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Guden Jul 28
Today I received a visit from my friend Pax,
She had been lost,
But she won't stay here long.
I offered her a cup of tea
And asked her where she had been,
She told me she was living on the moon,
Since there was no room for her here,
Among bullets and tv,
Football and jealousy,
Pax felt overwhelmed.
I tried to comfort her,
Her mood was contagious.
I asked her to leave
Since the movie was about to begin.
Pax said she was returning to the satellite,
From where the world seems quiet,
From where the world cup is unimportant,
And we all look equally foolish.
Today I received a visit from Pax,
My dearest friend,
Perhaps, I should call her more often.
Pax Jun 27
its the night when your
life becomes sleepless

your day might be reckless
doing things after things
of uselessness

i am tired,
no, i don't need sleep
no, i don't need rest
i just want that feeling
i could hold and hug
to where i kiss and wish
be loved for me to love back

i sigh waiting for a sign
that i am still alive
after all.
I feel so dead, feels so cold for so long..
Happy B-Day to me.
Pax May 27
most of us are lonely
often our pools are too deep and
no one seem to bother swimming in our depths
perhaps it takes a skilled diver to understand
our inner core.

and because we feel too much
we drown ourselves in the pool of
sorrows, dying in self pity.
Pax Apr 28
My heaven is in you.
Truly i wish ill find you.
Pax Apr 21
I was bound to be the only ocean
too deep for you to love.
And my waves are to harsh for you to see my Beauty.
Pax Apr 10
In your darkest days
I became your light
But in mine you
Never were
I wonder.
Sometimes its tiring to be just the light. You never got to see my darkness, because you were not there.
Pax Mar 12
I was never gone,
yet I was not even seen.
How could you ever love me
If you still never see me.
Pax Jan 17
Your beauty never fails in calming me.
Me seeing the ocean
Pax Jan 3
In the busiest days I still find time to look at you and just feel you near me.
a quote.
A reminder.
A love like no other.
Happy New Year.
Despite being busy,
Its a must to find time
For a love one.

Pax Dec 2018
A rippling effect
has the ocean
grace us, love
never left us
as time
stumble into
a halt
bad memories
into a
simply forgotten,
we changed
for the
A prompt of a pic. I took, see my instagram.
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