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Azfar Hakimi Dec 2018
Never have I ever thinking about you only
Never have I ever been real
But you still standing beside me
You still hug me with love that's real.

Your pure heart still beating for me
Your beautiful face still looking at me
But still I keep going to the wrong direction
I still keep playing you like a toy
And you still keep loving me with joy.

Never have I ever seen a brave girl
Never have I ever thinking I'm gonna change
But for you,
I'm going to walk into a forest with roses
And I'm going to walk into a forest with thorns
So I want you to stay still
'Cause I'm gonna leave my past
I'm gonna change
And I'm gonna dry your tears.
Jemevic Dec 2018
Wow,  i just know what u are
I was blind.
I  was too stubborn to read warning signs on your body.
I regret it so much.
I wish my dear sisters
Are not ignornat like me.
Kuvar May 2018
When a *******
Is in love
He doesn’t know it
He unknowingly
Plays his game in clay
Swiftly in his smartness
He misses the path “don’t love”
His fatal fall into a quicksand
Yet, he doesn’t know it
He thinks he is moving
But ******* has sunk half body
His phone rung until death comes
He would’nt answer till he ****
He is busy with another
And the others will still call
He’s got a new phone line
Thinking it means a new life
He keeps dialing  +234  
This time not caring about ****
******* sleeps in her dreams
With his eyes open
He says to himself
She is mean
*******! You were brutal to love
You cut off her wings
And let that dove not fly
Should you be proud
That today
Love grew up a hawk  
If you won’t accept her a dove
you will have to deal with this Hawk
When a ******* falls in love
He falls with hawkish wings cut
Deep down he would fall
To the bottomless pit
To a land of no return
When love plays a *******
He becomes the game
And love is doing the play
So if you are a *******
Take your time before night
Love will come in due time

Don’t ask me if that ******* was me
Johnny Noiπ Dec 2017

The Syrian woman is not my lover
12yo locked in the basement
@ sonic speed---

She is love, tortured in a black site
under the command of UFOs
We are capable of using tracts
of land for our cattle to graze
(corporate states paving the way)---

She's been pregnant two years straight,
haunted by her own ****, my girl;
she loves me in deserted desert towns---
Daesh won't find us here,
they will give up the Herculean task
of removing the moon from the sky---
I've only ever dated a poet once
again & again---she was crazy of course,
bug-eyed little green woman---

Israel allies with the DPRK
& gets bought by the Disney corp.
& **** Germany is franchised
& merchandised---

Disney buys *******
& puts black bunny on a red-and-white
background & u'll see, there will be
**** bunnies---transmen will fear them;
America gets its collective rocks off
instead of the **** realization
that an old white man is ******* ur ****
joycewrites Jul 2016
Boy, the word "i love you" has become so common in your mouth that it already grew molds of lies and uncertainties.

You play with feelings with your matchsticks in hand.
tell me, why do you keep on playing with fire—constantly burning another heart's desire?

Ashes after ashes of your burnt relationships,
you jump into another loveship with your matchsticks still in keep.
Aren't you wondering, is love really what you seek?

Cause if you are,
then no, it isn't.
My grandmother once told me,
you don't just build then burn bridges with no intent.
(c) 2016 - Mary Joyce Tibajia
SeyiEagle Mar 2016
You smile when you say those words you didn't mean
But I mourn for the words you mean but wouldn't say.
In Solitary, I would spent the night with grief
for the love that will once be.
Now I think i'm strong,
In ready for the story yet unfold.

Much things are they that I fear,
Though you are very dear.
Succinctly, You are so loving,
But sincerely, i see you going.
Oftentimes when we kiss and say Goodbye,
I feel the rift emerging bye and bye.

Just tell we are no more,
And I will remind you it's been long.
Tell me you ran out of feelings,
And I will tell you I saw it long coming.
Bring it on...
I have wept the tears
Anonymous Mar 2016
Alam mo, ayoko na
Gusto ko nang huminto sa pagpapaka-tanga
Ayoko na matulala at sabay maiisip ka
Kasi alam ko na matagal bago ako muling makabalik sa aking diwa

Pwede ba manahimik ka?
Ang ingay mo lalo na kapag ako’y matutulog na
Bastos at biglaang papasok sa aking isipan
Na para bang isipan ko’y iyong kaharian

Hindi ka ba napapagod?
Sa kalalaro ng aking pusong lasug-lasog na sa iyong kapapaikot
Tuwang-tuwa ka pa at humahalaklak kapag ako’y iyong nabibiro
Pag sasabihin **** “last na”, pero sinungaling ka

Edi sa’yo na!
Sa’yo na ang kaligayahan at kalungkutan ko
Sa’yo na ang pangarap at kabiguan ko
Sa’yo na ang lahat ng ako, sa’yo na ang pusong laruan mo

O, ano? Ba’t tumigil ka?
Bakit ka biglaang lumayo kung kailan ibinigay ko na?
Akala ko ba sa akin ay nasisiyahan ka?
Akala ko ba sa akin masaya ka na?

Ah, ngayon gets ko na!
Gets ko na na mabilis ka pala magsawa
Pagkatapos ng isa, maghahanap ka ng iba
Pagkatapos **** manungkit, magtatapon rin pala

Ayan ka na naman at umaarangkada
Parang isang sports car na rumaratsada
Patungo sa mga babaeng iba’t iba ang klase
Iba’t iba ang ganda

Kaawa-awang kababaihan
Kasalanan ba nila na natipuhan mo sila
Bakit kung parusahan mo ng iyong matatamis na pekeng salita
Ay parang mga batang niloloko ng isang salamangkerong desperado kumita

Sana matauhan ka…
Minahal kitang tunay ngunit sayo’y lokohan lang pala
Sana sa paglipas ng panahon, makatagpo ka
Ng isang babaeng paluluhurin ka habang nagmamakaawang patawarin ka niya.
Ashley Grey Nov 2015
Your every word etched in my memory
Your every action burned in my mind
I hope we'd go on, not fade into history
I thought you'd be the same all the time

Did you think I could forget
All the times we had together
Since the very moment we met
I foolishly prayed it'd be forever

But you've forgotten all we were
How we could connect in every way
You remembered you had a string of girls
Vying for your attention every day

Don't think I'll always be here
Waiting for you to remember me
I've realized you never held me dear
You never thought of what we could be
W Winchester Oct 2015
Please cooperate, sweetheart. You're
Laying on your back, posing for
A cameraman with a sweaty hand.
You're nervous, I understand.
But you don't need to worry, we'll take care of you.
Oh, I know I know-
You need your rent money, right?

My dear, you'll get it don't worry don't worry.
All he needs is just one
Good shot. Stay still for us please, it'll be over soon.
And then we're done! See, was that so bad?
Zero pain on your part, right?
I know, I know, I'll get you your money.
Now you wait right here.
Except just one thing- would you be willing to model for us again?
Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry.
I don't know where this came from???
Alyssa Sunico Apr 2013
I’m sorry if I’m affectionate
I think you’ve misinterpreted
Didn’t mean to lead you on
But then again you don’t care

Don’t know why I do it
I don’t yearn for you
I’m just stuck
Between myself and others

They want us to happen
As if we’re a cool show
I’m not that into you
As you are too

But I don’t know
If I’m telling the truth
My brain says “You love him”
My heart says “You don’t”

They've switched roles
All because of you
And you couldn't care less
About how I feel

But genuinely, I’m scared
I don’t want to fall for you
The evidence speaks it
But my emotions are tired

It’s hard to like a mere figment
It’s hard to like you
Your ******* ways are disturbing
And you’re childish, well that’s worse

You act a certain way with me
But I see that with other girls
You constantly approach me
But I shrug it off

Maybe you’re annoyed
Even ****** at me
But I can’t do anything
I’m scared to show it

Unless you confess
Everything would be the same
We would just be friends
And nothing more

I forgot to mention, one other thing
The feelings I have for you
May be fake
For I like another guy
Other than you.

— The End —