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J J Feb 29
on the phone
you talk and talk until suddenly
  you say you're going to let me go.

i stare out empty, filling in images
  over the blank wall, it's became a sort of silent mantra as of late;
the vague daydreams are bound to crumble back to memory
some way or another
if not wear it's bite marks like tiny wounded flags

i let grow swollen.  i only wish you never changed me like you did. i remember gathering rugburnt rashes
on our underthighs, making each other's jaws twitch
with the electric heater as our modern day campfire.
it's a good day for a warm shower, to burn my skin red and peel an unrecognisable face out of the mirror, a clense, a diy baptism;in the aftermath: i showered as many times as i had to,
i saw the outcome miles away (it was a certainty any time i dared to speculate on the possibility)
O why am i so sickened ?
i had to figure out if i had any right to be

and the days dragged on so long.

your eyes glowed like chasms once,
they've grown oxidated and cold since.
i hope i've done my part to change you.

Sometimes I've felt like a pawn being puppeteered to trapeze a thin string,
Knowing for sure that I'm drawing a noose but waiting to know who it's for.
galaxys archive Oct 2023
Pantone noir skies
but a thousand buildings glow
not with light, but life
people working, watching, waiting, living

through the rear window I see thousands of lives
lives unaffected by my presence, unaware
thousands of realities, stories, perspectives even more

humanity reflected in each pane of glass
i yearn to have a human life too

a life of possibility and not restraint
to do, rather than watch
I S A A C Jul 2022
goon in love
too soon to trust
that's my inner dialogue, just a fire moving along
gazing above
wondering what watches over me as I repeat the mistakes set out forth for me
generational trauma, nature works in cycles
generational drama, focus on plastic idols
daydreams in the white room
unfaithful to the divine fruit
We've got this worldwide think-tank
where the digital ink's flowing;
They call it the web but it's more like an ocean.

On and on it goes,
All of it flowing,
Out into the world;
Aimée Jan 2022

the realisation that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.


the realisation that i am selfish to think i am the only person in the world who feels lonely,

as if i am the chosen one who the world has thrown her worst battles at,

as if i am unique in any way, shape or form when there are exact replicas of my being walking around,

with their thoughts and hobbies and feelings and emotions and experiences imitating mine.
Our complexity is what we think
separates us from everyone else,
our vivid dreams seem so different
yet ultimately meant to collapse into one.
Random thoughts for a crowd-less world.
Hannah Jones Nov 2020
is living out
their own brand
of mediocrity--
nothing stellar
occurs outside of
humble parts
coming together
and turning into
Sometimes my heart breaks when I recall that the people in my life aren't any better or worse off than I am, and that the small moments are what make my heart long for eternity. We'll be alright.
Isabella Sep 2020
Behind every set
Of beautiful, glossy eyes
There's a whole story
based on the new word i discovered, "sonder". a poem with that title will be coming soon <3
Vaampyrae Aug 2020
I remember several months ago
I met a guard by a waiting shed
As I waited for my dad to pick me up from the pier
His name, I've already forgotten
He was around his 40s, or 50s
Childless, if I remember
Had a tough life
Graduated in International Relations
Came from a well to do Chinese family
Yet all came crashing down so soon
After a few decisions then and there
He spoke to me in English
We talked for awhile
He said, people usually looked down
On guards like him
Thinking they were uneducated
They couldn't possibly have interesting lives
And at that moment I realized
People pass by every single day
Without giving them second glances
Without realizing they're human too
With stories as exciting as those in screens.

My father arrives to pick me up.
I stand up, glance at the guard and my father, and I see -

Life is truly spectacular.

As I sit by the passenger seat and drive  away
The scenery changing before my eyes
I wonder if I was the first person to just sit down
And listen
I wonder how many sat down by that waiting shed before I did
Listening to his story
And I wonder how many have since then and will continue to
I wonder if I'll ever pass by him again
I wonder where he is right now
Is he still by that waiting shed?
Did he ever get a child?
Does he still remember me?
Was it perhaps all a dream I made up?
Who knows?

I wonder with glee and sadness
Knowing there are billions out there
With stories I will never know.

In my own waiting shed, I shall tell my story too,
Through my own fleeting life
Through the decisions I'll make
Through the people I'll love
Through the people I'll lose
Through these poems -

And I hope somebody listens.
A Forrest Gump story, don't you think?

People are interesting creatures. You just have to look deep enough. There is a story in every one of us, waiting to be told.

Sonder series #1.

Sonder (n.)
"The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own."

- Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
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