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A Yorks May 14
Tañ lyūke kce epiyace yak kalau;
Astare lyūke kce ḷkāläñene lakau;
Upālṣe carke tañ rupaśkene palkaṃ;
Vai tañ lyokentse yak kälamane nesau.
"Your splendour which I still remember;
Pure splendour which I visit in my dreams;
A coronet of blue lotuses illuminates your face;
And I am reminded still of your light."
Prabhu Iyer May 2
For her sundered from space and time
at the dawn of phenomenon,

not the little pettinesses of our world:

a portal to the unknown beyond -

the sky flaming red at dusk,
still in the lake the late summer hill
little a bloom in the bush hidden,
even shy a smile devoid of guile,

little every joy here;

Thought they,
faint of heart she was:
but every swoon carried her across
the world of the river of lights

In Her presence dawned on this
forlorn our earth -

Beauty since the beginning of time
exuberant in the hills
in the plumes and vales
and in the cruel hearts of men;

And grandeur, of the kind
unbeknown before, as the king
her father sewed up an empire vast;

And perfection in works
unknown before -
in every weave and hew;

All that men ascribed to her
father the great.
Nathalie Feb 13
Tiptoeing across a shaded room
I stop momentarily …
As I catch a glimpse of you sitting…
Peacefully…in mediation and prayer…
…Your aura is aglow…
As the most entrancing of suns…
The energy of the room shifts
To match the rising frequency…
A smile flirts upon my lips…
I can feel the love emanating
From you… Being…
Harmonizing with the serenity
That you breathe…I continue my journey
Leaving you at one in your inner sanctuary…
Carrying with me, the imaging
Splendour that has been imprinted on
My heart…

I appreciated your beauty
But denied the pleasure
And to make up for my failure
I give you this treasure
Words from my heart
Describing your splendour
Which gives beauty to the earth
Queen of the galaxies
What are you doing among men?
For yours is a splendour above splendours
And your smile is desired among angels
And your deceptive innocent looks
That melts the stone-hard-heart
And sends the sons of men
On a journey of day dreaming
Wishing you were theirs.

You, a perfect symbol of the Creator’s creativity
You give me a picture of his paradise
And send me on a journey of day dreaming
Praying you are mine.

But reality most a time is deceptive
Like love within the verse
I pray for the day I will hold you
And feel you
And your beauty
Then I’ll recount your wonders
To all men
As love within the verse
I profess.
Ormond Jul 2017
As olive or grape  .  .  .
So shed, paired souls are threshed
  .  .  .  Out of their bodies

The splendour of glory,
Stretched beauty
Across the universe
That none could reverse.
Naturally occuring lights that leave any human mind in awe,
They're called auroras;that's not all..
Big is beautiful!when you take a look at these huge sights of divinity,
So gigantic they look like they've existed for infinity,
Located in Asia is the mount Everest,
King of the forest.
And in America;the Grand Canyon,
So grand I'd spell it in lights of neon.
The great barrier reef found in the Coral sea of Australias north eastern coast is so beautiful,
Naturally created by living organisms,its so beyond cool
More like the view of the Rio De Janeiro Harbour,
Another great sight to remember.
Talk of  the beautiful,ever flowing and rainbowed Victoria falls,
How to fully describe it,only God knows,
Its location has brought its proud owners Zambia and Zimbabwe to unification,
Indeed its a great destination.
Sometimes flamey and always beautiful is the Paricutin a cinder cone volcano,
Located in Mexico.
As beautiful as they all are,
You're a better star
In the eyes of our creator.
Haven't been to any of the seven natural wonders of the world yet but I just love the beauty in all of them,had no idea of writing about this until someone said I should and I did :)
The last part means - as beautiful as the seven wonders of the world are,we as human beings are way more beautiful.
Didn't want to make it tooooo long,so the descriptions aren't deep.
Christian Bixler Jun 2015
The stars are fading, the moon is falling.
Above the midnight canopy lightens slowly;
shades of gray, spreading out, day is breaking.
Dawn comes with the rising sun. Light soars to fill
the sky, red and gold, nights shadows chased before
it, the Sun, resplendent in shining glory, bringer of the
new day. Birds cry and leap from the trees, notes shrill and
joyous, fair heralds of the day. The sun climbs slowly, beginning
it's journey across the heavens, the sky, glorious in azure splendour.
Clouds, wisps of shining air, frail in the light of day, change from the ruddy
red and the the glowing gold; colors of the new dawn. Pearly white they grace the
sky, celestial palaces and woodland creatures, the deer and the dragon, all in white within
the blue. And so the noontime passes, clouds obscuring then revealing, the sun eternal
rides the sky, and the clouds shine with light and the creatures of the air soar, crying
Praises of the sun in shrill voices. Eventide, the birds glide down to rest, in
the bowers of the trees. The light is green and gold, red and violet, white and
pink, colors of the sunset. The sun falls in the west, the moon rises in the
east, and at last the day is done, the Suns splendour vanished,
replaced by the shining light of a pale moon, and the far
away light of a thousand, thousand stars. And so is
day ended, and night begun, the darkness given sway.
The world lies in shadow, sleep takes the creatures
of the sun, the earth lies in shadow, to await the
new day.
The day is glorious, and the Suns splendour is without measure. The night is beautiful also,
frosted with stars and galaxies, and far away worlds. But this is a tribute to the day, and so
night, now, must be held at bay.
Ormond Dec 2014
As olive or grape  .  .  .
So shed, paired souls are threshed,
  .  .  .  Out of their bodies.
Ormond Sep 2014
And dreaming of Inisfáil, I was raised on Bolivar Pond.
Sheltered in my wake, I’d coo as the dewy’d morning dove
   And fern in my bed, I rose to greet
       The song-splayed sounds of light
   And work, I made it dropping slow
Bright in the summers swoon, I was adorned in forest eves
By rings that rang from tree to rook, and flung the wingèd down,
       Brambled in bay, garland in violet
   When blades could ***** and not make bleed,

And I was brindled by the moon’d many shades, that liken
To a brook, and mottled in my main, noted among moss
   In that glow, once knighted we must serve
       Wood, let me comb in peace!
Colored in the mantled cloth of leaves
And bonny and red, I was the brave and the boon, the deer-
Ants learned me, and herons stood muck, on stands spearing all mite
       And the vernal song sang lowly
   Swaddled in azure’s unfolding dream.

At each turn was a season, nascent life charming in marsh
Forays that brimmed the hollow rood, in clover yards, I saw
   The lilt of bees, sallied in clearings
       Brown as the yellowed beech
   Colored in sounds that beat the heart.
And forth into the field I sprang unto that shedded loam
And high was the sail that bellowed the raft that raked my pond,
       Bullied by the har-umph of frogs
   I rippled, rowing cat o’nine tailed tunes.

Windy and free in the hollowed bark round the ****** bay
I trailed the bear sniffing ****, heard the hoo of a swooping vowel
   And wild in hare, dug the fox-hole up!
       Damp fires hailed the rising
   Moon, as fire-flies dinted the troutling pools
And nothing I saw in my drowning sun could nettle or thorn
My piney ways, nothing could rot my wood-craving ears
       For the kestrel’s qweet-a-quee rang holy
   In the skunk-flowered fields of Bolivar Pond.
Inisfáil (Inish-fall) ] Gaelic word meaning: Isle of destiny, island of the fall, Ireland.

— The End —