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Pooja Basnett Mar 16
You looked me in the eye,
You were hoping I would look away,
You think you can read my mind,
But you don't know my story.

You want me on my knees,
You crave the victory,
You turn my words around,
You are just another bully.

"This is not the first time" you said
You spoke the truth indeed,
You have betrayed many before,
Yes! we know the score.

You spin the truth, You trample the meek,
Through it all, its peace I seek,
Life plays everyone, it will play you too..,
I hope you see my face when the final arrow hits you!
Jenna Sep 2020
The friend we all wanted with a smile we all need,
she was funny and loving, just a regular teen.
Black dyed hair with platform heels, nobody noticed she was missing meals.

A song in her head with a knife in her heart,
these rude little kids were tearing her apart.
"Too skinny." "Too fat." "Too this." "Too that,"
This confused little girl was getting kicked to the mat.

Teenage life is a struggle alone,
but she was being bullied and had problems at home.
We spoke up and spoke out, but the school swept it away.
A perfect reputation was bound to stay that way.
I will say that this is NOT a trashing of all schools. Please, raise awareness. Suicide prevention is so important for EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE. So please, tell someone if your worried. Don't go silent. It may just save a life. This girl, I won't name her, but she was my best friend. Almost 2 years ago she died. Hold your loved ones tight. Make sure they know they can talk to you.
Trefild Mar 2020
to all who feel like doing truly
rude things, letting loose your fury
have an itch to shoot some bullets
all the imprudent bullies
putting yoofs & adults into the blues &
pushing them to that very solution
will do as ones to get ruined
and if you are one
of them, a few words regarding your funeral
[if there will be one]
hope it will be at odds with the usual
it should be full of fun
whether or not that is suitable
although it has nothing to do with me, I think those vultures deserve to suffer
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
It was a dark and stormy night
when an angel of death took flight.
She took to the skies and followed the thunder
to the one who would begin their eternal slumber.
The man who would soon receive such a fate
denied the love of someone great.
He told her she was ugly and didn't have time
to give his love to someone who wasn't divine.
Then what happened next
devastated her parents when they read her text.
He had no remorse when he was given the news.
So the angel of death made him pay his dues.
People take things for granted.
That's to be expected.
But professing love is not an act that deserves being disrespected.
If we took the time to think about all of the outcomes
of our choices, the world might not lose so many beautiful voices.
Solitary Writer Feb 2020
Hi Quaden,
When your cries were loud,
The world heard of your cries.

The world couldn't hold back their tears
As your emotions are ours.
Your emotions reminisce our past.

'They' say our past is meant to be present This confuses us with our 'dim memories'.
How could the world acts so mean??

Seal thy mouth!

Every teardrop was flashing in front of my eyes.
But today I'm shining more than the pearl in the ocean.

Quaden, still your sweet voice reaches my ears.
I understand that your pain is so emotional and heartbreaking.
Remember, my dear little pal you became an example for the whole globe.

You have inspired the world.
A true tale that will last long.

You are born unique
And that isn't a matter to anyone.
No one can disturb you and believe that it's you!

Thou art special, charming and sportive!
Be strong and be great.
Believe that 'it's you' .

I call myself 'I' and that's you!
This is a poem about the 9-year-old kid named Quaden Bayles in Brisbane, Australia. Bullied for dwarfism since a long time. And Quaden became an inspiration to the whole world against bullying.

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White Shadow Dec 2019
Hey you,
Is it fun bullying me?
I wanna enjoy it too.
Why do you keep bullying me?
Is it because I'm way more better than you?

Hey you,
Have you ever thought what the bullied one goes through?
You can't even imagine what it is like to be being bullied
Because you're so lost in bullying others and enjoy it.
You're making that guy's self esteem and self confidence die within
Someday that bullied one will lose every hope and **** himself
Will you be enjoying even then?
Can you survive with the burden of his death?
Can you ever forgive yourself?
Or will you be regretting the rest of your life?

So man here's my advise
Stop bullying the weaker ones
Because days are not always the same
Someday someone stronger one may come
And then you'd be converted from a bully to a bullied one.
You may enjoy bullying someone but think how that person being bullied is broken from inside.
Stop bullying if you are a bully.
Brianne Rose Nov 2019
There was once a girl...this girl decided to write to her hearts content. passionate poems of love, dark scary tales of woe, you name it she wrote it, but one day someone came up to her and asked,
"Why do you write such garbage? like seriously, you'll never be any good, cause this just ain't your thing, so hurry up and quit wasting our time with your waste of space and just stop already, my god"
This however, took the girl by total surprise, she had honestly thought her works where good, she kept getting such good responses and so many likes on each poem she wrote....
so where had this come from?!
She didn't understand, so she shoved it out of her mind and continued, but with each new work came new insults:
"wow, what utter trash"
"you call this good?"
"what a load of crap!"
"don't make me laugh"
"you should just hurry up and quit writing such ****** 'work'"
"hurry up and just stop already"
"woooooooooooow, this is good...NOT!"
"kys you dumb ----"
"just die"
And so it continued. each work garnered a new response.
the girl tried to ignore them all, but then the one hater grew to more and more and more, soon she had an entire mob of them yelling "KYS" at her.
she had had enough, so she asked,
"do you really want me to stop?"
she got her responses soon enough,
and by the following monday she had made headline news:
The Poet Who Commited Suicide.
At least they got what they wanted....right?
Not suicidal, just wrote this because...well idk why. it just seems...fitting
leyana Jul 2019
I must really get under your skin
Maybe that's why you are mean
Why don't you give it a rest?
Am I really a pest?

I am not insecure
You have a heart that's unpure
They call me a *****
It broke my heart, now it can never be stitch

They say, "you're full of crap!"
But, you can never bring me down
Nor make me frown, not anymore

I know I'm going to be a star
So, thanks for giving me this scar
Please bury yourself in the tar
And watch me as I drive my fancy car
I wrote this poem 2 years ago to show sincerity to all the bully victims like me. Please help me stop bullying everywhere especially at schools to help lessen the suicide cases of young kids and teenagers.
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