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many dappled shadows
played on the forest's floor
as light winds did blow
as intense sunlight
cut through the forest's canopy
it left dappled shade

1:00am in the morning dark
I take breath of vapor
And a swig from a jar


I’m trying to escape
But the glass is slippery
It’s an upward incline
Almost straight but curved just so
Like a smirk as I tumble just bellow


The liquids like fire
It Burns
But I like it
A crutch like so many before
But an item
Not a person
So much more dependable.
A item cannot leave you
You must loose it
Or leave it yourself


Looking at an almost empty bottle
I cry out
No tears come
But ripples crack the surface as I shake
I used to cry
But misery scared
Left tears behind.


Pain claws through vocal chords
To strained to speak
I will not cry
I will not wail
Speaking scares people away
brings pain. The loss in broken rings.
As the sun rises peaking behind
Tinted mountains
I smile
Red ribbons tie a mask.
I am optimistic
I am happy
I will be what is needed
I will never again lose someone from sadness
I Am Happy
Chris Beausire Apr 2015
The cave opens it's great crumbling maw,
streaks of light fall on the sparse green blades,
which dot the floor,
mushrooms push forth from the ground,
like fingers reaching to air,
the gurgling of a stream,
dances along a riverbed path,
paradise enclosed,
by earthen walls and canopy,
the glen lit by diffused and dappled sun.

— The End —