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Betty 1h
Did you ever think
When you created a life
The monster was you
One to think about! Big Penny dreadful fan!
Betty 7h
Cats are deceptive

Furry serial killers

Hiding in your home
I have a cat-the body count is endless!
Betty 1d
Help I'm falling

The pit has spikes

It's calling

I cannot fly

My wings are deadened by the
night below

This I know

Because i'm falling!
If you are getting a lot from me at the moment it is because I am on the edge of depression which always makes me write-it is a high price to pay for creativity
Betty 1d
Dancers live to dance

Their feet drive them on through pain

Suffering gives wings
Betty 2d
It's a common wish

to swim with dolphins for a while

I don't trust that fish

What's going on behind the smile?
I know it isn't a fish but it scanned!
Betty 2d
Wading haiku bird
       So simple and elegant
       Feeds on a few words
Betty 2d
A desert flower
Waits patiently for the rain
Hope is eternal
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