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Seanathon Oct 23
Though storms rise on tempered seas
They stir the sand to glass
The oyster pearls
The time to pass
A wish for all kinds of weather on land and sea.
jerelii Oct 22
the sun wrap around it’s weight
and come after another summer
as fall arises in autumn leaves
pick and choose to brighten
your day

amusing words that
plant the recorded
recalling every sad, blissful
grace of momentum
turning down to put you in the warmth
cold october
sipping every taste
of sweet cinnamon tea
giving you the nostalgia
of the one’s you forgot to remember

as the soul reunite
in tied of green trees
it turn into orange and red
maple trees,
yearning the glimpse
of affection and love

season of blue
or season of love
the weather could change
by how you can see it so smooth
and yet so strange

even moon could change
the shape

even clouds could appear so soft
and dark

sometimes it makes you overwhelmed
by the sudden move of time
as how time flies so fast
but *** only knows
the best out of you
that it could only means the world
to tell you something about
zb Oct 22
the air, cold in the bottom of my lungs,
calls me out to face the chill,
let raindrops bless my skin,
gaze up, squinting into the sky,
and feel tiny droplets scatter on my cheeks like freckles

i love rainy, cold weather,
i love letting my sleeves fall down over my hands
i love too-wide smiles and wet toes from splashing
in puddles full of mud and hazy reflections of people i love

i love the shiver down my spine
whenever i step out the door,
walking between school buildings with friends,
laughing as loudly as we can
tucking strands of wet hair behind our ears,
checking everyone's backpacks are closed
to protect english papers and math homework

i breathe deeper in the autumn
because the bite of the cold at the sides of my lungs
gives a high i can't replicate
any other time of year
Isaac Ward Oct 18
The skies are sad today,
And trees have grown old,
Creaking as they wave,
With stories left untold.

The sidewalk lays cracked,
On streets left to themselves,
With tiny apartments stacked,
Like boxes on frozen shelves.

Drip. Drop.
Are the clouds crying-
From joy or loss?
Is it light, like angels flying...
Or lamenting over the cost?

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.
The sun hides his face,
From our empty, lonesome town,
And the dreary, forgotten pace-
Keeps dragging us back down.
Beth Oct 17
His hands balanced on the windowsill
stained with the tobacco in his finger tips and
caressed by the fleeting smoke.
He was shaking, and I could do nothing.
No hold that I give him is adequate- for he is not here, neither there.

I long to pull him with me, as he drags at the smoke
but I know there is no use.
He is too far away.
There are raindrops between our bodies but oceans between our minds
and I cannot swim that far.

Every time the smoke leaves his lungs I gasp for it,
every breath he takes fills my lungs with water.
How does he breathe so clearly whilst I am left to drown?
How does his ruination hold more life than the hands I reach to him with?

I yearn for his hesitant touch as he puts out his cigarette
but almost instantly, he is distracted.
I lose him to the hallucinogen of reality.
ottaross Oct 16
Our headlights out there
In this wet October night
Sink into the cold asphalt
Glowing lumps of coal
Lobbed into a black ocean.
Driving home in a dark evening rain, leaves litter the street, and headlamps are powerless against the depth of darkness
Callie R Oct 12
It’s raining in the kitchen
And soaking the dish towels I just washed
But maybe it will clean the ***** dishes
I’ve been meaning to put in the dishwasher

Snow is falling in my bedroom
It was already freezing when I woke up this morning
So I’ll have to unpack the winter sheets from the attic
Another tedious chore for the day

Sweltering heat attacks my skin as I enter the den
Thank *** I installed a ceiling fan the previous summer
Hopefully my wax stamps don’t melt onto
My half-assed business letters
That would be unfortunate

Then I discovered there is hail pounding into the tile floor
Inside my bathroom and shattering my ***** mirror
Now I have a reasonable excuse to buy a new one
The glass soap dispenser shattered
Bubbling and oozing across the stained counter

There’s weather indoors
Maybe I’m complaining
But this is a bit fascinating.
I got this from a prompt onhttps://thinkwritten.com/poetry-prompts/
Devine Freyde Oct 12
There are days
When everything's new
Don't know who's who
But it's not all blue

There are days
When the sand burns
And i yearn
For everything occurred

There are days
When nothing can be seen
Sometimes it's thirteen
But to me it's not that mean

There are days
When i finally see the worst in my best
When i never want to admit that i regret
When i never expected such test

But there are also days
When it couldn't be better
When coffee doesn't feel bitter
When the pressure only causes one error

That's when she is
When the sky isn't bright
But her smile is
When the color isn't white
But she is

With her
I always find myself in fall
Both weatherly
And literally
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