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Danica Tuquero Nov 2018
Starring at the window
Waiting for the glow
Starry Starry night
Where does my heart go

Blurry blurry sight
You hurt me so right
It makes me feel blue
I don't have a clue

The rain start to fall
So does my eyes too
Waiting for the night
That I'm gonna be alright

Those season I have
that I never had
That I've been this bad
For our second chance
Danica Tuquero Aug 2018
Everybody came to see  that I was falling
They came to see If I'm really dying
Those tears that I'm wishing to fall during my precious day
Are now streaming down their faces
As they watch me sleeping inside my casket

You'll never see my face again
And I don't really know
I just really want to leave
The pain was telling me
That I really have to go
That I'm in a rush

And this realization hits me
I'm no longer breathing
No, not at all
Almost a letter she's not dead, she is just away, far enough for us to see, far enough to hear her grief
Danica Tuquero Jun 2018
You are the love of my life, the chills that I felt in every moment of my life
The every breath that I take in this world that full of misery and sorrows
The hope in every struggles and the sunshine in every single blink of my eyes

You turn my whole world in spiral form, crazy yet so fine and unbelievable
You lighten up the mood in every obstacle ‘you know?
That makes me trembled in happiness and joy

You are the every tears that I cried every night
The reason why I smile after every fight
The color that flashed in my cheeks every sweet words you applied
The every butterfly that bring shiver down to my spine

My king, yes you are, the one who reading this fantasy of mine
The man that I choose to love and whom I dedicated this poem so right
I hope to reach the infinity with you my love and we will live eternity for the rest of our life

I will let you live in our own universe
Because you and me is possible
I love you so much and it feels so right
And everything fits perfectly in our hands
Danica Tuquero May 2018
Tell me lies
As my feelings flies
Tell me truth
Cause it hurts so good

Why your lips taste so sweet
And yet it tell me just to quit
Why you act so malevolent
When all I can do is benevolent

You kiss me under the pouring rain
It's so romantic and yet I'm in vain
It's like killing myself in mercy name
Cause I'm hoping for your love that
You didn't give back.

I was sitting with this paradox thing
I just love you and nothing left
Just me and the broken glass of faith
With so much you and less of me
Danica Tuquero Apr 2018
The pain is living inside of me
That nobody is here to catch my tears
Tears that cost a thousand wish
A thousand hopes and lucid dreams

Remember when we had it all?
Remember our late night calls?
You are my universe and you said
"You are my whole world"

We end up, we broke up
With that midnight decision
That change the thought of us
The thought that you and I will live forever..

I still have the heart that beats
But I can't barely breathe
Cause the every breath I take
Is now gone and vanished
I don't know how deal with this pain like I am living under the sea, I can't breathe cause my heart is bleeding just don't mind me I'll be fine soon.
Danica Tuquero Mar 2018
Sa pag sapit ng dilim ako'y nanabik sa iyong pagbabalik
ngunit  nang sipatin bukana ng bintana puso ko'y napunit
nang aking maalala wala ka na nga pala, oo tama wala na,
wala na ang dating dalawa na pinag-isa, wala na ang dalawa,
na laging magkasama.

Sa pag sapit ng dilim tanging panaghoy 'ko ang bumabasag sa tahimik na mundo
mundo na dati ay tayo, mundo na binubuo ng matatamis na oo,
mundo na akala ko'y ikaw at ako hanggang sa dulo
dulo na agad na winakasan nang panandaliang tukso

Aking ginugunita mga alaala na nilipas na ng panahon,
panahon na sayo lang umikot, mga oras na nais 'kong malimot ngunit ano mang pilit patuloy sa pag ikot, yaring mga mundo na kahit katiting sa puso mo sana'y nariyan ako, sana'y ako rin ay naiisip mo.

Ngunit para saan nga ba ang tula na ito? Kung ang puso mo'y nakahanap na ng katagpo
katagpo na sabi mo ay bubuo ng iyong pagkatao, na kahit alam **** naririto pa ako at nasasaktan sa mga sinasabi mo ay patuloy ka pa rin sa mga litanyang "pasensya na di ikaw ang problema marahil hindi tayo para sa isa't isa" at doon natapos ang limang taong pagsasama na punong puno ng mga pangakong napako dahil lang sa isang gabi na nagpabago sa yugto ng ating kwento.

Kwento na ikaw at ako ay di na maaaring magtagpo.
para sa mga taong naniniwala sa mga pangako na akala ay totoo, kahit ang hubad na katotohanan ayaw pa rin itigil ang ilusyon na siya at ikaw ay di na maaring magtagpo!
Danica Tuquero Mar 2018
Blood scattered all over the pavements
Gunshots and Blasts, with repeated cries
People are running, longing for their lives
and In just a beat of a drum,
rebellion has now begun.

Horrifying scenery that makes every soul awaken
terrifying scream that cause goosebumps into my skin
the nauseating scent of blood, send shiver down my spine
my heart sink, throbbing against my chest.

It was a sorrowful, tragic pointless war
a huge burden of today and tomorrow's generation
nights and days of horror, way back before
the creepiest events happens to our nation.

I was tormented by my own thought
as the picture played inside my mind
my nation and the whole world
as I asked the question “what happened to us?”

because even a thousand words won't bring us back
to the time and place that are safe and sound
the war is about to end yet no one win
on the battle field,
that has never been source of peace
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