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My fortress,
My comfort,
My strength,
My shield,
My Savior,
King of my salvation,
I can't live without you,
I can't thrive without you,
Without you my life would be hopeless,
You are Holy,
Yet you love us sinners,
Because you know we need your love,
You deserve all the glory,
And all the praise,
Thank you for loving me.
Have your own opinion,
Don't let people think for you.
Don't follow public opinion if you know deep down your heart that its not the right thing,
Be an individual,
Guard your morals,beliefs and principles and respect them because that's you.
True beauty
On the
Attitude you
Use to
It begins with you,
And within you,
It takes time and its worth it.
PS:Whenever I write a poem about beauty,I refer to both genders, coz we're all affected.
So many people crave love and affection,
Not necessarily romantically,
But true and loyal.
Be that point of joy for someone,
Its hard to even think a smile can actually erase a million worries and fears but its true, love them,
As you give joy,you gain satisfaction and more joy,
Before Christ saved me,I was the devils puppet.
He told me he would make me great,
But all I got was deceit and full regret!
In him,there's nothing to celebrate,
He only teaches how to hurt and hate!
My conscience and dignity dropped to a low rate.
Until the day Christ and I met,
He cleansed me of all my iniquities and sins and now its evident from within me that Christ is great..
In a relaxed mood,
I decide to walk around the hood,
I come across a handsome looking dude,
And I'm like whoa!his lips seem tasty haha almost like my favorite food,
He says hi to me in a flirty tone then apologises just incase he sounded rude,
He got my number and hopefully that's a prelude..
I am my designers master piece,
One of a kind beauty and so are you,!!
Its not necessary for everyone to see that.
If you see it yourself,
Its more than enough,
Love yourself!
You deserve that love,
Come on!
Give yourself a pat on the back,inhale then exhale and speak life upon your endeavors..
Its not that easy but its possible,
So we can!
I'm alive,
Not because I intelligently calculate my steps for safety,
But because His grace is sufficient,
Of course I have to take precaution but being realistic here even those who took precaution are no longer with us,they're gone..
Its only His grace I can look upto and say,indeed it kept me,
He sees me through,
Not that I'm special but because its grace; unmerited  *favor
falling  is  not
failing  ,
it  only*
failing  once  you
refuse  to  try  again
failure  is   refusing
to   stand  once   you  fall .
An  attitude

Of  gratitude

Will  catapult  you  to  a  high  altitude
For God so loved us,
That He gave His only Son
To die for us,
And if only we believed in Him we'd be saved,
Even now,its never too late for salvation,
We all need compassion,
The goodness of a Saviour.
Honestly* ,
blissful .
follow .
On your bed staring at the ceiling,
With a lot to say,
But with no ears to listen,
You wonder where to take all your thoughs and if anyone could be of help,
You feel like crying or even dying because you're so lonely,
But one thing you need to know is that in all your silent cries,
There's someone always listening to you,
Someone wanting to comfort you if you just call upon Him,
His name is JESUS,
He died for you and I just so we could have access to the Heavenly throne,
He loves you no matter what you've said or done,His love for you never changes,
Just talk to Him,there's no special way to do it, just say it,He's always present.
Winning isn't always getting the price,
Sometimes its learning how to get through in life and overcoming challenges..
Once upon a time,
Life was easy!
Before people had the guts to **** for a dime,
Before everyone got occupied and too busy.
Nowadays,life is the battle of the fittest,
The pursuit of happiness is what we're on,
We have to dig deeper for that happiness even in a situation which seems the ugliest,
Because if we don't,we'll never be happy until we're gone..
If I had the body of Nicki Minaj
The voice of Beyonce,
The dance moves of Ciara,
The acting skills of Cameron Diaz,
The brains of Oprah Winfrey
And the creativity of Tyler Perry,
I'd be totally FaKe!!!,Yes you got me right!
Why?because I wasn't born to be alike with anyone,
And neither were you,
So don't compare yourself to anyone,
Give yourself a break!
You're different from everyone else,so why bother being like someone else?its an impossibility anyways,.
Embrace your individuality.
Its sad how most women think that their lives are all about finding the perfect man and eventually getting married,
But is that really the center of our existence?,were we really made for just that one thing?
Of course we all want love and all but do we really have to do all we can to be perfect enough for that perfect guy?
For starters,noone is perfect,no matter how much you strive for perfection,you will never arrive at it,
There's so much more to life,its great to have a life partner but that's not much of a fulfillment,
Fulfillment is in doing what you love and making other peoples lives bright,
Fulfillment is in draining yourself of all your talents because you're using them,
Fulfillment is in finding your own joy..
Let  your




weaknesses .
Do not regret your mistakes,
Because if you regret them,
You won't have the ability to clearly see why they happened,
And to learn from them..
As a believer,
Sometimes everything seems to go amiss,
More like you're on your own,
But one thing we need to acknowledge is the fact that,GOD never leaves us,
We go through each day not realising how many weapons of mass destruction we escaped by His grace,
He's always there,
Believe that.
Have no
Fear for
One who
Can only
The flesh.
I don't understand much of what's happening around me,
Prophets lavitating,
Some making people do all sorts of crazy things,
Defiling congregants.
While others turn water into wine,.I don't want to be misled,
And I wouldn't say they're misleading,
I'm no judge.
And its up to me to go along or not,
But really I'm stuck in my head thinking,
So I resort to,asking for Gods guidance.
And following my instincts.
This earth is a beautiful place,if you decide to search for the beauty,its in
The trees,
The flowers,
The sky,
The birds and their songs which may at times sound like noise,
The different looking people are an addition because they make this place more colorful and interesting.
Its not cool when people preach what they can't even do.its actually saddening.
If your thoughts about yourself count on peoples opinions,
Life will be very hard for you;
Progress nearly impossible
And success very unattainable,
You have to define yourself,
Let your good opinions about yourself stand strong and unshaken as though they are facts,
Esteem yourself highly but not at the expense of other peoples dignity,
Have integrity,
Don't take others for granted,
Don't use people,love them.
Time spent being happy is never wasted time no matter what you were supposed to be doing at that time.
No matter what comes your way,
Don't be destructed,
Keep moving forward,
That's the only way to see your rise
Don't let anyone break your soul,
Stand strong,
Be hard,
Be careful to not let anyone have such power over your life.
Don't just
feel you
are beautiful,
know  you are
beautiful  .
Let the night drive you into reflecting on your day,
And resurrecting the supposedly lost hopes of tomorrow,..
If you wear make up to filter your appearance,
Realise that,that won't change how you feel about yourself deep down,
Accept what you perceive as flaws and embrace them,afterall with our human eyes we all find faults on our bodies,
Don't waste your efforts trying to impress people who aren't there to build you or encourage you,
Don't waste efforts to impress people who think your natural look *****,
Surround yourself with true love and positivity.
As hard as it may seem;to be inspired at times,
There's always inspiration around us,
Its not even somethng to wait for,
Inspiration is actually something to find,to search for,
Its all over,you just have to be receptive,
And to view things with your mental eye.
Don't take life for granted,
You don't own it,
It may slip out of you at any moment..
When you think about changing the world,
Remember to start with yourself,
Its the little things you do that accumulate to big things,
Be the change you wish to see.
Not everyone will get to read books but lots of people will definitely get to see you and get inspired.
Actions afterall speak louder than words.
That's why silence is the loudest shout.
Not everyone is strong,
Be nicer to people.
Life is all about choices,
Your choices make you,
Make the best of them.
Life is only good
When you decide to think and believe it is..
More beautiful than the stars in the night sky,
More attractive than the Victoria falls,
Living not to die,
But to soar high above your lows,
As strong as an eagle in its flight,
Never shaken by anything,
Letting nothing put you to fright,
Because you are worth more than just something.
When someone acts out of character, please don't rush to blaming yourself.
If it's too good to be true,
It probably is not true.
Adding sugar
To poison,
Does not make it less toxic,
Adding salt
To sand,
Does not make it edible.
Many times we try to sugar coat situations,hoping they will absorb the goodness and actually change. But some things have to be seen for what they are and only then can they be fixed.
The emptiness that comes from trying to find fulfillment through people i am yet to comprehend.
We tend to think being accepted by society and feeling safe in society is enough, but we attain that and still feel empty.
The ultimate fulfillment is not on the outside, it is within ourselves.
Is your mind your safe haven?
Is it your peace?
Is it your place of rest? Comfort? Solace?
If you are happy within yourself, you won't need human validation to be fulfilled.
The same way animals have species,
Is the same way humans have species.
No two beings are the same.
I am my own specie..
Therefore I can't compare myself to the next person,
Can a lion be compared to a fish? No. Why? Because they're two different things. Do not dare do that. Do not pressure yourself looking at the next person, you aren't them. Do life at your own pace. Envy is poison.
Isn't it funny how we want to hear certain things from people, things that we can actually tell ourselves.
Well i guess it just feels better when it feels like someone else cares enough to tell you what you needed to hear from yourself but they say it anyway.
Love does not hurt,
It heals.
It does not break,
It mends..
Beauty is individuality,
Being one of a kind,
You are original don't make yourself a counterfeit!
We're so caught up in ourselves that we think that everytime someone is quiet on us, they're trying to compete for who's going to call first or text first. Well sometimes people genuinely don't want to communicate, whilst other times it just feels like they're giving you work to do, they feel like a burden and they choose to be aloof. Sometimes they just want to know who really cares. But we're all so caught up within ourselves. Showing that you love someone doesn't hurt, it heals. The pride that stops us from doing so is the exact guilt that will help us regret not reaching out. While people sincerely love to be alone sometimes, we all appreciate a little care, a little hi, a hello. From the heart. Not to strike a conversation but just to check up on someone.
Being single shouldn't be considered as being lonely,
It should be considered as being strong and able to stand as an individual,
It should be a time to build on yourself more,
To make yourself more self reliant,
Singlehood is no curse,its an opportunity,
The past is the past,
Its history for a reason,
The past;whether its success or failure shouldn't define you because days change,
Everyday should be taken as new as it is with its goals and hopes.
The past is to be learnt from.
Christ came in human form to set an example of how we should live,
He performed miracles and they were recorded so we could believe,
He also lived as a human being so He could know how we feel,
Do not worry about your pain,instead pray about it because He can heal,
Cast your burdens upon Him,He's willing to carry them for you,
Believe in Him and start your life anew..
Anytime,anywhere u can call upon Christ and be saved.
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