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maria Sep 14
N.1: get used to dictatory
N.2: if everything looks to be good something's wrong get a crisis card
N.3: pawns of criticism are the strong enough
N.4: paths leading to heaven are closed -if you try to find the key you just realise that there's no hope-
N.5: levels are getting sillier -don't even try to show you're smart-
N.6: put a post of your score on instagram
N.7: be fake -they somehow love you-
N.8: wear a mask


if you chose to continue
It's on your own risk
the good has left the chat
no one really wins
In a fake world
Try your best
Don't get sad if it doesn't work

Written on September 15, 2020
maria Sep 14
let me be

_stop the bit
      I'm out of breath
written on September 15, 2020
maria Aug 30
my day
a museum
of disappointments
and I'm
the biggest tragedy
in the shelves
lately struggling with insecurities in a wolrd full of disappointments

Yours, marie
written on August 29, 2020
  Aug 9 maria
people say
is the color of love.
it is
the dusty shade of roses,
the hue of lips painted,
the shimmer of her dress
when you dance.

but really,
red screams of
it is
the shade of poppies in an empty field,
the hue you see when she leaves you,
the shimmer of book covers
in an empty library.

is a better color.
it is
the shade of muted sunsets,
the hue of vibrant music,
the shimmer of a light burning
on a dark evening.

makes up the embers of love,
burning bright and strong and fast
until it is

is the color of love.
  Aug 9 maria
It's okay for someone to make
you feel happier
But your happiness shouldn't be
hinged on them.
You need to master self-love. Whether someone loves you or not, it shouldn't tamper with the love you have for yourself.
  Aug 8 maria
One day in 2299,
They will tell
This story,
The one of
Dying books on
Dusty shelves,
In a time when
There was
Still room
To dig graves
In the ground.
  Aug 8 maria
Jason James
My love is that unread book on the endtable,
Forever out of hand but always in reach.
And for every lesson it could teach
And secret just waiting to be exposed,
Shall remain forever closed.
Collecting dust
Just because it looks good having it there.
Like you still read.
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