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Oct 9 · 23
Love or folly?
Protecting ones feelings at the expense of your own
Sep 23 · 223
Without patience,
There is no love.
Aug 25 · 78
We're so caught up in ourselves that we think that everytime someone is quiet on us, they're trying to compete for who's going to call first or text first. Well sometimes people genuinely don't want to communicate, whilst other times it just feels like they're giving you work to do, they feel like a burden and they choose to be aloof. Sometimes they just want to know who really cares. But we're all so caught up within ourselves. Showing that you love someone doesn't hurt, it heals. The pride that stops us from doing so is the exact guilt that will help us regret not reaching out. While people sincerely love to be alone sometimes, we all appreciate a little care, a little hi, a hello. From the heart. Not to strike a conversation but just to check up on someone.
Aug 23 · 224
If I do not trust anyone,
It is only because I can not be trusted.
Aug 15 · 78
Perfection is what you are when you don't compare yourself to anyone.
Aug 4 · 272
Follow your heart
"Follow your heart, " they say
But don't they know, it's too broken to take the lead?
How does one follow scattered, shattered pieces, they're all over the place, so where exactly should she follow..
Aug 3 · 292
Hearts don't break instantly,
They break gradually.
We see the signs and brush them off. We only want to see the best and we do. When your heart breaks, dots are connected.
Jul 27 · 353
Words may run out,
But the hunger to write is insatiable.
Jun 23 · 139
The same way animals have species,
Is the same way humans have species.
No two beings are the same.
I am my own specie..
Therefore I can't compare myself to the next person,
Can a lion be compared to a fish? No. Why? Because they're two different things. Do not dare do that. Do not pressure yourself looking at the next person, you aren't them. Do life at your own pace. Envy is poison.
Jun 8 · 108
Because there is peace in solitude.
May 30 · 88
Uniquely approach life,
Yours is different from everyone else's.
Comparison is a thief of joy for sure because we compare ourselves to people who aren't us.
May 28 · 152
If you truly loved you never die,
Because you give a part of you that goes out to be part of the universe and lives forever, traversing mortality.
May 26 · 62
Keep writing
You never know whose day you'll make,
You never know whose lips you'll curve into a smile,
You never know whose heart you're holding together.
Write on writer!
May 25 · 60
Envy is poison,
Be happy with yourself.
Be proud of yourself
May 23 · 108
When someone acts out of character, please don't rush to blaming yourself.
May 21 · 194
Love takes the courage to die a little to self.
May 19 · 200
Pandemic - global catastrophe
Epidemic - local catastrophe
Endemic - normal catastrophe
May 17 · 101
Lessen the expectations,
They're only human.
May 13 · 167
It comes with the burden of infallibility.
May 12 · 93
It's okay to be alone.
You learn of the friend you have within yourself at that point.
May 11 · 87
Love (acrostic)
Leave me not,
Outsmart my walls,
Vanish my pain,
Eternalize our bond.
May 9 · 211
The beauty of flaws is that they draw you closer to those real enough to love you.
May 8 · 101
Pinning your identity upon peoples definition, is the widest road to confinement. Imprisoned for life over opinions, uninformed ones for that.
May 7 · 189
Dear human
Do not take anything personal.
People do things because of them and not because of you,
We are naturally selfish.
Acting out of the abundance of our hearts,sometimes heavy laden,tired.
Let's give each other a break, a little more benefit of the doubt.
The world revolves around no one but the sun. We take things personal sometimes, not knowing what the other person is going through. What's making them act a certain way.
May 6 · 80
Anything too good to be true, is too good to be true.
May 6 · 140
Dear heart





May 4 · 504
People of value,
Value people.
Apr 30 · 140
Ask your mirror
"Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the most lethal of them all?"
And watch your reflection stare back at you.
Apr 28 · 68
We're born empty,
We don't get to choose what fills us up, until we're already filled up. Too filled to be comfortable with what's new.
Filled with lies, beliefs unrealistic and shattered hopes. Filled with dreams that aren't ours, because life wasn't meant to be enjoyed but just to be spent right. Well, maybe or maybe not. Life is a journey unending, you never arrive, you never take a break or rest, it moves. And while it moves, make it worthwhile for no day is reversible and no memory can be re-lived. To take each day as it comes and find joy in the moment is of more hope.
Apr 27 · 43
If you went missing, who would miss you enough to look for you?
Those are the people you should focus on.
Apr 25 · 60
A gem of life
The urge to constantly try to control life,
Why not let go and let things flow..
To live like a child, but an enlightened one.
Enjoy each minute of love,
Without worrying about how long it's going to last or when it's going to stop.
Happiness is not found in tomorrow,
Happiness is built today.
Happiness is constantly under construction.
Apr 23 · 209
Unlove me
Unwrap me from the veins of your heart,
Free me from your mind,
Let your ears forget the sound of my name,
And your tongue the taste of my lips.
Because a broken soul can not feel it all.
Allow me healing, therefore unlove me.
Apr 21 · 129
Breaking hearts that love you, for that one heart you just couldn't wait to have. And questioning whether it's worth it.. Or if karma will catch up with you.
Apr 21 · 150
Love does not hurt,
It heals.
It does not break,
It mends..
Apr 20 · 83
With my life on hold,
What does my future hold?
As hard as it is right now, always remember :where there is life, there is hope. Don't let go of hope, keep the faith. There's still life after this. Be safe.
Apr 19 · 282
For I know,
Each moment I think of you,
You're thinking of me..
Apr 18 · 207
Let love know freedom,
For ******* has never been love.
Apr 18 · 157
I found you
                             when I wasn't looking.
                 I loved you
                                     without realizing.
Apr 16 · 903
Love tongue
To understand the tongue of love,
You ought to taste it.
Apr 15 · 288
Sometimes love is like a bar of chocolate,
Sweet and intoxicating.
Apr 11 · 247
Loses its taste..
Anhedonia - inability to find pleasure in what one normally finds pleasurable.
Mar 29 · 188
Lone sailor
You sailed to the deepest parts of me,
Ones that were once untravelled.
The most feared, none could go through.
You calmed the storms raging within,
All just so you could customize me for you and leave no one else capable of me.
The peace you brought, only to wage war to damage what you fought so hard to fix.
Mar 27 · 148
If my mirror could talk
It would tell me my reflection is you,

It would describe me with your metaphoric eyes and whisper under its breath how beautifully you shine through my eyes.
Title inspired by one of the collabo topics on your quote
Mar 25 · 170
Attachment harms,
Your heart, your mind, your peace.
No human belongs to you,
Anyone with a mind of their own can not be owned..
Detach from attachment,
For it breeds expectations that if unmet end up hurting.
Mar 23 · 134
Love, it's phenomenal.
Unlike the heart shape we've always known, it takes different shapes,
It's not well defined,
We know it differently,
Experience it differently and interpret it differently..
It's beautiful in its own way,
Undefined yet known.
Love is beautiful without expectations, the innocent nature of friendship applied to love is the ultimate goal.
Feb 20 · 186
I envy anything that makes you smile,
I want to be it.
Feb 14 · 250
My mirror told me,
"I slowly watch you fade away
Into someone you've never been
I see your soul burning out,
Your beauty slowly dimming,
Your outside wasting away,
I know it's the pain within."
Feb 3 · 148
We wish
      love was

But as we know,
         the good die young.
                           So does love..
Just a situational poem, i actually believe love is eternal.
Feb 1 · 164
If it's too good to be true,
It probably is not true.
Jan 30 · 338
Sometimes you lose your perceived perfection, to understand the imperfections you once condemned.
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