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DT Jul 21
There was a brief silence
In your cold voice
That makes me die
a little more
Hurtful confession
I can't ignore
“you're not a home for me
But I'll choose to love you until it hurts no more
DT Jul 15
His eyes
Reminded me of forest
Mysterious yet beautiful
Soft but dangerous
The hues
that brought me
back to life
and I'm slowly falling into his emerald eyes
  Jul 2 DT
In your cold absence,
I have forgotten what
the word warmth meant

Perhaps you were  
the word warmth

But now, you are
the word silence

I talk to you,
but you do not talk back
Ode to River Phoenix. This poem is inspired by the campfire scene from My Own Private Idaho which was written by River himself.
DT Jun 16
I kept you warm
You turned me cold
You took the sun
No joy; behold

Ps: thanks Sir Jim.
DT Jun 15
I am a cemetery
And all of your memories engraved
With your name, months and date
I am all that lavender and daisies
Waiting for clouds with heavy rains
As you left and ruin me like hurricanes
We are the cemetery
DT Jun 14
Falling inlove is a metaphor thing
-it's dangerous
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