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It is me tonight

that will need
to find  release
through ******

Find a quiet place
on the edge of
your bed

and join me

Dear world--

Some things you will never tame
It doesn’t matter
how much weight you carry.
It’s about how you distribute.
Pain diffusion
is like sunlight through leaves;
it takes courage
to let brightness pierce through
and kiss you.
So stay with me,
right here,
by your tree roots,
where cyclamen grow.
Hold my hand
like you always knew me.
Forgive my shyness
as I fidget
with toe rings of clover -
I promise;
  I’m less and less scared -
I still love your wildness.
I feel you,
all over.
of Pure Water.
My lack of sharpness
is yearning to soften your edges.
I’m floating above your garden,
The ripeness of fruit
that your highest tree bares,
smells like a rose
you delivered.
If we really are here
to mirror,
all I want to do for you
is shimmer.
Yesterday I sat

between the arms of

my loving mother,

the tree ! O tree !

Fail to realise I sat

unaltered untarnished

And do you know

What I saw!

The sun was trying to

lug the waters of the tarn

amidst which

was I and you together.
Amidst you all
CarolineSD Dec 2020
I could say that it is burning in fire
Churning in great waves of charged ions
Like those which lift in monumental drifts from the surface of the sun;

A solar wind within.

I might succumb to the raging of the flames
Turn my face to the sky
And tremble beneath fingers that
Dance like the northern lights
Across the tundra of my skin.

My heart might thunder like horses born of fire
Hooves drumming across the curves of space and time,
Along the arching of my spine
Pressed to your chest.

Or is it not flame at all,

But a wind like rain?

My hands falling across the contours of your face
And how some memory of sadness cascades inside my soul,
Like in some forgotten time,
I lost you before,
And how I can never lay close enough
And the rain it falls and falls and falls
And how I tuck my cheek into your neck

And I just want to stay.
cypress Nov 2020
iconoclastic art spirits wildness

served against the knuckles of mainstream engagement

it falls like vinegar in the oils of western modernism
S R Mats Oct 2020
Dear pussycat, you clever little beast
To hide the paws that hid the claws
That shred my pretty face.

Feline, fooled as I was to forget
Within your blood wildness simmered
Just beneath the folds and crease;

Of eyes that looked asleep!
Never put your face close to the face of an unknowable cat.
preston Sep 2020

One fine, postdiluvian day,
God glanced down on Noah and crew,  midfloat..

((ding)) "NOAH.."

                          ­  "Hmm..? what is that?

((ding)) "NOAH.."

                            "Oh, ****.. its the boss.. everyone, ****** chill"

((ding)) "NOAH.."

                               "yes Lord..?"

Noah, now concerning being fruitful and.. uh..  whatever
you know-- lala,  and stuff.."


"Ya yourself, Noah.
Hast thou considered the howler monkey..?
That wild-assed little pair going at it up there in the crowsnest
are tantric AF."

                                 "Dude.. you should bless those cute, hairy
                                   little love-machines with the most *******-sounding
                                   lovehowl on the planet.."

****.. I wish I was the one who thought of that..  

The End.

(This postdiluvian-dialogue was what was on a cartoon-like tract that was rolled up and left tucked in the jamb of my front door by the most gorgeous little J.W. doorknocker I have ever seen..)
true story  (almost)

Mm.. to that cute little J-dub princess from long, long ago~
Baby baby baby
Take me in your arms and love me
cause you know what I am, anyway..

moonrabbit Sep 2020
It begins as a tingling in my legs,
unpleasant like something squirmy trying to get out, something huger than my skin, wriggling, bursting to get free.

Without ceremony it spreads, bulging in my chest, prickles poking through my shoulder blades. Suppressing only makes it worse, I need to run, to fly, to breathe-

"What's wrong?" you ask.

I cannot answer, it is taking all my
willpower not to scream, or punch an
innocent bystander. Would I? Whether I would or not I've never found out,

I just leave.

"I love you," you say. I still cannot reply, the tears have been melting my face, but now they trickle down shiny scales.

External sensations have become
insensible, overpowered by the
overwhelming rage of barely managed fire within. The sharpness of my teeth meets an unfeeling leathery lip.

I go downstairs and leave the building. I don’t know if I remembered my keys.

I run
just as reptilian wings free themselves from my back, they flutter, stretch out wide at last.

I'm free,

but I still want this thing inside me, this thing that now is me, to leave. I am ashamed of it, afraid of its newness and my inability to control it.

It's happier now--
in the open air where it can thrash about without restraint. I let it, no longer worried it will lash out at something or someone breakable.

We fly far and long, my arms and lungs ache, but still the fire burns in my whole body waiting to be unleashed.

We soar, sore and angry until suddenly I'm alone again.

I look down but I don't need to look to know the scales are gone. My lip feels soft again beneath my rounded teeth. The wings still flap but gentler now, quietly bringing me back to the ground then softly folding and
painlessly absorbing back into my

I head home.
CarolineSD Aug 2019
My heart is a smoldering ember
That too easily ignites,
Melting this skin of innocence  
Releasing feral things to flight.

But oh how they are beautiful,
Like solitary wolves, slinking from the hollows of my heart
All glistening and yellow-eyed,
Gliding through the midnight forests
On the inside portion of my soul;
The part that only others like us ever know.

Yes, I can see the untamed wilds that make you whole,
And I release the ravens from my heart each time I walk with you.

And sometimes they are beautiful
And sometimes they are dark
And sometimes they cry as their wings beat a breathless pattern to the stars.

With this pen, I trace the elegance of their arcs across the
Uncharted corners of our skies.
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