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Sushant Bhujel Jun 2017
First, I try to think of a topic
Second, I think of new topics
Third, I come up with a topic.

But, my last post was similar to this topic
And how can I write two new things for the same topic
So, what can be another completely untouched topic.

Then, I begin to think of Genre,
Love, Break-up, Alone, Ethics, Morals

But I've posted about all these
What new can I think of now?
Sushant Bhujel Jun 2017
I wonder the wandering of my mind
It goes to lose itself in the ride
I feel visions
I see the thoughts
I hear choices
While I feed on the words

Normal, Is it?
#wandering #thoughts
Sushant Bhujel Jun 2017
Would you believe me if I tell
The moment I saw you I fell

The time...
Nothing moved!

Is that your dad behind you
He is holding your ummm, sister's hand
Is your brother a policeman?
The other brother, who is he with?
Is that your sister too?
Wow, how many brothers and sisters do you have?
And why is your grand mom walking alone?
Your mom, is that your newest brother she's holding?


Sir, are you okay? Sir, Sir
Sir, can you hear me?

Oh. Hello officer!

Hello sir, what stopped you?

I stopped? I didn't realize
Would you believe me if I tell
The moment I saw you I fell
Fell in thoughts so deep, I day-dreamed
Dreamed of you everywhere

Would you believe me if I tell
I saw you and the next moment I fell
Not asleep, this time I can bet
Got hit by a green Chevrolet!
#Would #you #believe #me #moments #fall #fell #dream #daydream #Pleasant #thoughts #hit #car
Sushant Bhujel Jun 2017
Cannot a man at his will
Hear the win, hear the feel
Above distraught agonies, the
Mellow success in practice
Perished may have some efforts, for
Instantly nothing's ever been reaped
Occasionally it may include luck, but
Never a tough practice never wins

Knives know no failures if sharp
Neither does and will skills, hence
On the way to a glorious triumph
What better cameo than persistence!

No man becomes a champion if he quits
Or no quitters can ever be one.

Quits who, the lazy bones attitude
Uncuffs the 'destined' hypothesis
If ever a man catches his success
That's all for his persistence.
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
We have grown and passed
Through all the good and bad
We have seen and even been
The change outside and within

We praise all humans' humane
A ceremony for them, we entertain
But the inhuman acts remain
There's no stop to this revolving chain

And songs of humanity we still sing
But to intolerance is what we cling
Intolerance to religions and race
Intolerance to freedom, we face

A division in the rich-poor grade
Intolerance to differently abled and sexed

Though we want 'Our Descendants' to be at ease
And a better future we hope there is
But for how we want the building to stand
We need a strong foundation plan

Instead what we do is we showcase
Our staggering walks to the path of mess
And make them learn
To walk alike when we are gone

If the world's a house, We're its bricks
At that, What a person within him seeks
Is all that matters,
Guilt or Pride...
For what we shall leave behind!
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
A new born to some years old
Cute, happy and smiling soul
Words weren't a need at all
No complaints or demands I recall

I don't know what and how I thought
I don't know if I cared or not
But as I learned understanding what people said
I started confusing myself in my head

Listening and talking the talks, I learnt
Thinking weird things, do's and don'ts
Restless my mind
Never ending my thoughts
Shame on this mind
For not understanding
The understanding disease I'd caught

All began unraveling with what people said
And the talks in this mind that stayed
Sowed the very first of them in the mind
To reap every word and it's kinds

It did reap
I enjoyed listening a lot
I enjoyed blabbering words
I enjoyed thinking the thoughts

But what it reaped
Ripped my peace of mind
When I try to keep it quiet
I feel
The peace....
Peacefully died!
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
No man has and will ever earn
Orientation to immorality and things that're wrong

May be he sees self as the wisest of all
Earns the most, makes the main calls
And/or he may be a well built handsome hunk
Neither of these nor any other qualities give him a nod, to
Stare at others, break their esteem for the world.

No man has and will ever earn, the right to
Objectify another for the mere sense of fun.
Generally women must feel a slew of emotions, from joy for being noticed, to fear of angering their harasser, to anger at the nerve of some people, to sadness that is normal. We, men ourselves fear for our sisters, spouse and daughters safety, also feel angry that they dressed a certain way or that some men can’t control themselves, to sadness that you have to be concerned for them everywhere because it is the way it is.
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