laura Dec 2018
If you look outside,
All you see is storm clouds.
It’s one of those days,
Where everything seems sad and gloomy.
The good thing is,
is That you can just lie inside,
And you have that sense,
That you are safe,
And nothing will ever harm you.
Samuel Hoffmann Dec 2018
Yesterday it rained.
And as I left work I waited by the door,
and wondered:
If I wait, *** might stop the rain.

A pause for a second might stop the snow.
Despite their brown color, with some water, the leaves may grow.
We could sleep a little longer till the end of the day.
If we cry just enough we might get our way.
If we push off the party the sun might come out.
If we pray extra hard the flowers could sprout.

And if we wait by this tree,
Just sit, you and me,
The world, might too, sort itself out.
Here is a lovely little poem I wrote for my creative writing class --and for Shel Silverstein
Ecstabell Dec 2018
My mind is a wild place
Untamed and unkempt
A battlefield
Where weeds and flowers
Fighting for the last glimpse of light
Before the sky clouds over
And darkness falls
ottaross Dec 2018
Just our clothing choices
Make the weather,
So they say.

For wont of hat or mittens thick
We'd get outside
And play.

With just a rummage thru' the drawer
We'd get outside
And wander.

Just some woollies and a knitted scarf
And get outside today.
"There's no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices"
Jo Barber Dec 2018
The way the rain splatters
against the windows of the car
as it drifts through the city.
Each droplet looks like a tear
as it streaks its way across the pane.
Mackenzie Dec 2018
This time last year
It was you
who filled me with Christmas cheer
even though loving you isolated me like
Rudolf the rednose reindeer
Slipping on ice
I only saw you but
Isn't it ironic
How love is so blind
Never once did I see that
You would be my demise
Your love was like a drug
Increasing my dose
Never afraid of getting too close
This Christmas
my heart is empty and
the weather is still cold
I prayed for you last night but the devil grabbed my soul
The love that we had
turned to coal
Snow settled in my heart
In the spot you used to hold
The holidays are so full of cheer
This year
I opened a box of our memories
No love lies here
M. D.
Viewfinder Dec 2018
Won't You Go Away, Oh Dreary Rain?

Oh Rain!  Go away!-elsewhere but here
And be gone with your gloomy ways; ******!
For I have had enough of your detestible behaviour, so devoted on ruining plans
You come in all of your grey-puddled glory; like the eye of an elder
What is it that makes you detest I,  oh dreary one?
Is it my dry appearance that you despise so much?
Or perhaps my freshly laundered clothes, that you must make dripping wet!
I shall never know of your cruel reasons, and I shan’t needn’t care!
For you are just an obstacle, a miserable and detested bully-
Whom appears in my life far too often!
Why is it that brother sun brings me happines?
His sunshine rays enriching my life, giving me warmth and light
And sister moon?  Her nightly glow giving my aching body rest as I sleep at night
Shall we make peace now and build new bridges,  oh dreary one?
Call a truce?  make way to new beginnings and beautiful fortunes?
Let’s not rush this new alliance, instead we’ll take each day as it comes
But the question I must ask, Rain; will you ever learn from brother sun?
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
line the streets,
covering the frozen earth
underneath. Trees, like veins
stand still to greet the rain.
The wind whispers quietly,
making the weather feel more
****. But I don't mind this
dreary weather because
sometimes it just
makes me feel
It's almost Christmas, and there's only rain. Rain that keep on washing away whatever is left of that precious snow. But I guess you really don't need snow to make it feel like Christmas, you just need the spirit.
The clouds are always wild
Wherever we are
A tree grows
Despite damaged boughs.
Lime green electric cars
Give us hope in this town.
And love, with the rain,
Comes down.
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