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Show us your wings African child,
Prove to the world you can fly:
You know you can fly.

Show us your soul African child,
Prove to the sky it is bluer:
You know it is bluer.

Show us your Magic African child,
Prove to the night you are a dream:
You know you are a dream.

Show us your fire African child,
Prove to all you are a dancing flame:
You know you are a dancing flame.
Promises are evil
Mouths open awaiting
To be filled with blood
Sometimes bones
Other times hope
They make you sell
Another man for nickels
They make you
Bury life to avenge the dead
I despise them so
For they demand too much
Often bruising, often enslaving.
Inside our bodies we are Kings and queens
On lofty thrones
Steering life into submission like faithful subjects
Inside our bodies we are the world
Our words are currency
And our actions glory that comes with it
We fly, we drive, we swim—exploring eternity
We crawl, we walk, we flow—becoming forever.
Inside our bodies we are more than clay!
nyant Feb 2018
The day I opened a Bible was a tale of two cities,
The best and the worst of times,
I could no longer lay back and leave the sand in my hourglass,
watch the days of my life drift,
while logans lurk,
wolverine around the brook in the forest,
looking to claw the hope away,
make a ridge between the family I claimed to love.
There seems to be harmony in passions,
But not even Timmy knows which spell Tabitha will cast to cause more division.

The continent of the canine always barking with it's mouth open,
Feed me,
We cry,
now we are fat with corruption,
preying on the piety of poverty,
prophiting leviathans,
the cultish land with a superstition,
fearful never able to hear the mission.

We hold fast but not to the word,
starving ourselves from understanding,
traditions trump truth,
as we defecate more dangerous nonsense into our ear holes,
perhaps we're better off,
we have some peace and food,
we don't have the rat race,
maybe I've been too sheltered,
failing to truly discern the state of the land that houses me.
I couldn't even see that my house was burning but it was cool if  it was watered down by a firetruck .

I used to think that every African knows Jesus. Sometimes I act like I don't.

Fire truck reference is a silly satire at zambian government
In my eyes its got the most unique map,
At the moment,it seems development has taken a nap.
But in the actual sense it has not,
Some day,it shall show up perhaps as fast as a lightning bolt.
Anyway that isn't really noticeable,
Because of the positive minded people,
Ever friendly,
Over here,its ones choice to be lonely,
No ocean but we own a beach,
Yes I wonder how too,we're blessed..Quite rich,
I love my country.
Fifty years of peace,
Not always been bliss,
But they've all been filled with hope,
Seeing things get dope ;)
Going up the *****,
Christian nation,
So proud of this declaration,
But it doesn't mean other religions we can not allow,
There's always been freedom of worship even upto now.
Mother Zambia,indeed you're as peaceful as a mother,
Interesting and vibrant like a brother,
Loving as a sister.
Free from disaster,
Blessed are you among all nations,
These are my simple declarations,
That you shall exceed,
Greatness you shall supersede,
As I continue to intercede,
For your eventual success
You shall stand out in the masses.
For my country Zambia.Not yet independence day but yeah ;). The upcoming independence day will clock us 51 years of freedom.yeah yeah I know most of don't give a **** about such lol,but what the heck,just had to post this :p ,I love my country.

— The End —