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maria Feb 12
Always someone's calling
and my little one does not answer
What if
this call's not for her?
what if actually
you're guiding her away?
Lakes are her way
and birds her dressing
willing to stay
but her nature
drives her
to what you call the flames

She names it paradise
and closes the gate
Written on February 09, 2024
© , Maria Xinari
maria Nov 2023
Our pages burning red
while those glasses are swelling in my hands
and people keep saying
She's in her best
jokes they made
once I walk away.
and I can go on and on
but honey
problems can't be solved
it's so better living with ghosts
and oh, now that we don't talk
I'll scream my nightmares
to the walls I used to pretend
I chose on my own
Written on November 1, 2023
© , Maria Xinari
maria Nov 2023
too late to fake it
too early to begin again
© , Maria Xinari
maria Sep 2023
pieces of broken glasses
and me
in the middle
trying and trying
nothing I got rid of.
Saw faces
strangers that felt known
I onced thought I own
all of them pieces
smaller and bigger
I need to fit in
I want to throw up
why you're looking at me like that?
What once was great
is leaving me with cuts,
to get away
I'm leaving you behind,
to rise again
is to find who I am
Written on September 25, 2023
© , Maria Xinari
maria Sep 2023
we said our goodbyes
and it reminded me
of the very firt time
in that lake
that smile
that firt "I want you to be with me"
flaming trouthness
-that's it, that's what it was-
once a hope
now a close door
always a pleasure
meeting you
and been gone.
I'm sorry our bridge broke
you were the reallest posibility I ever wanted to own
Written on September 25, 2023
© , Maria Xinari
maria Jun 2023
as long as there are colours
given by the sun
as long as the darkness
covers our goodbyes
when forever's the promise
but now is not in time
and you're trying to change
whithout it to last
I'll love you tonight, tomorrow and in every other sky's reborn
© , Maria Xinari
maria Jun 2023
the hardest,
       decision that
I took
June 25 2023
© , Maria Xinari
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