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Miracle and fate *****,
If I can't have you I'll make our own miracle.
I don't care about the possibilities,
I chose you and only you.
Why can't I have you?
You're my wish that can't come true .
Why can't it be you?
You're the future I want but I can't have.
If the door's open,
I'll lock it up and throw away the key.
I don't want to leave nor take a rest,
I refuse to move on.
You are the art,
I'm not the artist.
You are the protagonist,
I'm just an extra.
Your words were like a dagger.
I'm jealous but I'm not your lover.
You love her more than me,
But I don't want to set you free.
This wasn't the first time,
But I missed you real bad.
My heart beat was out of rhyme,
You were the guy that I will never had
Still growing
My feelings for you are still growing
When will it stop?
No one knows.
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