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Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Each Color a Scar
by Michael R. Burch

What she left here,
upon my cheek,
is a tear.

She did not speak,
but her intention
was clear,

and I was meek,
far too meek, and, I fear,
too sincere.

What she can never take
from my heart
is its ache;

for now we, apart,
are like leaves
without weight,

scattered afar
by love, or by hate,
each color a scar.

Keywords/Tags: love, scar, cheek, tear, intention, departure, separation, meek, sincere, heartache, leaves, falling, scattered, color, blood, scab, scabs
Broken Arpeggio Aug 2019
When spoken by the timid
It evokes anxiety and fear
Ruminating over how to utilize it
And desperately not wanting to hear

The dauntless utter it overtly
Overconfident in prose and strength
Never contemplating the consequences
Keeps everyone at an arm's length

A sentence this precise shouldn't be so confusing
Nor open to the interpretation of its core
"No Means No", as a matter of fact
The brazen should use it sparingly, and the meek demand it more
This one word, yet complete sentence, has definitely created strife and fear within me!!!
OpenWorldView May 2019
Blind Polyphemus
shepherds his dull flock of sheep.
Ulysses long gone.
Keep grazing.
Give wool and meat.
Be meek.
kiran goswami Jan 2019
They said she was 'too sweet',
I knew she was 'too meek'.
Bashir Ali Najar Nov 2018
The moss on the boulder sleek..
The viridescent carpet all grey
Beneath sapling an old man lay ..
Wrinkled face, ripped hands,
Wearing pheran, shabby lands,
Scuffing eyes
Where pain lies !
Beyond tree line
Is the Alpine
The sun always shines...
The Autumn exploring the bottom,
Chinars burning,
Children mourning...
Beyond Chinars is my House,
And that is the place
Where is my Spouse
That is the place
Where is my spouse....

Rayees Ali Najar
Everythig is meant for you paree
He rock
climes and
his foot
is wide
as the
hill top
while the
wind is
very cold
that his
head band
fell to
to depths
that dusky
as he's
crept before
in light
a man in sunset
Allison K Sep 2017
She has been staring all day,
waiting for the Sun to set at bay.
Though meek and mild, delicate and kind;
they will never fit in this cruel world.
Ma Cherie Jun 2017
Upon the ground
I saw a lovely moth
who's wings were badly tattered,

And many people strolled on by
as if it hadn't mattered,

As he lay so lifeless there,
abused an dearly battered,

I crouched on down to say hello,
an to also say goodbye,

tho not to cry a single tear
not one inside my eye,

do you wonder why at all?
well do you wonder why?

well all I have to do right now,
is look up to the sky,

this here is a messenger,
my grandmother said to me,

a sign of transformation,
an healing you will see,

allow for the quiet child,
let it be- just be,

so I get down to pick him up
crouched upon my knee-

I see lovely little moth
be meek an have humility,

I move him onto the grassy place,
I say a thanks again,

thank you for the visit now
my sacred little friend

And I shall never forget you either.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Thanks Grandmother for the visit ; ) under a great deal of stress right now so hopefully I can find some peace. Love poets
Liam C Calhoun Jun 2016
Sewer stained,
The street, the pavement an so to
Soak the shoes
Born torment twice and a recurring
Tap upon back;
This slipper, a signature
Succumbed suicide,
An only sorrow
But lash shared millions,
To tread paths beyond barbed
And a sooner return to my
Land, or its maker –
Wards and shop,
Sweat under, sweat atop
And browed, be the animosity
As I swagger my way through
Haizhu's faceless crowd.

This is the assumption of Arcadia.

Or so she’s said and she’s right
As I witness the
Hunched backs, sea pearls
Stained-bowl rice, bow-legged dreams,
The denizens
And if only to stagger,
Come 12 more hours to shelter,
Simply shelter
And a dread named, “day,” come ‘morrow.
It’s real, as real as the sun’s rising,
As real the sun’s sweating
And as real as the sun’s setting.
So onward they go, meager and dollar
Driven, under whip and promised avarice
So that as guilty as I may be;
I’ll still buy, you will too,
He will too and she will too;
We’ll buy and assume our “Arcadia.”
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