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I've been staying up at night,
Burning the midnight oil.
Thinking about our fights and something didn't feel right...
I don't deserve you...
I do not deserve you in the ways that you treat me.

I know that I was wrong,
and you always played along.
Even when I had hurt you, you still loved me,
we looked like fools.
I don't deserve you...
I do not deserve you in the ways that you treat me.
A rough blurb of inspiration. Haven't written in a while. I hope it is something you all can enjoy
From the ground up,
My head rolls up to the air,
The periscope fixed,
On crowds with a mannequin stare.

If we can't find a way,
Well make **** sure we’re seen.
Dress in the dark,
And **** em,
All shiny and clean.

Saints scramble for the sinners,
Ten euros at the door,
Don't be afraid, don't be yourself,

But the films etched,
Tattooed on the skin.
Freedom fighters,
Welcome on the outside,
But don’t come in..

From the ground down
My head loses it’s care
A gaze lost to the mannequins stare.
an act
eva-mae coffey Jan 2020
how am I supposed to know
If love is true and I’m to grow?
For I felt love at the hands of a liar
while I cried, as he got higher,
And I felt love as I was used
Over again, as self was fused.
And I felt love as rumours were spread,
Through hours of wanting to just be dead,
I felt love at the laugh of my mother
The calm embrace of my older brother
I felt love at the smile of my dad,
Whom, though caring, can drive me mad,
I felt love at the friendships we’ve formed
the girls with whom I’ve laughed and mourned, and I felt love in the nudge of the dog, the soggy walks home and the days full of fog.
a diary of a person who feels too much
Janal Rajput Nov 2019
Where the sea kisses the land,
And Luna and Sole coincide,
Between them is a fine, fine, line,
They walk both sides of it,
Love and Hope,
In pure gold dance in diamonds and step in sunshine,
Love holds his hand showing a world to behold,
Their ambiance intoxic worth dying for it,
He could waste his youth forever,
Chasing kites, he finds no better time,
Lets them rub his back, grow in his spine,
Dancing to his own beat, two left feet,
Hope covers his eyes in the heat,

He looks back into the divide,
Where the sea kisses the land,
And Luna and Sole coincide,
There it is again, caressing his chest,
That feeling- it flows like the wind,
He sees Love elegantly dressed alone,
By the cliff-side, wanting to meet the high-tide,
Something broke, and he wanted home,
Chasing Love he screamed and wailed,
Begged her stop, she seemed so very far,
He couldn't stop her despite how he tried,
He couldn't believe it, is it true;
That some feelings can travel too?
So he watched Love meet the sea,
A silver bullet piercing the murky blue,
A shred of light glimmers in depravity,
Prayed for salvation or divine retribution,
For someone to find his center of gravity,
Maybe in the murky blue he'll find absolution,
Maybe in depravity there is the solution,
Maybe amongst the pollution and the convolution there is revolution.
TD May 2019
The Willow cried
her trickling sobs
a shadowy space
between two
shoulder blades.

Alone, there a girl
perched precariously
her smiling mouth
and frowning eyes
a tentative nod

held by mounds of grass
and a propensity
for sensitivity.

She could tumble dry
or get caught up
in a waterfall of
tender sentiments.

She never could decide.
PMc May 2019
Beware our first kiss
that uncrossed line of
once done is done
ours will not be a tickled fancy
nor plain nor incidental

First kiss will come from deep within our souls
where desire has slept for months,

Our ****** lip-lock longing
with the torrent of rivers Teslin and Yukon merging
the craving colours change from soft navy blue, shadows of olive
to stark aqua marine, glowing brilliant teal
seen through eyes closed, the witness of deep arousal
from deep within

Mouth water poaches an intensity, hearts race, we forget to breathe
teeth gnarl one another in a **** or flight instinct
towers of oral energy cascade through a single line of longing
faces twisting right and left in attempts to find suitable alignment
not caring when they don’t
nothing else matters
when uncrossed lines are crossed

Beware the first kiss
    there is no turning back
let go the vertigo, we will hold one another
while tearing our tongues into one another’s souls
push deeper with all passion’s purpose

this once
will be
      – just once
There is an oft-crossed line between partners when the decision whether or not to kiss either should - or must - be made.  Once crossed / what's done it done.
Megan Edwards Feb 2019
At night the voices die.
Each small creek,
Each small cry.
Each small dance, each small turn
My heart begins to burn.

The silence is loud,
It echos. The echos bound.
I turn to see my lifeless self,
I turn to see my selfless life.
As I cry.
I cry about how I became mine.

There are people to help,
I swear there are,
But for now I have to sit.
Sit and wait.
Wait for life to prevail.
Wait to start my tale...
Megan Edwards Dec 2018
I feel my self pull apart.
Rationality turns into darkness,
As I go on my searches.

One for sense. One for pain.
As the stars disappear
I give up on hope.

Look into the mirror. I see pain.
Look into my reflection,
I seek help.

Help which isn't there,
But I need.
For waiting and wandering shall never help.
As at least I'm alone.

No one can find me now.
This poem is abit out of my comfort zone, but I would love to know what you guys think! And how I could possibly improve.
Megan Edwards Dec 2018
Today I sit in sorrow.
Like the crow I sit and watch;
I wait for the next days tommorow,
Waiting, waiting and waiting to be taught.

Why should I live?
I ask myself again.
I live life like I have nobody with.
I cry silently, cry like the wren.
Each tiny cry,
I feel more alive.

All I want is someone who cares,
A Husband a friend?
But now I sit in my lonely lair
Waiting for someone to tend.

But for now I sit alone,
In my thoughts at last alone.
Soon I'll be alone for good
But till then I've got to pretend I'm all good.
Megan Edwards Dec 2018
Forever lost within a world of pain,
Wandering, waiting for the fire to end.
Saturn has protected him well.
All I have is death. Death is my place.

He guards it well, through the day and night.
Enter through the fire, Enter through the pain.
Hold my breath
For I shall breathe fire.

I shall find him, far and wide.
Through hells gates, through all the pain.
Each small step, the closer I come.
As I travel, through heavens gates.
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