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Tony Tweedy May 2022
I thought to write a poem but no subject came to mind
and though I racked my brain not one topic could I find.

My head was full of nothing even though I had a need to rhyme.
But no matter how I strained it was quite simply a waste of time.

I sought to look for inspiration in the reading of a  new book
but I never really found it, despite all the time it took.

Perhaps I could find motivation in some TV and the news,
But that made me feel quite weary and so I took a little snooze.

Mind refreshed from sleep still no thoughts of what to write
and so it has remained through to these small hours of the night.

My desire to write a poem to entertain you as you read
has all come to nothing, so many hours later, I must concede.
A lot of time gets wasted
"I gave birth to you so I can take you out of this world."

So do it then, I'll even hand you the knife you need to send me to an early grave.

Since you always know best don't you?

But let's be real you just don't have the guts to do it.

Maybe I should do it myself.

A vent since today is so ****.
Jay M Nov 2019
My Perspective

There are many kinds
Those that appear in images and audio
And those that appear in our minds
That haunt us to our cores
Plaguing us
With flashbacks, fears, insecurities
Issues with trust, issues with companionship;
Whatever it may be
These ghosts never leave us be
Not a moment to rest
And when they give us that moment
It disappears in an instant
Vanishing as soon as it had come
Not to be seen for a time yet.


My Mother's Perspective

An entity that may or may not exist
A shadow, or a lingering spirit
Such has been debated for ages
Yet, the question is; what do I believe?
There could be such
The soul of a person lingering in a place of importance
Trapped in a memory they had
Possibly keeping people away
Possibly inviting them to stay
Such is unclarified
Left for us to be believers,
Or skeptics.


My Sister's Perspective

Yes, they are all around us!
Dreams so wondrous,
Nightmares of the dangerous,
Hidden in photos
Detected in sound
Things move when nobody is around
Keys turning
Spirits yearning
For communication
Freedom from repetition
Or just a friendly hello
A familiar song on the cello.

- Jay M
November 21st, 2019
I wrote each one in a different perspective of the topic of ghosts. The two that are from my mom and sister's perspective are what I believe their take on the subject is based on what they have told me they believe.
Arcassin B Jun 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

Blistering concoction, Making nonsense,
Make sure you just leave your mark,
Don't let them touch you,
Way too many stops to be rushing,
Your boyfriend would you, if I was your boyfriend would you know me the same?
What if I was your savior something pushing all the corners of your life would you take my last name?
You know the game,
I wouldn't even worry about the relations I probably just liked if you came,
The portal opens,
No room in this bathroom for the both of us even when the soaps soakin',
We found the perfect motion,
Better than the twisting motion if I do say so myself, just get the lotion.

candykendys Apr 2019
late night,


writer's block
because of you.
drown her.
is it just me? those poems are unsaid thoughts.
Raven Mar 2019
Vanity stole me
Vanity corrupted me
Vanity tranquilized me
Vanity disrupted me

These lines have me thinking wrong thoughts, thoughts that are of uncanny nature and vain thoughts of selfishness and unhealthy erotica.
Vanity took all the sanity away from the head, and left me alone, not even therapy can stabilize me, I rebuild my soul.
I'm out of my mind, and I'm yellin' out, vanity
Like a drug itself, these lines are like decaf and vanity is my addictive curse.
Addiction not to the drug, but to the feeling of such an intense self love, it eats you up inside, you take the substance to escape the sinful feeling.
Logic, and proportion, all dead.
Losing myself,
Get out of my head.
Get out of my thoughts.
Nothing to say ...
Sabila Siddiqui Dec 2018
I want to pick your brain for lunch to discuss the ongoings in this world and your views on controversial topics. I want to talk about the various books you read, the various shows and movies that entertain you. I want to know more about your beliefs, what appeals, riles, fascinates and triggers you. I want to know what makes you glow and dim. to watch you paint with different hues, form various constellation and explore the black hole of unexplored matter. I want to converse about the uncanny topics and the stigmatized ones. To know more about the philosophy, biology and chemistry of your existence and this world. I want to know about the intricacy, profundity and complexity around rather than keep to the surface topics.
Jonathan Surname Oct 2018
What's the one thing you could talk about without rest?

Who's the one person that made talking effortless?

Where is the one that changed you for the better,

where is the one that made you your best?

When did it all occur, was it recently, or more in the past?

Is this one something or someone you wish you could have back?

People aren't things,
and also, they aren't chances.
They're the same solemnness
between the sonder and the glances.
We all have our thing and some of us may have more.
But I prefer the passions of the focused
for whom hearts with pulse on sleeve are wore.
not being rhetorical
Sushant Bhujel Jun 2017
First, I try to think of a topic
Second, I think of new topics
Third, I come up with a topic.

But, my last post was similar to this topic
And how can I write two new things for the same topic
So, what can be another completely untouched topic.

Then, I begin to think of Genre,
Love, Break-up, Alone, Ethics, Morals

But I've posted about all these
What new can I think of now?
i Sep 2014
your bright smile
is something dark
to talk about.
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