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All it took for me to see.
I sow within the deepest parts of me.
Weave between the cracks and holes.
My veins will tell me until I bruise.

I know that I will rue the day that I have to choose.
Is it really up to you?
I am fine tonight, aging on this side of the shoreline.
You took me as yours.
You will watch me tonight
As I finally dance.

This last breath of mine.
One last request if it is alright?
Hold me like that day.
When you stole me.

The downpour was just like now.
Born on a day that told me how.
I could not even open my eyes.
Before you decided what was mine.

Carry me to the depths,
One more time.
I'll see the stars,
No matter where I can find.

Let me pretend one last time.
That I lived a promised life
That I was so happy I could decide.
That I was grateful despite the strife.

Maybe I would have lived a life that was mine.

In the next life.
Oh, you child!

Blessed be you are.

Born to be the one who is loved

You were made to be torn apart.

The angels cry and sing your name.

You were made to lose all you've earned.

Everything will be in time.

You are with no reason and no rhyme.

It will reach the depths where hell has not dug.

Your name and all the things you've done.

The world will be at your mercy.

And you will die, that is what you will do.

You will die over and over again.

You will skin what is left of your bones.

For those who will eat you whole and alive.

You will thank them for it you will thank him for it.

You will happily oblige.

Oh our sweet thorn born child.

The kisses and praise will litter your skin like an incurable plague.

You are my favourite.

And you will thank me for it.

No one will hear you.
The moon shined so bright,

Your hands around my neck.

I thought I'd forgotten your voice

But your memory was all I had left.

Under the water nothing made sense.

The salt covered what I had left to hide.

My mind drifting to the light.

The feelings that took years to sink.

Under the moon's eye,

A different part of me came alive.

The grief that had drowned me then.

I should've stopped you but I don't know when.

Even if it's not really you, I can lie.

I went here in fear now I'll leave like I'm high.

So I reach out, not to stop you,

But so I can hold you, under this rocky tide.

I'm so glad to see you again tonight.

For the first time in a while and for the last time, goodbye.
I missed you, I'm sorry.
The world will not be kind to you,

I wish you knew.

When you prayed every night begging,

For a god with deaf ears to listen to you.

Your unreasonable request.

Your impossible wish,

That will never be granted.

I wish you knew.

I'd take your life myself so you could die knowing what kindness was.
It would be for the best.
My hands that reeked of death.
I was stained before I knew.
What it meant,
What loss entailed.

I was different once,
Now I'm different too.
The loving gaze,
Reached me from the stars.

One faithless day.
I watched me die.
What I could've been if I never knew.
You stared at me like the gravel.

I laid to rest,
All my innocence.
The light inside me,
Snuffed before it could form.

The cold metallic taste now stuck,
Clinging onto me.
Like nothing ever will.
Because I will always reek of death.

And I will mourn for you.
For what I could have been.
Your life that had only just begun,
Pretending that it was enough.

You will never know what it is, to stop.
You stole me.
Nothing comes to mind, each stroke and word aches inside me.

A fleeting thought coming up dry in my throat.

My temple, empty and abandoned.

Only traces of wine left, They have forsaken me.

They have cursed me, ripping out what made me alive.

I no longer hear the future only sinister laughter

Under the altar is a reminder of what could’ve been.

They think I am undeserving.

They know I would rather die than be nothing.

Why make me believe it?
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