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Betty 1d
My name is Martha and I'm very tired
my patience as such has long expired
so you don't want my brown skin next to your white
well madam I'm tired so I'm sitting tight
it's hot and I waited my turn in the queue
and I paid, just like him, just like her, just like you
you can carp, you can moan, you can cause all kinds of fuss
but lady I'm keeping my seat on this bus
because I'm tired
Written as a tribute to Martha White who has died aged 99. Martha made a bus protest 2 years before Rosa Parks made her historic stand. An unsung woman.
Betty 4d
I need no sword
for I can pierce your armour with my tongue
wit and clever words can bring you sobbing to your knees
they have bite, feel their sting
oh yes, and they will cut you down in a heartbeat
to shred and tear at your pomposity
I need no sword
Betty 7d
Walk a mile
with the wind on your face
between the land and the sky
the sand and the water
tread the lonely margins
the frayed cuffs
where worlds meet and end
listen to the cries of wading birds
and wet your tired feet
let the waves heal you
and wash against your senses
this beach is yours
if only in your head
Betty Jun 7
When I am gone
think of me often
for I will be a butterfly free soul
a forever spirit of the air and wind
dancing among the flowers
in endless summer
Betty Jun 5
My alarm this morning
came by virtue of the birds
who long before the sun had set the sky alight
had shed the quiet wings of night
and very early came to sing
with news of what the day would bring
Betty Jun 4
Mysterious night
Soft and heavy with promise
A velvet hammer!
Betty Jun 3
Happy is a department store
something to look at on every floor
if we know what we are shopping for
but generally we don't, do we?
Happiness can be elusive-especially if we don't know what it looks like!
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