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Inner voices of conflict;
should I stay or should I go.
Wondering if one step is all it takes
or if things are worth pushing through.
When tears spill in silent, desolate corners
like the rain falling over the sea.
If no-ones there, then no-one sees
and you can pretend its all a dream.

Scared up arms and broken hearts
wondering what is left to hang on to.
Blood that falls, stain your hands
leading you to believe that it can be all over;
no-one has to know just how you are hurting.
You can slowly slip away like a shadow on the wall
The lights go out and so you disappear,
lost to a world of why and how did this happen.
Some days it feels like I've lost all inspiration,
A prisoner within my own body and mind,
I sleep through the day and cry through the night,
Just caught in a downward fall...
Its taking too much effort to fight,
I just don't have the strength,
trying to hold on to whats still left of me.

When the life you had planned
slowly slips through your hands
when it feels like those plans you made are the only reason to stay.
When you can't find your way,
when each day is the same
when you've lost the fight inside of you
is there anything worth holding onto?

Its hard to stay strong, when weakness is overbearing.
I'm wondering if someone is there;
I'm not always good on my own,
I need someone I can rely on when things are rough.
There are dreams I've let die
that I've neglected to even try
I need to find out how to turn this darkness into light

When you feel so far from who you were
when you've lost all signs of hope
when you're searching for some peace but it feels too far away.
When your words have disappeared
and it feels there's nothing left inside of you,
is there anything worth holding onto?
In a lifetime, a thousand things can go left unsaid;
a touch is never felt when it needs to be felt,
a heart is never loved when it desperately longs to.
We walk around with unspoken feelings
weighing down upon our shoulders,
leading to desperate moments of regret,
promising that some day we will speak words of truth
but that someday never coming -
sometimes taken from us too soon.
In a lifetime, a thousand things can go unsaid or acted on.
Why cant we see
that while we have the chance in life,
we should speak when we can speak,
love when we can love,
and most importantly, touch when we can touch.

We go through our lifetime with a thousand words left unsaid,
but what if we chose to speak the truth of thoughts and feelings?
I keep fighting voices in my head that say I'm not enough,
Am I the sum of all my failures, every time I never felt enough?
Sitting all alone, once again with tears down my cheeks,
I know I'm losing this fight, it is so plain to see.
If you do not hear from me again it will be too soon.
I'm sorry but by morning light, I won't be here to worry you much more!
I once thought that I would need you
and that no matter what I would do
You'd be here, even if it was just in my dreams.
But now you're gone and I still wonder why,
I was never enough for you to stay true?
It hurts far too much,
I wonder what was so wrong with me?

I wish all of you the best
wondering what it was that i did
to watch so many people walk out of my life
It caused more pain than you can imagine.
Now that they're gone, honestly
It's killing me more than you could ever believe
its plaguing my mind, I wonder why all the time?

Looking back on my life so far,
I see that I will never be good enough
I've watched too many people leave
ever the ones who I thought were supposed to stay!
I always wondered what was wrong with me
Until I saw it was the voice I had
Now I sit quietly, hoping I won't lose someone again!

Can I pretend that I'm worth something just this once?
Can I pretend to forget all the pain today?
Dear me,
This is a letter I never thought I'd write.
Things have changed not for the best
and you don't know where to turn.
I know it's hard and you're struggling to hold on,
with a blade in one hand and drink to numb the pain,
but there is a light at the end,
just hold on till then.

Dear me,
I know you cannot see the light,
and if it helps, cry yourself to sleep another night.
But don't give up just yet,
there must be something worth the fight,.
Don't give up just yet,
you're worth so much more then you'll ever know.
Just hold on a little more.

Dear me,
I know things are getting worse, or so it seems.
It's as if you can't find a light in these dark times.
I know you're scared, and feel like no-one can hear you screaming
but you're not alone, no matter what it says.
Dear me,
Things will start looking up one day,
It may not be very soon, but one day just wait and see
Promise me, that you will hang on till then.

Dear me,
This is something I never thought I'd have to write.
But tonight, I know it's one of the hardest you've had to face.
You may feel alone,
Just don't know where you have to turn
So scared to burden people who already have so much on.
Tonight will be hard, just make it through tonight!
Please do not look at me with those same pitying eyes
that you would look upon a wilted flower in the dead of winter.
When you see the tears in my eyes as I smile
and tell you through lies that I am fine and will be okay,
please know that most days I am afraid
and behind closed doors I am hurting
more than you can ever know;
emotionally and physically.

Please do not think I always want to put you down
with my sad little life and my depressing thoughts.
Sometimes I just need a presence because
I am so used to spending my days alone with my head.
Please understand that I know things can all become too much
but that is when I need someone the most.
Now most days I feel like nothing but a burden
and that people only stay for the good days and run when they are bad...

Am I that bad of a person, that I do not deserve someone who stays?
Am I not worth so much as a, I see through your lies, I'll stay for a while?
Am I this worthless, failure that I think and feel all the time?
Am I really not worth anything to anyone at all?
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