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Warm colors in the sky,
The burnt amber reminded me of your eyes.
A beautiful prize,
That I can't summarize.
As my gaze curiously wanders to yours,
Caught those gemstones looking into mine enticed.
With our sights aligned,
The sun kisses the ocean its goodbyes.
As the serene waves serenades the sun,
Pulling our heartstrings on a run.
As the dusk,
Melted into the ocean blush.
Your rosy cheeks.
Brighter than any sunset,
Melted mine into a smile.
A memory I will forever remember
anyway i'm still bad at poetry but hope u enjoy it
WaterSheep Dec 2021
Is it truly the end?
Are there ways where I can make my amend?
I held onto your hand,
Frightened over thoughts I can't comprehend.
Over our troubles,
That are overdue.
Breathing and alive.
The burden burns,
Filling my air with smoke.
Still breathing though :>
WaterSheep Dec 2020
Kept those feelings 6 feet under,
But it grew,
and grew.
Lush and green.
Standing tall and still,
Longing for the sun.
WaterSheep Dec 2020
Fallen off a tree,
Brown leaves blown by gush of wind,
Conceding to fate.
When you are in the same position with the leaves. We have chances, they do too as fertilizer xD. So make sure you grab hold onto it when you have the oppoturnity. You wont regret it i suppose. :)
WaterSheep Aug 2020
Delicate purple hued.
Was never my favourite,
Until you pointed out,
It was yours.
I breathe,
In its calming scent.
With euphoric,
Thoughts in mind.
When did it start?
This addiction.
Now - feeling drowsy,
Enough to make me sleep.
I close my eyes,
Greeted by the sweetest dream,

Of you.
I felt like writing this after remembering an old conversation with a certain fellow. It was nice.
WaterSheep Jul 2020
Its raining.
Vivid flow of sorrow.

It rained too.
On that day,
Those spider lilies,
Bloomed on you.

Every downpour,
Is a requiem.
Singing your name.
Sleep well darling.
WaterSheep Jul 2020
You took your gun,
Out and point it at me,
If that makes you happy,
Just shoot me.
Endless arguments between us that never seem to be able to reach a conclusion, you were never pleased, Unless.
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