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Pauline Morris Apr 2016
Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
All of the masses
Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
Till they all become passive

Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
So they know longer have voices
Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
Till they no longer have choices

Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
Let them all become sheep
Keep them drugged, keep them drugged
Till their all nice and meek

With their drug addled mind
Their own thoughts will be hard to find
Then we'll input thoughts that are ours
For we are the great and mighty powers
We will tell them we know what's best
Not just for them but all of the rest

Like Sheppards to sheep we'll guide them along
And they will continue to sing our programmed happy song

For when the world starts to come to an end
We'll keep them drugged and tell them we are their friends
For when that day comes we'll shake and we'll sift
Pick out the good ones, drive the rest off a cliff
David FauntLeRoy Aug 2015
My feet are in pain
From holding my ground
But still I remain
Enduring the sound
Of the enemy’s gain
On my position now found

The offensive!
The mud and dust
Swirling about, pining
For my dedication to rust
Or me to find my cause unjust
Though I waver not
My feet planted a must

I cannot say
If it is my
Head or my
Heart that keeps
Them in place
Refusing to start
The process of retreat
My resolve won’t be beat

Though I am unsure
If I am avoiding or
Embracing defeat

I must soon make
Distinction between
Perseverance and deceit
As I know eventually
My Maker I will meet
Am I holding His line
Or withholding Him
His proper seat?

All I know for certain
As I endure the wind and sleet
Is the acute awareness of the
Other. The
Same. With
True love replete.

He loved the lovable
And the unlovely
What of the pious man’s
Calm sleep?
The twisted man’s
Desperate plea?
Though not yet fully forged
I know my identity
Has garnered
The Good Judge’s mercy

And though I can’t fathom
Why He bows before me complete
And I know not the glory or
Depravity of my life’s feat

I am stilled as a child
Before the patience of a creek

There are plenty of reasons
To wash these feet.
Nicole Ashley Jul 2015
I hate you
but i can’t say that
because I hate the word hate
It sounds destructive
in its own way
And that’s why i can’t say
It’s too mean
Too loud
Screaming so many sounds
and for a girl that doesn’t want to be seen
it’s cataclysmic and obscene
I find it more creative
to think of other things to speak
For I am so meek
but when it comes it you
Maybe that’s where that word
should be
even when
*it goes against all I’ve ever believed
There are multiple people I could tell this too and no one would care
Missy Nov 2014
you are the man of the lean and meaner
and I am just a woman of misdemeanor

holding such attributes of will and power
each time I wander my confidence got smaller

handling ill times with a gentle caress of ease
my effort and failed attempts carried away with the afternoon breeze

the moment arose when you saw my face
acceleration sped up in my heart as it ran at a dangerous pace

instant affection created in a glace held for seconds
I had forgotten your face, until this very moment of minuscule bond

you were perfect in image, as those words continue to prove true
my love once hidden, arose from my perennial blues

once timid and meek, my personality had changed
for the emotions I once secured, were now rearranged

the feelings, so fragile, balanced at the corner
verged yet to tip, or be caught a lusted figure

cards carefully played, laid out on the table
only left to draw, and find emotion in your poker face if I am able

slipping in stubbornness, you smiled ever so sweet
I knew right then, my heart had hope, however meek

my soul fits yours, and the hearts can meet
one day together, and I shall no longer be the meek
IrιeGιrĸ Oct 2014
The heart is weak now, It's shameful of seeing your face
The smokes and flames bursting out through its pores shows the horrible mid-condition that the heart was in
It's poor soul trying to express its feelings with the gasp of its last breathe
So weak now, so feeble now, so alone now, so rejected now
Why have you treated me so badly, the heart was humbly and meekly portraying
As I take my mandatory and needful rest now I want no goodbyes, and no "I should have treated my heart with love and tender cares"
I just want to be alone now as I bleed and melt up to the point of my last breathe and then will you see and feel me no longer
y i k e s Apr 2014
king of the streets
dictator in the sheets
ruler of the weak
destroyer of the meek

— The End —