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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
The birds chirp outside
Rain crashes in sleek pools
Small ants are crawling
Nature is beautiful
Ileana Amara May 2020
my nails dug through my skin,
clutching humanity,
saving myself from scarcity,
the deeper, the better and I started bleeding.

put on a sleek black dress,
in romanticized grief, I don't long to impress,
black is death, black is elegance,
I long to feel solace and trance.

might I be visiting a dead loved one,
yet my own name was etched on the tombstone,
my soul weeps for what a river nor ocean
of human tears could have poured out and done.

Lusis Nov 2019
As the bottle flipped  and rolled  on the table
I heard the hissing sound of carbon dioxide  from the bottle
The vapor  from the tip  of the bottle was visible
Soon I will be forgetting  my sorrows  and worries
I had my first lift of the bottle when  the malt beer was pored in my glass
Second when the spherical  cylinder hit my hard lips
I would smell the enticing sweet aroma of barley
A big swallow ..  I felt chilled as the  liquid rolled down to my ****** hard stomach
And this way I knew this was going yo be the deal for the night
I would be bought buy and swallow the whole night
Temporary  peace  is what I wanted and for sure I got  some
Jordan Hudson Mar 2019
As your buried in my head
All you've said, nothing is left
Distant and far, reserved as you are
I am shook to see your reaction to me
But please just leave me be
But please do it peacefully
I don't want a war with no treaty
Especially one with you and
We just can't
Got what it takes, but the stakes are high
And a lake is ignored by me
Your reaction is like a storm
As I get hit by more
A door leads out as I fall to the floor
In a store of wild boars as I am tore
And your roar is silent but my core is tore
As I soar through this open door
I will never forget this time
As I say I'm fine but my mind
Is pulsing in pain, my brain
Has a stain as you are the stain
My pain came from your fame
And your the same as the rest now
As I just wait for another guest now
Never good enough, rough stuff
I bluff as they love, I just
Go and seek another
Sleek and slow lover
Critique and no other
I just love her
This one of my new favorites
Cindra Carr Jan 2019
Like young gods walking into the arena
Raven among the serpents
Quetzalcoatl of feathers and scales
This isn't a pride
This is a pack
A generation
A coil
A nest
This den is made for power
A bed for the young to learn in the solitary world

Bashir Ali Najar Nov 2018
The moss on the boulder sleek..
The viridescent carpet all grey
Beneath sapling an old man lay ..
Wrinkled face, ripped hands,
Wearing pheran, shabby lands,
Scuffing eyes
Where pain lies !
Beyond tree line
Is the Alpine
The sun always shines...
The Autumn exploring the bottom,
Chinars burning,
Children mourning...
Beyond Chinars is my House,
And that is the place
Where is my Spouse
That is the place
Where is my spouse....

Rayees Ali Najar
Everythig is meant for you paree
Brianna Ki Nov 2016
I'm in no want of your pressed dress pant disposition
I need your candid charm

I don't care for the upscale timepieces
I need myself wrapped around your arm

I don't want the sleekness of your tie
I just need to be the only one in your eyes

— The End —