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WaterSheep Sep 17
The shot you fired,
Left a hole.
As you grin,
Ear to ear,
You felt better.
Whilst I continue to bleed.
I placed your importance above my own.
To the point of it being self destructive.
WaterSheep Aug 13
Delicate purple hued.
Was never my favourite,
Until you pointed out,
It was yours.
I breathe,
In its calming scent.
With euphoric,
Thoughts in mind.
When did it start?
This addiction.
Now - feeling drowsy,
Enough to make me sleep.
I close my eyes,
Greeted by the sweetest dream,

Of you.
I felt like writing this after remembering an old conversation with a certain fellow. It was nice.
WaterSheep Jul 30
Its raining.
Vivid flow of sorrow.

It rained too.
On that day,
Those spider lilies,
Outgrew you.

Every downpour,
Is a requiem.
Singing your name.
Sleep well darling.
WaterSheep Jul 29
You took your gun,
Out and point it at me,
If that makes you happy,
Just shoot me.
Endless arguments between us that never seem to be able to reach a conclusion, you were never pleased, Unless.
WaterSheep Jul 5
I was a fool.
A fool that believed,
And on your stage,
I acted my part flawlessly,
The way you wanted me to be.

— The End —