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John McCafferty Jul 2020
Blame the restraints
for putting things off
When juggling lots
are you equipped to restrict
Having let previous priorities slip
Is a sense of urgency necessary
to measure the relevance of discipline

Hesitant rings when the end is nigh
The bottom line aligned to confine
Day turns to night in the passage of time
Ignorance's bliss blisters bright
As the goal is narrowing
A margin call for all your foresight
You've done enough not to miss
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
I better take cover
before the storm takes me by surprise
Lest  I am  marooned

Contemplating fight back
Witness  sheer loss.

None the winner.
Prevention is better than cure
Debra Lea Ryan Sep 2016
My Heart Awakens every day
Desiring to express in some way
A few thoughts that Occur  
About the coming Dawn
Like the Happy Birds
Singing before the Sun
Kisses the Sky and Beyond
Moments like these
Then pump through  
Every part of my Being My Body
Slowly Seeping into my  Brain
Dare they Refrain
Until I feel attuned
To all that surrounds me
Is flowing fully Within me
Truly it is lovely
Natures Song
Then Equips me
To set about my Path Daily
Glad I am part of Life's Throng.


— The End —