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Lee Aaun Mar 15
it is important to continue,
but more crucial is to know
what to continue for
follow the continuity
(just in time for summer reading...
recounting emotionally disastrous campy turbulence)

Amidst a raft of fellow (Brandywine Valley
     Y.M.C.A) resident campers
     who, didst excitedly quiver
donning a "NON FAKE" lifejacket

     coursing down swiftly
     moving Youghiogheny river
(evidenced by small hairs along spine),
     that caused me animatedly to shiver

this predisposition prevailed despite
punishing revenge didst stamp excite
me inducing suppressed
     giddiness to take flight

against self toward parents,
     who did light,
a conspiratorial idea
     countered meek self spite

compared to their hefty might
forced me to attend ("dumb")
     sleep away camp
     for about a fortnight

whereupon, being dropped off "bright"
brainchild idea awoke around edge,
of my consciousness,
     where figurative hatchet cleft a wedge
vis a vis, an immediate

     avowed personal pledge
sworn against experiencing even
     one iota of fun (a there) ledge
er domain mental prestidigitation
     could not dredge

countervailing loathsomeness naysaying fun
in any weigh, shape or form
     pertaining to this sole son
but, matter of fact

     adventuresome giddiness gave run
     for metaphorical psychological money,
     and much to my chagrin
     gleefulness didst stun

into silence malevolent
     anti yippee surge
crept into the noggin of this
     chaim yankel and could not purge

this meta static Grinch,
     who could not steal away
     euphoria that inevitably didst emerge
unable to root out,

     and suppress nemesis foe
men ting misery, but an inescapable glow
manifested when father
     and mother end of Jeff session

     came back, and said "hello"
when, and I immediately replied with emphatic "NO"
in regard to having a good time oh
mitt ting like a lump pin pro

let tarry yet exerting will
     power to asphyxiate
a faint bubbling of attraction
     toward a darker skinned

     slender cute teen age girl
though at that stage
     oblivious how to create
friendship, thus aye

     vividly recall to this date
hop scotched potential summer romance
     which induces regret to emanate
cursing forsaken ill fate

now, feel deplorable
     for stifling relationship
     slid into behavioral sink (of this got
     ham) fore'r tortured
     within iron barred gate.
Wyatt May 2017
If I shout these words loud enough,
could the airwaves carry them
as if they were delivering
crucial words straight to your ears?

— The End —