandemic - global catastrophe
Epidemic - local catastrophe
Endemic - normal catastrophe
May 2020 · 154
Lessen the expectations,
They're only human.
May 2020 · 217
It comes with the burden of infallibility.
May 2020 · 141
It's okay to be alone.
You learn of the friend you have within yourself at that point.
May 2020 · 139
Love (acrostic)
Leave me not,
Outsmart my walls,
Vanish my pain,
Eternalize our bond.
May 2020 · 312
The beauty of flaws is that they draw you closer to those real enough to love you.
May 2020 · 149
Pinning your identity upon peoples definition, is the widest road to confinement. Imprisoned for life over opinions, uninformed ones for that.
May 2020 · 236
Dear human
Do not take anything personal.
People do things because of them and not because of you,
We are naturally selfish.
Acting out of the abundance of our hearts,sometimes heavy laden,tired.
Let's give each other a break, a little more benefit of the doubt.
The world revolves around no one but the sun. We take things personal sometimes, not knowing what the other person is going through. What's making them act a certain way.
May 2020 · 119
Anything too good to be true, is too good to be true.
May 2020 · 184
Dear heart





May 2020 · 575
People of value,
Value people.
Apr 2020 · 193
Ask your mirror
"Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the most lethal of them all?"
And watch your reflection stare back at you.
Apr 2020 · 107
We're born empty,
We don't get to choose what fills us up, until we're already filled up. Too filled to be comfortable with what's new.
Filled with lies, beliefs unrealistic and shattered hopes. Filled with dreams that aren't ours, because life wasn't meant to be enjoyed but just to be spent right. Well, maybe or maybe not. Life is a journey unending, you never arrive, you never take a break or rest, it moves. And while it moves, make it worthwhile for no day is reversible and no memory can be re-lived. To take each day as it comes and find joy in the moment is of more hope.
Apr 2020 · 80
If you went missing, who would miss you enough to look for you?
Those are the people you should focus on.
Apr 2020 · 95
A gem of life
The urge to constantly try to control life,
Why not let go and let things flow..
To live like a child, but an enlightened one.
Enjoy each minute of love,
Without worrying about how long it's going to last or when it's going to stop.
Happiness is not found in tomorrow,
Happiness is built today.
Happiness is constantly under construction.
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