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JCabanilla Aug 2020
He was my happiness also my pain,
He was the hell in my heaven,
He was the demon in my sanity,
But I'd lie if I'll tell you I didn't like it.

He was the nightmare I want to have every night.
He was the darkness I will always choose over the light.
He was the devil I want to hug so tight.
Loving him was wrong? No, it feels so right.
I can't stop loving him even if we weren't together anymore
JCabanilla Jul 2020
Miracle and fate *****,
If I can't have you I'll make our own miracle.
I don't care about the possibilities,
I chose you and only you.
JCabanilla Jul 2020
Why can't I have you?
You're my wish that can't come true .
Why can't it be you?
You're the future I want but I can't have.
JCabanilla Jul 2020
If the door's open,
I'll lock it up and throw away the key.
I don't want to leave nor take a rest,
I refuse to move on.
JCabanilla Jul 2020
You are the art,
I'm not the artist.
You are the protagonist,
I'm just an extra.
JCabanilla Jul 2020
Your words were like a dagger.
I'm jealous but I'm not your lover.
You love her more than me,
But I don't want to set you free.
JCabanilla Jul 2020
This wasn't the first time,
But I missed you real bad.
My heart beat was out of rhyme,
You were the guy that I will never had
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