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leyana Jul 30
I must really get under your skin
Maybe that's why you are mean
Why don't you give it a rest?
Am I really a pest?

I am not insecure
You have a heart that's unpure
They call me a *****
It broke my heart, now it can never be stitch

They say, "you're full of crap!"
But, you can never bring me down
Nor make me frown, not anymore

I know I'm going to be a star
So, thanks for giving me this scar
Please bury yourself in the tar
And watch me as I drive my fancy car
I wrote this poem 2 years ago to show sincerity to all the bully victims like me. Please help me stop bullying everywhere especially at schools to help lessen the suicide cases of young kids and teenagers.
Renee Danes Sep 2018
No Hello,
To you,
To me,
Behind this screen,
What do you see,
Yes, words,
Tiny little microchips,
Piecing these words together,
As if I am a computer... Ha,
But then again,
You would never know,
But, yes,
I am only human,
A human with emotions,
And feelings,
And the words people type on the screen,
Are not to a microchip,
No hate texts to AI,
Some people just forget that the person at the other end of the screen,
Is just that...

Cyber-bullying isn't cool, don't think that just because you don't say it to their face doesn't make it nice.
Denise Uy Sep 2018
how can such hollow words fool you?
how can you not see from your point of view?
you let them pluck you like a fragile lute,
you let them **** on you as if you were the ground.
stop letting them smell you as if you were foul.
just fight back and start with a growl.

don't let them move you around in a chess game.
let their every advance not allow your mind to sway.
you could be losing but don't toss the board yet.
stay even when all seems to go downhill,
stay and don't let your losses shake your will.
just fight back, break yourself free, and live with thrill.

roar even when they can barely hear
and know that they're not the ones to fear.
do what it takes to amplify your lion heart.
you can borrow my light to see through the dark.
aim carefully like you were shooting darts.
just fight back, shield your person, and make your mark.
learn to listen and stand your ground. g'night mga doi
Renee Danes May 2018
No wonder we never get the memo,
We think about it very little
As if! Ha! Sometimes never at all
we think we are so tall,
mighty above whom?
Where did we get the idea
that we were better
than anyone else?
The rugged words we say
to pull someone down into the dust,
so as the simple words fade away,
do you think that ourselves we can trust?
For although few words may be spoken,
Is one simple word not enough?!
To bring someone down and be broken,
No wonder that life is so tough!
Now that you think that it's fine,
as if one little thing doesn't matter,
put yourself into their shoes sometime,
I'm sure then you won't prefer the latter...
For all the victims of bullying, and for all the bullies who need to think about what they're doing to us victims!
Leeann Rose Jan 2018
Stop ! Please stop yelling.
I know I should speak up.
I know I should stop listening to people .. What do they know about me ? I can't let them define me! They keeping trying to belittle me, calling me names, telling me who they think I am .. And yet, I still don't speak up.
Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their own way of thinking ..why cause I don't move how they want me to , ? They call me names
Half the **** I know ..they dont know. Im very wise, just quiet. Please ...
Stop yelling ... Im listening , doesnt mean what you are saying is right.
Kylie Marie Jan 2017
It takes one person to make a friend.
It takes a group of people to make foes.
Makes friends, not foes.

Stand up for people that is getting bullied,
Make that person feel like someone is there,
Don't make them feel lost.

A new student at school,
Be nice to them,
Don't make them feel like a fool.
Make friends, not foes.

One bad comment can hurt someone,
One false rumor can make someone lose their
One good comment can make someone
feel good,
The truth makes people relies the truth.

Always make friends, not foes.
Have real friends, not fake.
Tell the truth, not rumors.
Believe the truth, not rumors.
Make friends, not foes.
Cheyanne Markley Aug 2016
No one cares enough
to even glance at the way
she stands slumped,
incommodious. Wise,
little girl, that you show
no fear of those who try
to quibble you. They will try to be
however demanding they can.
They must be able to see
the cicatrix of distress they cause.
The withdraw of people eliminates
the blissful, mirthful way of life.
Do not bother to notice the
sorrow she carries from the lack
of shoulders to cry on.
The tear soaked pillows of late night
cry's so deep within the soul;
the muffled sobs of desperation from
the absence of an individual.
Life-long abstraction.
Zyanneh Frazier Sep 2015
**** yourself…
Is what they say
To the hopeless girl
With the scars scattered across her skin
And tears going down her cheeks
**** yourself…
Is what they say
To the frightened boy
With glasses pushed upon his nose
And school books just ready to learn
**** yourself…
Is what they say
To the independent girl
With a very unique flow and attitude
And male clothing covering from head to toe
**** yourself…
Is what they say
To the insecure boy
With his lips all glossed up with lip-gloss
And his hand clutched tightly between another boys’
**** yourself…
Is what they say
To the outcasts
The Self-harmers,
As if they aren’t already considering it!
To the Nerds,
As if they aren’t already being made fun of!
To the Transgenders,
As if they aren’t already been judged enough!
To the Homosexuals,
As if they haven’t heard it once before!
**** yourself…
Is what they say
To the ****
The Straights
The Geeks,
And the Weirdoes
**** yourself…
Is what they say
To the ones who are misunderstood
And who are scared to even express themselves…

By Zyanneh Frazier
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